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  1. SVMel

    Dearest button pusher

    Lol, I'm not surprised, I've just come back here after a couple of years away, and nothing has changed!!! Doesn't make it a bad place, but there will always be certain individuals I take with a bucket load of salt. Have a giggle if you can, and enjoy your clearly gorgeous neddies. I'm very...
  2. SVMel

    Dearest button pusher

    Lovely pics!!! What a gorgeous lot :) Never mind the button pushers, you carry on :)
  3. SVMel

    They say things come in three's

    How quickly things can change with animals :( So sorry for the owners involved, and hugs to all . What a night for you
  4. SVMel

    happy happy happy :)

    Another happy post :) So glad things have taken an upward turn for you, fingers crossed for the scan.
  5. SVMel

    My confidence is returning! Very happy, proud post!

    Well done you!!! It makes such lovely reading - nice to sees people giving their horse every cahnce. Hope you carry on having lovely times for years to come :)
  6. SVMel

    An old user saying hello with a new account

    Yes yes I realised that after I said about anonimity. DUH!!!!! I was still asleep and trying to hide form the boss whilst posting :D
  7. SVMel

    In need of some inspiration schooling...

    Interesing discussion with very good advice, I have to agree with the majority. I do also have to agree that showjumpers do a very different change to a dressage horse and that it not 'correct' in dressage terms.
  8. SVMel

    Strange names?

    My friend used to ride one called 'Finger' and as a kid my mum rode 'Babycham'. Ones I've known over the years include Cowenbeg Brasso Tiddler Trampus John Piglet Bumpy Uranus (yes really, on a riding school...) Piccolo Bamba Just a few.... I now realise how many horses have had odd...
  9. SVMel

    A photo that wil make you think twice about Hi-Vis

    I have to admit I agree hnmisty. There's no excuse for it. So many things invalidate insurance for car drivers, motorbike riders etc, why not horse riders?? But then it should be mandatory for all to wear a standard riding hat at least on the road and it's not.....
  10. SVMel

    A photo that wil make you think twice about Hi-Vis

    No need to wait for winter for a hi viz ex sheet - I got a brilliant mesh one from Lidl last year so use that in summer!! Can't believe people still ride without hi viz tbh...
  11. SVMel

    Toe dragging in trot - anyone else had this experience?

    I rode an anglo arab for about 15 years who did this in front. Never solved it, eventually found out he had develped arthritis in his withers but didn't have that from the start of me riding him so wasn't that. Best he ever was came after he had accupunture, but still dragged them.
  12. SVMel

    An old user saying hello with a new account

    Welcome back, I have done the same although not because anyone on here knows who I am in real life. Sometimes anonimity is peaceful :D
  13. SVMel

    leg yielding down the motorway!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    Always helps on the motorbike to use your outside knee and thigh when cornering. Discovered by accident - realised what I was doing when me and OH were discussing bike riding techniques lol
  14. SVMel

    Ex-Racer Help Alert!! Changing legs behind in canter...

    I would be inclined to agree, if you have had all the checks done and nothing is showing up it could just be age / lack of balance/ lack of muscle etc. I used to ride a well established mare that would do it, took so long for me to realise I had too much inside bend. Rode her straighter and the...
  15. SVMel

    Clipping Time! Is this naughty...

    Only you can tell whether she's warm enough or not by checking her every day!!!!! All depends on the horse, in the past I have had a shetland who felt the cold badly and would shiver despite only having a neck and belly clip, in at night with a polywarm on, and a TB who never felt the cold...
  16. SVMel

    How Do You Find Good Reliable Help

    From a (not very well) paid grooms point of view, remembering to say thank you goes a long way :) even though we get paid for the job, it's a real boost to hear it. I tell my owners that we'll get along well and I'll work til I drop as long as they look after their horses properly and don't take...
  17. SVMel

    Any one in portsmouth

    Yep near enough. Crofton manor have a riding school side too, in Titchfield, and there is also Pinkmead in Botley :)
  18. SVMel

    Condolences to those killed in stable fire

    God how awful, words cannot convey, thoughts to all xxxxx
  19. SVMel

    Tb nearly brained himself pictures!!

    Wow. Wow, wow and wow :eek::eek::eek: More hugs from me, hope he heals soon xx
  20. SVMel

    Ginger McCain

    Thoughts and love to the family, a truly great man who will be sadly missed. I can just picture him and Rummy dancing over rainbow bridge together :)
  21. SVMel


    See now the last 2 years I've clipped right out form the start, and yep, I was relieved to only do it once last year too!!!!!!!!!!!! But I don't think I'll have time to ride much this winter, so just going to do blanket/chaser type clip this year. I know I'll regret it when it comes to getting...
  22. SVMel

    Part livery prices/services

    About £120. I don't think £105 is that expensive due to what is included. The owners only provide any supplements they want, EVERYTHING else is included in the price, and would be most peoples idea of Full livery :)
  23. SVMel


    I know some that are clipped all year through, so it depends on the horse, and what you are doing. I tend to leave it as long as pos so all the winter coat is through. Didn't clip til mid nov last year, got away with one clip each all winter :) I just watch what their coats are doing, then...
  24. SVMel

    Part livery prices/services

    I think it all depends on area and the yard, everyone seems to have different service levels for what they call part or full. One yard I know does a sort of part livery at £105 per week, for hay, feed, bedding, rugging, turnout, muck out, bringing in. Full is all the above plus daily groom...
  25. SVMel


    Lmao, oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to your report on the day. In a totally non dogging way of course :eek::D
  26. SVMel

    Does your horse have a theme song?

    I rode an anglo arab for a lady my mum was teaching, and he became ' my boy ' although I never owned him. Taught me more than any other horse or person, died a few years ago at the grand old age of 32, after looking after both me and my son for years. I miss him so so much, and this is his song...
  27. SVMel

    Airowear outlyne v's hows racesafe RS2010?

    I have an Outlyne, and love it! That's not to say I wouldn't love a racesafe though, just didn't have them when I got mine :D I think as long as it gives you the protection level you are looking for then it's down to individual comfort levels when you're wearing it. Happy to be corrected if...
  28. SVMel

    Would you report someone not declaring their earnings?

    Actually she did, about 12 posts before you wrote this..... :D:p
  29. SVMel

    Would you report someone not declaring their earnings?

    I'm not entirely sure this is right. I'm self employed and I charge by the hour. On the original post subject: I'm a groom, and I have no insurance, this has no bearing on whether I pay tax and NI. My husband is the main wage earner, and is on a very low wage. I also earn a very small...
  30. SVMel

    "no name" heavy duty clippers - any good?

    Although not in same box etc, mine look pretty much identical to these. Had 'Dextella' on the box when I got them, new and cheap of ebay. They have been great, no complaints, although a little heavy. But that could just be me being a weakling lol! Hope you do well with yours!