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    Bates or Albion dressage saddle?

    What do you think of the Bates Caprilli and Albion Style dressage saddles? Both fit my TB well and feel comfortable but I can't make my mind up!
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    New horse bucking

    I bought an 11yo cob from from the field last month. He'd been out of work for a year but previously been in a riding school and then owned privately as a riding club horse. I was told he went sour as a riding school horse and can Buck when he's excited. Lovely temperament, saw videos of him...
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    Two horses on different yards

    have a TB who is kept at the livery yard where I work (Yard A). The set up is great, all his bills are included in my wage and he's very happy there. However it's limited turnout throughout the winter months so the days he's in I'll be mucking out twice and exercising once I've finished work...
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    Anxious horse - how can I teach him to relax?

    I took my horse to a sponsored ride yesterday. He had an instant calmer in his feed that morning which I think took the edge off a little bit. He came off the lorry calmly and stood happily. However, once other horses and jumps in sight he starts jogging and sweating. He jogged nearly the entire...
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    Instant calmers, which one?

    Taking my TB out on Sunday to a fun ride. I'm thinking of giving him an instant calmer just to take the edge off as he can get quite excitable. I've been recommended the Magic instant syringe or Global Herb sachet. Interested to know what people think of these? Which is more effective? Or any...
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    A second horse. Should I?

    By the looks of things summer is over now and I'm dreading winter already! Last year I had 2 horses. My TB and a warmblood on loan who has since gone home due to lameness, and I've been enjoying spending more time with my TB. I hadn't planned on another horse until next spring but a lovely...
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    Another towing thread.....!

    Looking at getting a single horse trailer as I will only ever be towing one. My question is, if I tow the HB403 (unladen weight 767kg) carrying my TB (560kg), total of 1327kg. Am I still required to get my B+E licence?
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    Towing vehicle suggestions please!

    Fed up of having to rely on transport and so looking to buy a vehicle and trailer. To pull a single trailer and 16hh horse. Open to car or 4x4 suggestions. It will be my only vehicle so must be reliable and reasonably inexpensive to run as 4x4's go!
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    Story goes... Horse in work, ridden 4 times a week (hacking/schooling/jumping) and reasonably fit. Goes slightly lame. Vet out to assess and scan. Nothing found so 10 days box rest with bute. Horse now sound and in light work for one week (short walk hacks and starting to trot again). Is it...
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    Washing rugs

    Does anyone do it themselves rather than send them away? I had planned to send them off to the local rug cleaners but realised I have far too many that need a wash and at £20 per rug, it'll break the bank! What do you use? How do you do it? (Rather not use the washing machine!)
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    WWYD if...

    What would you do if you had your dream horse on loan, but then he was diagnosed with a condition that meant he wouldn't be capable of what you wanted to do? Would you keep, spend money and time on him, and come to terms that you'll never be doing more than quiet hacking? Or would you return...
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    One test or two?

    First dressage competition next week with my BFG. Didn't have any plans to do dressage with him as have been focusing on our jumping but a lady offered a space in her trailer so I thought why not! I've entered Prelim 4 but there's also P 12 too. My question is, is it worth doing a second...
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    Horse with personal space issue in arena!

    Has anyone else had a similar problem...? Whenever I'm riding in the school at the same time as anyone else, my horse becomes a total idiot. If I'm on the outside track along the wall, and a horse passes us at any pace, up to about a couple of metres away, my horse catapults in the air...
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    SJ - learning the course

    I'm hoping to get out to some unaffiliated show jumping this spring at a local venue. I haven't competed in jumping since pony club so all relatively new to me! Do you get chance to walk the course at these low-key shows? Or is it just a case of watching someone before you?
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    Saddle dilemma!

    Had the saddle fitter out yesterday as I wanted to replace the Albion event saddle with a GP saddle. I've been left with 2 to trial. Baring in mind that I mainly hack and do flatwork but will be jumping more, can anyone help me decide on which one? This will be his only saddle. Kent and...
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    Competing at a lower level to 'warm up' - rant!

