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    preventing tack rubs

    I have just taken on the schooling of a lovely ex racer. It's all going well (knock on wood!) so far but he is starting to develop a few rubs. His tack is clean and soft, he is clean and soft but we still have rein rubs on his neck and the browband and/headpiece junction is starting to rub as...
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    He looks like a grown up horse!

    He's a BWB so 3/4 TB and 1/4 Trakh. By Groomsbridge May out of a Fleetwater Opposition mare. Mum and Dad are both 15.2 ish . He's being very quietly ridden away just now so slowly starting to develop muscle.
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    He looks like a grown up horse!

    *lalalalala *fingers in ears I can't hear you! He's 15.2hh just now and I'm 5ft5. I don't need him to get any bigger!
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    He looks like a grown up horse!

    Which scares me a bit as I still see him as a gangly yearling in my mind! My boy is now 3years 11months and finally doesn't look awkward anymore!
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    13.2 Pony - what height sj and xc would be realistic?

    My first BS pony was 13.2 and he got to international level. Our fences were routinely 1m20+ and he hopped over like he had springs! I would suggest starting to introduce bigger courses at home or with PC instructor around.
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    Video of my horse lunging...have a giggle!

    Cheeky boy! I recognise that noise as well. I don't know how to describe it really. Its not a snort but its a sort of rattly exhaled breath with every stride. My 4 yr old does it as well and that's normally my sign that something explosive is about to happen!
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    First Love!

    Just because its cute! This is my five yr old DS (nicknamed piglet!) with his mumble30somethingmumble shetland pony Dimples.
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    curious behaviour

    I have two boys. Full brothers a year apart. The older one gets extremely jealous of anyone (especially me!) talking to his brother. Full on cranky face head nodding but as soon as you turn to talk to him its ears forward sweetness and light! I think they are capable of more emotion and thought...
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    Okay, so who's hoovered a horse?

    I admit to also using a hairdryer and straightners .....I worked at a Fell pony stud and believe me they worked a treat on all that feather!
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    just on my lunch, what does everyone work at?

    Part time support worker for a mental health charity. Part time freelance groom/instructor. Part Time Army Medic Start Uni in July to be an a&e ambulance technician. Can't bloody wait!!
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    Horse wont get up

    Im a particularly well spoken Glaswegian....shall I come and visit and do some carrot stick waving, horse whispering and I'll find out if he likes his blue bridle? I will only charge £650 per hour. Which is fellow Scot rates and obviously my horse whispering skills are much more valuable than that.
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    Laying a bed

    That's my two beds!
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    Before and afters - Condition

    Damn phone!!
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    Before and afters - Condition

    This was Bradley the day he walked off the lorry. Bought unseen as he was my boys full brother and I couldn't say no! I actually cried when I got his headcollar off and saw the mark it had left. Added into the lice, rainscald and being so underweight I was absolutely heartbroken for him...
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    Not strictly CR! my baby eventer!

    I actually looked at him firstly because I always wanted a black horse! But then his breeding and nature shone through and he's my whole world!
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    Not strictly CR! my baby eventer!

    He "will" be a competition horse at some point but this is just a quick shot of him ready to start proper grown up work after being backed last October. He's such a sweetheart and sooo laidback! far!
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    Very embarassing rubs around coccyx, what to do?!?!?!

    Id agree with TarrSteps. If its def your coxyx area it sounds like your curling your behind too far under you. Your coxyx and your seatbones are fairly far apart! Def go get the all clear from the doc first mind you.
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    Feeding a youngster

    I've got two BWB full brothers. One rising 4 the other rising three. The older one I've had since his first birthday and he had dodson and horrel suregrow with excellent grass in the summer. In the winter he had suregrow, alfalfa a lite and speedibeet and ad lib hay with as much grazing as I...
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    Teaching without qualifications?

    Charlie76 I never suggested anyone with BHS qualifications can't teach! I think its fair to say that 6 years international showjumping (admittedly as a junior!) is outstanding competition experience!
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    Teaching without qualifications?

    Maresmaid the plan is not to have kids flying off all over the place! However as a mother myself Id feel better knowing anyone teaching my son had a thorough knowledge of these dangerous unseen injuries!
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    Teaching without qualifications?

    I have a full first aid certificate, h&s first aid at work and Im also an army medic so plenty of first hand experience of spinal injuries, broken bones and head injuries!* I also currently work full time with people with mental health problems and part time with army soldiers under training...
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    Teaching without qualifications?

    Thanks guys! That's made me feel a bit better! I do have public liability insurance as well as an enhanced disclosure certificate (also known as PVG or CRB check)
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    Teaching without qualifications?

    Would you use an instructor who was very experienced but has no formal qualifications? I currently teach a few clients regularly but I am considering advertising for more. I have competed as a junior showjumper internationally as well as working at a native pony stud and a good few years at a...
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    A ponder re showjumpers

    I used to jump internationally (juniors before anyone gets excited!) and Im not exaggerating when I say that when Im in the ring I see nothing but my ponies ears and the track in front of me. I hear nothing but hoofbeats and my own and ponies breathing. I genuinely was never particularly aware...
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    What Breeds Are Your Horses?

    Both are British Warmbloods. So 3/4 TB and 1/4 Trakhener. Tommy Rising 4 yr old And his rising 3yr old brother Bradley
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    What's your horses show name?

    Touchwood Hot Opposition aka Tommy and his full brother Touchwood Hot Spice aka Bradley. All the horses bred by the stud have the same prefix (obviously!) but they also all get a human name! My previous ponies/horses were Sparky aka Westerton Vital Spark, Steele aka ES Silver Spirit, Brandy...
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    Rant! Does Nobody want to work with horses anymore??!

    Its mostly just horses! It simply doesn't pay enough for most people to live now. Take me for example. Im 30, successful junior SJ (international level) worked full time with horses 17-20 then again 23-25. Then I had my son. Not blowing my own trumpet (well maybe a little!) but Im a good rider...
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    Filly a bit handy with her backend..?

    I have two youngsters now 2 1/2 and 3 1/2. The older one I've had since his first birthday. He's generally a sweet natured soul but can be a bit possessive over his food. Normally I leave him in peace but I expect to be able to adjust rugs etc if I have to whilst he's eating. He tried once to...
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    Yet another rainscald thread

    Are u absolutely sure its rain scald? There are lots of skin conditions horses can pick up so I would be looking for further vet investigations. My rising three year old has just been diagnosed with Leucocytoclastic vasculitis which I had been mistaking for mud fever for months!
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    Please send good vibes to my baby horse

    He seems much brighter this morning. The pain must have been pretty bad. First dressing change tonight so hoping he continues his saintly behaviour!!