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    Digital.Equine Register

    The new Chief Vet and the DEFRA Minister say get your horse micro chipped before the deadline of October. At my last FIR they said there were 611000 horses on the register without microchips. They say check your details are correct by entering your microchip number you cannot use the UELN to...
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    Another gem from DEFRA. I asked why the UELN is not shown on the chip checker on the Central Equine Database I was told it was because of the GDPR. I am confused as the GDPR is about peoples personal data and the UELN is the horses number and they said it is to prevent fraud. I have how the UELN...
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    611,134. horse

    The Central Equine Database shows 611,134. have no recorded microchip from a Freedom of Information request.
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    Hanoverians & Rhinelanders

    You should have no concerns about Brexit as your competition horses and registered breeding animals are registered with the BHHS and in the studbook of the German Hanoverian Society. The advice note from the commission issued last year said Breeders who have their breeding animals entered in...
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    BEF new CEO

    The last one appears to have looked at the Articles of Association and decided they were not being properly implemented and we now have another new person. With my knowledge of equine organisations most of the best ones have people with many years of experience of dealing with horse keepers and...
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    toxicity of cut ragwort

    When a paddock is topped at what rate does the ragwort loses its toxicity?
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    DEFRA Consultation on passports

    DEFRA have an open consultation and this can be found on their website as many people as possible should comment as DEFRA wish a very basic document and have no interest in British Breeding which provides income in the rural economy.
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    stables into house

    An unstable proposal by campaignerkate On 15 February Wycombe District Council planning committee will decide an application to 'convert' a stable into a two-bedroom chalet-style bungalow. The stable is near the top of a hill, opposite Beeches Farm, in the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural...
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    In or Out H & H article

    Baroness Mallalieu Q.C. says the equine industry has never spoken with a single voice every sector wants its own way and this has been the responsibility of the senior administrators. There is no discussion how it will affect the majority of horse owners. The people who would be affected by...
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    Car horse excercise

    This morning i came up behind a horses tied up to the back of a Shogun being driven down a public road. Needless to say it was a coloured horse being driven by what I understand is a person of a minority ethnic group of no fixed abode. Who is actually take any action on a Sunday morning.
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    Car horse excercise

    This morning i came up behind a horses tied up to the back of a Shogun being driven down a public road. Needless to say it was a coloured horse being driven by what I understand is a person of a minority ethnic group of no fixed abode. Who is actually take any action on a Sunday morning.
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    Horses on roads.

    A letter received by the Parish council and horse owners need to realise the attitude of the general public to horses. Gentlemen I attach my email to Brian Binley, who is my constituency MP, after a frightening episode that took place yesterday as I was driving through Overstone on my way...
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    RASE sell Royal show Trophys The majority of this collection was gifted to the RASE and I have to say that I am pretty disgusted that they have not simply been gifted back to those breeds and other associations, for whom they have a real historical meaning. However...
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    Search for a Star

    Competitors who have Certificates of Ownership for their horse should take them with them but keep seperate from the passport. This is a requirement of the rules and helps the judges. The passport is not proof of ownership and because success in this competition increases the value of the horse...
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    Dimaggio top dressage stallion

    At the World Breeding Federation Young Dresaage Horse Chanmpionships in Verden of the top six horse 3 were by Dimaggio first licensed by the British Hanoverian Society. The gelding aptly named Duke of Britain and bred Sarah & Tony Pidgley out of a Rubinstein mare upheld British Breeding in this...
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    New database

    Came across this may be of some
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    african horse sickness

    Anyone who reads this SI might find it unrealistic. If there is an outbreak in the New Forest a part of England where it is likely as the spread will follow the spread of Schellenbergs disease which has similar vectors . The horses that could not be caught would be shot the idea of numbers of...
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    HS2 and wind & sound

    At the local Northants LAF discussion on bridleways and the HS2 route showed that the route shows bridleways crossing and near the route but does not show bridleways that run parallel but some distance from the the track. Does any one have any idea that is evidence based what sound and wind...
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    NED have announced that there will be no central database after the end of September and DEFRA will not issue a new contract to anyone. How will DEFRA operate disease control if they do not know how many horses there are in the UK or where approximately they are. As yet the Passport Issuing...
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    Farouche wins WBFSH 6yr old

    Farouche wins the 6 year old WBFSH Championships in Verden following in the steps of his Dam's sire Dimaggio. two 10s and a score of 9.88 second place Borencio scored 9.1. Outstanding performance by Michael Eilberg and team. This 3rd generation British Bred Hanoverian follows in the footsteps of...
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    Farouche at WBFSH

    Farouche heads the Qualifier for the Final round of the WBFSH 6 year old class.
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    Fireworks again

    A commercial company has an annual professional fireworks display with the biggest of fireworks and they are within 300 yards of my stables. I have had the Local Authority Health and Safety and they say there is nothing they can as the have complied with all the legislation. The mare and foal...
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    World Breeding Championships 2012

    3 British Hanoverian Studbook horses have been accepted Farouche/Furst Heinrich/Dimaggio, Floriana/Florestan I/Weltmeyer and 5year old British Hanoverian Stallion Deveraux by Depardieu -. British breeding on the up.
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    Equestrian fantasy land

    On the Farming program today Prof. Tim Lang was complaining that Agricultural Colleges have been turned into"Equestrian fantasy lands for the middle classes to escape the city" as an advisor to the government on Agricultural matters it is no wonder that the horse breeding industry gets no...
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    ned news

    8 July 2011 Changing reins for NED Having successfully steered NED, the National Equine Database through careful negotiations to secure an extension to its contract, NED’s Chairman, Graham Suggett, has retired from his position. Graham, who became Chairman of NED in 2008 and was formerly...
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    Body blow to breed societies

    New DEFRA plans to take over all passport issuing and stop all organisations issuing passports is a body blow to the breed societies who rely on this income to keep the society afloat. They intend to sell this revenue source off to the highest bidder and so have a central database at zero cost...
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    Donnerhall statistics.

    H & H quote Donnerhall info on page 58 the latest figures are shown with the H & H figures in brackets. The article mentions Donnerhall and quotes "no one really knows the true figure" that is probably correct but the article should have the up to date figures, in brackets are the figures in...
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    Responsibility and Cost Sharing

    Responsibility and Cost Sharing for Animal Health and Welfare I think that Brigadier Jephson’s reservations are quite justified any one reading this 120 page report will find very little about Equines and in the light of the other 11 members not directly associated with the Equine Industry...
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    Countryfile vetting.

    I was watching the vetting on Countryfile Sunday morning and a vet was doing an ID of a TB and they did not show any attempt to scan for a chip and TB's have been chipped for years.
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    Dmaggio son licensed

    The 11th Dimaggio son was licensed at the Hanoverian stallion licensing a Grey stallion bred by Stefan Hermann out of the Feinbrand mare Fevetia II was sold for 200000 Euros. Diamggio is now back in the UK with his owner Suzzane Lavandera. An outstanding record for a Stallion standing in the Uk.