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    xc south east/ Surrey

    first time ive ever jumwe were jumping 2ft6 happily but also enjoyed pushing ourselves up to about 3ft inviting fences. any recommendations for schooling courses that might suit us?pony is bold and experienced with the jumping, but we would benefit from getting alot of practice over more...
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    What is considered 'basic school movements'?

    Im taking gcse P.E and have to show some basic school movements.. The sylabus is fairly simple so im guessing nothing fancy: 1. Mounting up and setting off/halting/dismounting 2. Walking/trotting/cantering 3. Transitions – increase/decrease in pace 4. Simple turning/cornering 5. Basic...
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    Balancing the unbalanced!

    Recently statred riding and schooling a 7 year old connie cross who hasnt done much. I was initially told she was naughty when beeing schooled but she is just unbalanced and seems to get fustrated at it, and also getss bored of schooling very quickly! Cannot work in an outline yet, but im really...
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    Small spots of blood in elderly mares urine?

    Hello, Just wondered if anybody could help me work out what this is as im curious... I help on a yard where we have an elderly mare (about 34). She lost some condition over winter and is now starting to get that back, but we let her loose in the yard. There is a stallion but she cant usually...
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    Roughly how much to get saddle checked?

    I have ridden this pony for a few years now, long story but the short of it is that shes always been stong and very mental, but i think shes got worse. Owner says its just her personality and as she knows her much better than i do i normally just agree with her. Teeth checked regularly and very...
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    Thoughts on 'Joust Saddlery'?

    Saw them reccomended on another thread and thought id have a look, they seem quite cheap- was wondering if anyone had bought from them before? What is the quality like? What are your experiences of dealing with them like? Im hoping to buy a havana pony sized hunting breastplate- cant seem to...
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    Ariat Grasmeres or Dubarrys?

    Ok so maybe im a little tiny bit spoilt ;) but ive been having a rough time recently which has resulted in me needing a blood test for rheumatiod arthritis (awaiting results- PLEASE COME BACK NEGATIVE) and darling daddy said he would buy me some nice new boots to cheer me up. He said i can have...
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    REALLY silly question...

    please dont laugh at me:o What sort of heights would you expect to jump out hunting? Its just ive been offered a new ride- the owner has asked if i want to hunt her big irish bred ginger gentleman. But i dont know if hunting would boost or knock my confidence :( He has hunted before- not...
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    Anglo arab X?

    A friend is thinking of breeding her extremly sweet, well bred(arab sire shown succesfully at hoys ect pretty much unbeaten, dam bred by the queen- realeted to one of princess annes old eventers), anglo arab mare (confo and movement to DIE FOR!) to a welsh d stallion, to keep the foal for...
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    Showing jacket?

    I got some money for christmas and i want to spend it on a new tweed jacket :D I do alot of local showing (m&m) and ive started to do some county level showing, mainly focusing on inhand for 2011 as pony has a bit to much energy for ridden showing (she likes galloping ;)) And ive also been...
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    Hello :)

    I never even realised there was a Dogs area on here, shows how observant i am :rolleyes: Thought i should introduce my dog :p Meet Fizzy :) (her full name is Fizz Pop Whizz Bang ;) ) (hope these workkk)
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    Ideas on how to teach leg yeilding?

    Nearly 17 year old pony (never really scholed much) 'moves over' fine on the ground with a little nudge and saying 'over' behind where the girth would go, or on her quaters if i just want her to move her bum over. She will move over in walk eventually but usually speeds up in the process- if...
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    Best ways to get a pony to work in a nice outline?

    I ride a pony for someone, and shes normally a nutter, but now shes out 24/7 shes calmed right down and i have control (woo :D ) so i can start schooling her properly :) Shes walking his the head down and looks beautiful, trotting and cantering without charging off or pulling my arms off, and...
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    Draw reins?

    (holds up sheild) DONT SHOOT!! I know what draw reins are, but would someone please be able to explain what they do? ive tried searching, but all ive found is arguements about them being a quick fix for lazy people. I booked a lesson with a local show rider for the pony i ride, and all she...
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    Seeking Talebolion Dolly

    Talebolion Dolly, chesnut with flaxen mane and tail, Welsh sec c, i think shed be 3 in may 2011? Not sure on that though! A filly i worked with recently until she was sold on, would love to hear how shes doing and we all really miss her, and we loved her to bits! If you've got her, or know...
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    What colour velvet hat silk?

