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    Man v Horse, moment of madness!

    So, I've just entered this!! Anyone else entered or competed in the race before? Should add that I will be running it, not riding!! Have wanted to do this race for years, may well take the horse next year if I think she can handle the atmosphere!
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    LOST DOGS, Quantocks

    Please can everyone in the area keep an eye open for these two lost dogs, went missing on Sat. Border terrier and tri-colour JRT. Listed on DogsLost.
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    Driverless cars and horseriders.

    Today, it has been announced that driverless cars are to be trialed in my area. This concerns me greatly. We all know that not all drivers are careful around horses, but how the hell is a...
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    How to record Badminton red button coverage

    Sorry, last title was not very informative!
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    Badminton Red Button

    For anyone with Virgin tv, if you go to channel 991, this will show the BBC red button coverage of the x-country on saturday and you will be able to record it. You can't record if you are on BBC1 and press the red button.
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    Sick of this foul weather...

    So lets post some nice summery videos and pictures to cheer ourselves up!! Can't wait until I can ride at 7am in a t-shirt in the sunshine!!
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    Kicking myself for getting off today!!

    Well, took my mare out for a hack earlier but curtailed it and turned round as the weather was deteriorating rapidly and the wind was picking up (she doesn't like the wind). She hadn't been out in the field prior so was a bit onward going but behaving and we had a good trot back along the lane...
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    First ASBO imposed for flygrazing The first ASBO for flygrazing imposed in the UK. I doubt they will take any notice at all!!
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    One very lucky dog, and one very dedicated rescue team! Llanberis Mountain Rescue were called out on sunday to rescue a sheepdog in a tight spot!!
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    Best horsey memory of the fantastic summer!

    What was yours? Mine has to be the early morning ride to Badminton in the middle of July's heatwave, I beat the flies and everyone else and had the woods to myself. Pure heaven!
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    Lovely hack this morning

    Just thought I would share a little bit of my fun with you all from this morning. Set off at 7.15 to beat the flies (we didn't), trotted for miles, fell off!! (we'll forget that bit, nobody saw!!) and generally had a fantastic time enjoying the Cotswolds!
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    Horses and the wind

    Well, after a promising start to the week with lovely calm days of warm sunshine, the weather has reverted back to normal service with 50mph winds and heavy showers. Put my three out this morning and my mare wanted to come straight back in again!! She hates the wind. After an hour and a half of...
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    Beautiful warm and sunny day!

    Just been for a lovely hack, it's my mare's birthday today, she's 7, and the sun is shining on her!! She's now relaxing in the field with the sun on her back, unlike the 2 fields of horses that I passed that all had their turnout rugs on!! They all looked so hot and fed up, can't understand why...
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    EHV-1 in Badminton

    Am getting mixed messages on FB about a possible outbreak in the Beaufort Hunt stables of EHV-1, and that hunting was called off today because of it. Worryingly, some people have posted that it's EIA that has been found there. I'm hoping that it's all chinese whispers, but it's worryingly close...
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    Horse scared of traffic after near miss today

    Just got back from a lovely ride, that is until half a mile from home, on a narrow but straight lane, when the man driving a flatbed truck ignored my request to slow down. Having just met another flatbed, a pickup and a tractor, all fine and all slowed down but this one was going to fast. My...
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    Blinking eck!! I could hear the helicopter approaching across the fields, obviously the electricity board one as it was so low, but there was no way they could see me as I was in a lane with high hedges!! Cue yellow helicopter appearing over the top of said hedge over my head at about tree...
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    Can horses sense your hormones?

    Hmmm, well, it's nearly that time of the month for me again, and my animals are acting strange! The dog refused to let me through the back door this morning and my mare reared up vertically with me when I took her out to the field!! Now, she does do this on occasion, but there is usually a...
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    Horse suddenly taken a dislike to lorries coming towards her!

    I have had my little arab mare since march, she has been fantastic on the roads and has met all sorts of traffic in that time. She is only 6 and was backed last year. On thursday, we met a pantecnican (sp), I had the oppertunity to ride on a verge so did as the vehicle was very large, but I kept...
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    Allowing horses to munch on hacks, a warning!

    Today I rode down a bridleway lined with lots of cow parsley, hogweed, and HEMLOCK!! I won't let my horse graze from the hedges when she is ridden, but I would hate to think that someone would let their horse pick at the side of such a bridleway and end up with a poisoned horse! The hemlock was...
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    Mare napping at junction

    Hello all As some of you will know, I brought a 6 yr old arab mare at the end of March. After a few teething troubles and airs above the ground, we have made great progress and are pretty much forging a great partnership. However, the past couple of weeks she has been napping slightly. I have...
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    Eaten by the chicken house!!

    My new horse, of two months, has decided I'm truly her bestest friend. She had shoes on for the first time yesterday, was an absolute saint because I said it was all ok, she seems to trust my judgement!! She doesn't like the wind very much though, turned her out today and she wouldn't settle in...
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    New horse update

    Some of you will remember my post from three weeks ago about my new new horsey, so I thought I would give you all an update. Today we went for an hour and a half hack, with just my sister on foot for company. We encountered a pirate flag, a car with a bike on the roof, a bike, several...
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    I have a new horse!

    A few of you may remember that last Febuary, I lost my beloved mare after 22 years together. After scouring hundreds of adverts, I enlisted the help of a friend of a friend to help me find a young arab mare. I'm delighted to say that I am now the proud owner of a beautiful 6yr old grey arab...
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    Please help me find a horse!!

    I know you all love this challenge, so let it begin!! 14.2hh - 15.2 Solid colour Mare prefered No older than 8 No Irish imports hot off the boat No cobs, Welsh excepted Prefer either Arab, PBA or native/TB cross Must be good in traffic Not worried about jumping ability Must hack...
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    Rat poison

    I have noticed a few things disturbed over the last week, so decided that it's time to feed the rats, as they must be moving back indoors. So, I put a plate of nice blue bait down, they eat a fai bit of it so put some more down. Now the little sods have covered it up with bits of straw and...
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    Interesting runner in the box at Sandown

    How good is this. Even trashing the waterbuckets!!
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    It rained last night,!! Yippee

    Finally, it has rained here in sunny Gloucestershire!!! Can't remember the last time we had rain, but it was coming down in buckets last night. Grass will hopefully start growing again now!!!
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    To all who think that racehorses have a hard time

    With regards to the amount of posts lately concerning the treatment of racehorses, and also the threads about equine slaughter, if you really want to do something for the good of animals, then I suggest you watch the following video and watch where you buy your meat...
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    Naughty pony

    And a great little rider!!
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    I think my horse is telling me 'it's time'

    My beautiful mare is giving up. She's been progressively eating less hay, and has stopped lying down in the stable. She is arthritic, but it's always been managed, she's 26 in April. This winter has been hard, what with the cold weather so I had already made the decision for it to be her last. I...