    I took my tb to his first dressage show on sunday. Great day out and home with a third which is a big achievement! It was a very small class. Only 6 of us in the intro. I was first in then watched a couple after mine and felt very confident that I'd be placed highly! I went away and came...
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    Dressage turnout

    I'm doing my first real dressage show next sunday... Yikes... I'm really confused as to what I should wear. I have beige breeches and either a black jacket or a tweed. Which jacket? Can i wear beige breeches or do they have to be white? Then do I need a stock shirt and stock? In white...
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    Anyone with a Shivers sufferer?

    Do you struggle to pick up the affected leg? I've had my horse since June and never been able to pick up his left hind foot, it's just glued to the ground! While the shivers doesn't seem to bother him at all, I'm getting increasingly concerned that I can't pick it up. He sometimes will take...
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    First dressage test...!

    Entered first dressage competition with my giraffe pony. He's going pretty well at the moment so my boss has persuaded me to enter. It's just over a month away and already I'm so nervous!! Does anyone have any tips... Especially for Intro A? Just got to buy some new boots, white jods, a...
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    Where can I buy a Kan Teq body protector?!

    As title. I would rather buy one having tried it on instead of ordering online and guessing my size! Are there any saddlery stores that stocks them in the midland/south central? Can't find a list of stockists.
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    Rubbish Rider Woes

    I'm very lucky to have a gorgeous warmblood. Bought for my OH but he's become a weekend rider and so I'm riding more at the moment. He's a talented horse and I'm itching to get out and about with him- we just have one big obstacle in the way, I really can't ride him! He's 17.3hh and I'm 5'6ft...
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    Where can I find a 'Warmblood' size bridle?!

    Can anyone point me in the direction of somewhere that sells warmblood size bridles please? I have a 17.2 who currently wears a mismatched bridle and it's looking tatty. Bought a lovely extra full bridle but it's a bit too big and a full size is just a bit too small! Thanks in anticipation....
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    Is this common?

    Yesterday my lovely little bunny was put to sleep. We bought her two years ago from Pets At Home. She was 8wks. We paid £100 (rather than £30) as we were told she was already neutered at 4wks!!! Fast forward to the other day, she hadn't eaten or pooped for a day so we rushed her to the vet...
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    Lazy to lunge

    Any tips for getting a horse to move forwards on the lunge? I have to lunge a few at work and I finish having had more of a work out than them! No amount of shouting/whip cracking/chasing seem to be working!
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    Barefoot Success Stories

    Please share yours! I am going to transition by boy to barefoot in the coming weeks. I'm in the process if changing his diet to a high fibre and oil, low starch and sugar. He is a 15yo TB with dreadful feet. The lowest heels, flat as pancakes and bar shoes have made them worse so I'm...
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    What to feed a poor doer transitioning to barefoot?

    After a farrier finally agreeing that barefoot might be the solution to my Tb's bad feet, we are planning to take the front shoes off in October, and the hinds off sooner. I want to change his diet asap to a high fibre/ low starch diet. However, he is a very poor doer and I'm worrying he will...
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    Horse lame in trot - no swelling or heat. Advice please!!

    I'll try to keep this brief. Mon 16th June - riding in school. Ask for trot and he felt uncomfortable/mildly lame. I jumped off and put him on the lunge which confirmed to me he was lame on near hind. Yo suggested box rest for 2 days as probably bruised sole. Wed 18th june - trotted on the...
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    Rude comments about your horse

    If or when anyone has said something rude about your horse, how do you react? Thinking back, I've let quite a few nasty comments about my boy slip. He's an older tb, bad conformation, poorly educated and can be stubborn so that's the basis for this rudeness. Today the farrier was digging out an...
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    Buying a saddle off Ebay

    Those of you who have bought saddles off ebay- How do you know it will fit your horse? Do you buy it then get a saddle fitter out to check it? I've just got a new horse who's come with a very nice jumping/event saddle but I've seen a lovely affordable GP saddle that has the same measurements of...
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    Too long in a trailer without stopping?

    Looking at booking a weekend away near a beach with the horses for my birthday later this year. Found somewhere but it's 2 and a half hours away (I live in the furthest place from the coast!) Would we need to find somewhere to stop, unload and have a leg stretch or would they be ok in a box all...