    Im getting a nice new show jacket for christmas (YAY :D) its a dark green tweed, its lovelyyyyy :) But unfortunately my head hasnt grown enough to need a new hat yet (last replaced it after a nasty fall in september, mum said i landed on my head :rolleyes:) so i cant get i nice show hat to go...
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    Pointless post, someone make a decision for me!!!

    Bit of a pointless post really.. Been having a really long convorsaton with Mummy :p and told her about the current situation at the sales, shes not at all horsey! But she know knows that you can get a foal for next to nothing, and there are alot of nice ponies in need of homes. She has said it...
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    Does she look cute or weird? *pics*

    I ride this beastling, shes lovelyyyy :D (athough a bit of a horror at times :rolleyes:) Shes bay, but shes got black splodges round her bum and shoulder rather than it fading into it if you know what i mean? Ive always thought it was cute, but one of my friends saw a picture of her and said it...
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    Breeding of princess Annes horse Doublet??

    Princess anne used to event a lovely horse called 'Doublet', who was sadly put to sleep after he broke his leg in 1974. Just wondered if anyone knows anything about his breeding?
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    Could worms cause bucking?

    Out on a hack today and one of the horses who we know has worms who is on a good worming program (not completely infested, but deff. has them) started bucking. Shes not normally a bucker, but is being bought back into work SLOWLY as shes been at grass all summer recovering from a back problem...
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    How much is a ginnea ??

    Hello all, Seen it on here alot about horse auctions, and ive always wondered: how much is a guinnea? Sorry if you think im a bit daft :o
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    in need of some imagination.. JUMP IDEAS!

    I dont jump over the winter, but it gives me a chance to think of some ideas for new jumps :) Jumping 2ft9, but thats all daddys home made (SAFE) jumps go up too. Any ideas on things i could use as safe jumps? Ive got poles so thats not an issue, but things like stacking up cardboad boxes or...
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    What do you think of him?

    Everyone else is doing it so i thought i would join in :) What do you think of his conformation ect? ;) Hes 5 years old, his toes arent that long anymore, this was before he liked the farrier :S and he has more weight on him now :) Good enough to be kept a stallion ??
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    Munstead xc?

    Helloo everyone :) All i ever seem to do is ask questions, sorry guysss :( I posted something asking about pachesham xc a bout a week or so ago, but thats not part of the plan anymore. Anyway.. Does anyone know what munstead xc course is like? Would quite like to do some xc schooling there-...
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    Does anyone know much about cushings? A pony at the yard i help at is susspected of having it, haing a blood test on monday i think. Would just like to know a bit more about it and whether anyone has had any experiences whith it? Shes a little laminetic welsh sec a and 19 years old :( and she...
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    Bitting advice?

    Just wondered if anyone had any bitting/tack ideas for the pony i ride as ive got my first ever hunter trials/xc on her in a few weeks and some controll would be nice :) Shes 12.3hh, 16 y/o, short neck, extreeeeemly strong. At the moment shes in a waterford gag with a really tight running...
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    First hunter trials?

    I might be doing a hunter trials on 7th Nov at Pachesham (surrey), would be our first xc. Proably just 50cms class to start with as i seem to lack a little confidence over fixed fences :S Just wondering if anyone has been there? What are the jumps like? How scary are they? Anyone have any...
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    Flash nosebands.. help!?

    someone has recomended I try a flash on the pony I rode because she goes round with her head in the air and her mouth wide open evading the bit- she's had her teeth, back ect. checked- does anyone know a way I can convert a plain caveson into a flash? I'd rather not buy something new at the...
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    Black and White jumps.. HELP ME PLEASE!!

    Just wondered if anyone has the same problem as me and the pony I ride? I've been riding for 8 years, riding this pony for nearly 4 years and jumping for 3 years. she's the only pony I've jumped because the horses i rode before her and learnt on were Arabs or horses that were too much of a...
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    riding schools in Surrey?

    Hello, I wonder if anyone on here can help me? and I'm hoping I'm posting in the right place :S I'm starting my gcse's in September :O and I'm doing P.E, and because I ride and it's one of the only sports I do I'd like to use that. I've spoken to my teacher and she said that it's fine for me to...