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    is a wilkie magic bit dressage legal?

    i think a waterford is dressage legal- give that a try. It is also a great peice of equipment for schooling (if you are just beating your head on a brick wall with conventional schooling- belive me: a pony i ride wouldnt be rideable if it wasnt for this bit- she is just too strong to school in a...
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    Teaching an 8 year old child to ride.

    hands up like your holding an ice-cream, hold the reins nice and softly like youve got a baby bird on the end of them (baby bird being horses mouth- sont sqash the bird/dont jab the horses mouth). Toes pointing at the horses ears= toes not sticking out+ heels down if you look at the floor then...
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    Mini Rant :} About riding school riders and novices.. Just to point out..

    a good few years ago i was in desperate need of some lessons, and because i didnt own a horse or have access to a horse i could have lessons on, i went in search of a riding school. Tried a couple of fairly local BHS approved riding schools and didnt find that the teaching was particularly good...
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    xc south east/ Surrey

    first time ive ever jumped solid fences was at a sponsored ride 2011, we were jumping 2ft6 happily but also enjoyed pushing ourselves up to about 3ft inviting fences. any recommendations for schooling courses that might suit us?pony is bold and experienced with the jumping, but we would benefit...
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    xc south east/ Surrey

    sorry stupid iPhone posted that before I was ready!!!!
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    xc south east/ Surrey

    first time ive ever jumwe were jumping 2ft6 happily but also enjoyed pushing ourselves up to about 3ft inviting fences. any recommendations for schooling courses that might suit us?pony is bold and experienced with the jumping, but we would benefit from getting alot of practice over more...
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    Bareback Riding on roads?

    I love bareback hacks! (but im 15 so i would, wouldn't i!? ;) ) A few horses i wouldnt as their too bouncy- we all want to enjoy our riding without pooing ourselves :p but on the arabs its lovelyyyy, their so smooth :') Although i would never do it on a 'proper' road, only the little lane...
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    What is considered 'basic school movements'?

    Jumping is sorted, doing it on a pony ive been riding for a while now- fab jumper, only 12.3 and quite happily jumps the BE100 jumps at xc schooling and is a bit of a pro show jumper aswell.. her schooling used to be horrid, but its improved alot and am plucking up the courage to take her out to...
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    What is considered 'basic school movements'?

    Im taking gcse P.E and have to show some basic school movements.. The sylabus is fairly simple so im guessing nothing fancy: 1. Mounting up and setting off/halting/dismounting 2. Walking/trotting/cantering 3. Transitions – increase/decrease in pace 4. Simple turning/cornering 5. Basic...
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    How eas y to find a horse to ride without financial contribution?

    im young (nearly 16) but have ridden all sorts- ive been riding a 12.3hh for years now for free and her owner has just got an ex racer and a fatcob so i'll be pinching them now ;) cause shes got a diddy rider starting to ride the little pony (now ive got her going nicely, she was a cow before...
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    My horse did the weirdest thing this evening...

    we had a youngster (18 months old) at the yard for a while who would do this, we suspected she may have been weaned too young, but that was just a guess!
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    Difficult situation - Young horse needs a new home asap!!

    Have a friend looking for pretty much that but unfortunately your a bit far away :(
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    Balancing the unbalanced!

    Recently statred riding and schooling a 7 year old connie cross who hasnt done much. I was initially told she was naughty when beeing schooled but she is just unbalanced and seems to get fustrated at it, and also getss bored of schooling very quickly! Cannot work in an outline yet, but im really...
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    Inhand question.

    i think that the white halters are for m&ms (i could be wrong- never shown coloured cobs inhand!) I would think the bridle would be more correct :) x
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    Grazing Muzzles

    Recently found this on horsegossip i thought it was quite intresting, and lots of the comments underneath are about peoples experiences with grazing muzzles :)
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    What to do with My Pony?!

    Where abouts are you? She seems cracking!
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    What 'bad' behaviour do you tolerate from your horse?

    the only thing i ever growl at is when a horse tries to grab a quick nibble out on a hack- its just manners and because theyre not my horses (i ride a few horses for a couple of people) whenever they ride and a horse tries to grab some greenery i get 'YOUVE BEEN LETTING MY BL**DY HORSE EAT AGAIN...
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    All you showing people!

    I would plait and trim him, try some chaps classes- lots of local shows run their classes. Inhand- Pony: inhand bridle, check chaps bitting rules if you do a chaps class. You: Dark trousers, tweed jacket Not sure abouttack for ridden coloureds as have never shown a coloured under saddle :o...
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    Any showing suggestions for laid back horse?

    would a little rattle or shaker thing work? a small bottle with dry lentils or bits of gravel or something in it?
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    Small spots of blood in elderly mares urine?

    Hello, Just wondered if anybody could help me work out what this is as im curious... I help on a yard where we have an elderly mare (about 34). She lost some condition over winter and is now starting to get that back, but we let her loose in the yard. There is a stallion but she cant usually...
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    Welsh pony - showing advice please!

    'The long hairs under the jaw and those protruding from the ear may be trimmed off - leaving as natural a line as possible, the whiskers around the muzzle may be shortened.' This website is very helpful : :)
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    Do you jump bareback?

    I jump alot better bareback than i do with a saddle because my seat becomes alot deeper, but it still doesnt resemble a conventional position :rolleyes: But jumps dont really need to be much bigger than 2 foot do they? :o And when i do jump bareback i have a bridle on for emergencies, but i...
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    what bit out jumping for VERY strong horse?

    A mare i ride was an absolute pain in the bum when jumping at home(at shows she backs off a bit, but is a COW in the warm up!) As soon as she saw a fence she would tank off and jump it about twice the size necessary- and shes 16 so not green at all! Somebody tried to tell me it was fear and she...
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    think my horse is going to hate me

    Love ittt!! Wheres it from? I WANT ONE :D :D ;)
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    Roughly how much to get saddle checked?

    I have ridden this pony for a few years now, long story but the short of it is that shes always been stong and very mental, but i think shes got worse. Owner says its just her personality and as she knows her much better than i do i normally just agree with her. Teeth checked regularly and very...
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    XC Schoolong help please!!

    wear whatever you want as long as you feel safe!
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    Question about rider-horse height?

    im 5ft6 and ride a 12.3hh new forest, shes a chunkier type but i still look fairly rediculous! the pics in my sig are her :)
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    Dummy Rider for breaking in - ideas please

    The last horse i helped with breaking in, we lunged her, i then leant across her bareback, the next weekend we did the same but with my sitting on her, almost lying on her neck, and slowly sat up. She happily walked around with me on her for 5 mins that day being led by someone :) Helps that...
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    Yard workers - bank holiday pay

    Im only a teenager, and have no qualifications what-so-ever (but planning to take stage 1 this year :D ) but i have some fairly good experience for my age- nothing special though. But as im a teenager i seem to get the mickey taken a fair bit at my new job at a posh livey yard. Everyone was on...