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    Too cold to ride? Yay or nay

    I would probably have ridden for a short while this morning as the wind didn't seem as bad, but I can't even get out of my gate for a big sheet of ice so waiting for the warmer weather!
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    Overcoming riding fear - what's your song?

    I sing Elation by The Levellers to my mare, I know all the words and it's one of my favourite songs so makes us both happy, although I'm not sure I sound that great to anyone nearby!
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    What length are cob size reins?

    Jeffries cob reins are 54 inches, which is what I use on a 14.2hh arab.
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    What length are cob size reins?

    Depends on how big the cob is to whether they will fit or not. A pony sized cob would need shorter reins than a 16hh cob.
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    Horse very strong when I ride.

    I would give up on any ideas of rescuing a horse until you have learnt to ride properly. It sounds like the horse is tanking off because you don't have an independent seat and are just hanging on the poor pony's mouth. No wonder he wants to get out of the school! You can purchase 'My Little...
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    Horse very strong when I ride.

    Has the vet been called to deal with his colic?
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    Who wipes their nose on the back of their gloves when riding

    I do, or rather on the fleece patch on the thumb which is designed for the purpose! Sealskin riding gloves, they have thought of everything!
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    To all the old timers on here...

    I've been a member for donkeys years, I miss the old troll posts, the days of Farthingwood Fox and the bloke with the TB in his garage. I can't remember when I last posted to be honest, although I do come on her for a read once in a while.
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    What are you looking forward to this Autum?

    I'm looking forward to apple and blackberry crumble, crisp morning rides with no flies and doing the Cotswold Way non stop in 30 hrs (without the horse!).
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    Seeing as the worst drivers I come across are usually female, I'm not sure it's bring directed in the right direction at all!
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    Stolen- Ifor Williams trailer bristol

    I would say it's pretty obvious who is taking these trailers. The police are supposedly increasing patrols in the Thornbury area due to a significant increase in rural thefts and there is a group of travellers making a nuisance of themselves in the town. Time the police got a bit tougher.
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    My Horse wont stop bucking!!

    Looks like the kids are getting bored of the summer holidays already folks!
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    Gentle shampoo/body wash

    Natural Equine do a great range of shampoos and no rinse body washes. Their Aromawash shampoo is lovely as is the warming slosh wash.
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    FEI ban on UAE removed

    I've been watching all the finishes at the Tevis Cup today on their FB page. What a complete contrast to races with Group 7 competitors. The horses at Tevis all look so fresh after one of the most gruelling 100 mile races in very hot conditions, and the riders have taken so much care over their...
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    UAE Withdraws Appeal Against FEI Suspension

    Looks like the suspension is about to be lifted, which begs the question, where will EGB go from here with the Meydan sponsorship? Looks like UAE are gearing up for Euston Park, but with whom running the competition...
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    how do *you* keep fit?

    I'm a keen runner when I'm not riding the horse! I've run one 42 mile ultra marathon on the Brecon Beacons this spring and have another one lined up for Sept so am running plenty of distance at the moment. I also like shorter, faster races too. In June, I ran the Man versus Horse marathon in...
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    Human electrolyte recommendations

    I use the High5 Zero tabs for running, they do the job on a warm day and have used them on a 40 mile ultra without any problems. They do contain an artificial sweetener which I don't really like so I'm going to give a product called 'Tailwind' a go as it contains glucose rather than a sweetener...
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    What is your definition of good hacking?

    I keep my horse on the fringe of some fantastic hacking, just have to do a little bit of roadwork to get there. Once you hit the bridleways, you can ride a 20 mile loop without really touching a road. I'm lucky to live on the edge of the Cotswolds, which has a wealth of bridleways and by-ways...
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    Now this is PUS!

    There is something quite gross yet captivating about watching abcesses being lanced. Must be the feeling of relief for the horse. This one is rather huge.
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    Hacking out in the wind

    The wind is gusting at about 30/35mph here, my mare hates the wind!! However, our yard is sheltered so didn't realise just how windy it was, and having had a false start due to forgetting something which meant a dismount and back in her stable, followed by having to return to the layby outside...
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    what to do about dangerous dog walker

    Somebody was killed a few weeks ago when a dog out of control starting nipping his horse's legs. The rider with him suffered a broken collar bone when they were both thrown from their horses. The woman dog owner walked away. Report it to the police and dog warden, and make sure she knows that...
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    Easter outtings

    Spookypony, your hacking looks amazing!! I would so love to have forestry to ride through!
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    Easter outtings

    I had a lovely ride this morning, across the common and along the lanes below the Cotswold Edge. We haven't been this way since Oct as the common gets too wet, so thought I would pick today as we need to get through the town Highstreet first and I thought it would be quiet. Normally we stick to...
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    Windy, windy, wind, please go away!

    Mine have all stayed in today, my mare hates this wind and will just about tolerate being tied up outside her stable. Luckily, they don't mind being in and it's only for one day. The electric tapes are all blowing down anyway, so their field wouldn't be safe and my mare would just gallop around...
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    Poldark - tack experts

    You wouldn't need a saddle to ride Poldark.... Sorry
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    Man v Horse, moment of madness!

    So, I've just entered this!! Anyone else entered or competed in the race before? Should add that I will be running it, not riding!! Have wanted to do this race for years, may well take the horse next year if I think she can handle the atmosphere!
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    No pockets on a hack - where do you carry your mobile phone?

    One of these!
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    Solar eclipse

    I went out for a ride at about 9.15am, the light was rather eerie although it didn't get any darker than if a big cloud had come across. It was still a bit misty across the fields too which made it even spookier. Horse didn't seem to notice anything at all!!
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    Do you still have the anglo arab 23 yr old mare you had last year on livery at the same place?
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    Sorry, this has to be a wind-up!!