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    Which saddle has.....?

    A black horse that looks like it is trotting on the studs? Probably a real long shot.
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    Suggestions,or ideas please.

    3 1/2 months ago i had my ankle fused, 2 weeks ago i came out of cast,a week and a half ago i started back riding. The problem i have is where my ankle is fused at a right angle,my riding feels very unbalanced and un stable.I cant put my weight down into my heal,and feel like im gripping...
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    Best flea treatment for dogs?

    Who uses what flea treatment for dogs? Does anyone use flea collars anymore. I generally stick to front line
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    Does anyone own a papillion dog? Any info on the would be great please?
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    In two minds....advice please?

    I have the most wonderful little westie.She is the best dog i have ever had.So loyal,always with me if im out on the farm or in the house.(i trip over her several times a day as she is right behind me!!)She has the most fantastic temperament,and i love her to bits!! She is now 10 years old,and...
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    Any ideas?

    Before i start details are a little vague...sorry I dont know if anyone has any ideas,its for a friends horse. The horse is tb mare around 12 years old. The mare has never come into season properly,and has been given various treatments for it,but it has never really affected the horse. Just...
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    Short boots

    Can anyone recommend any short yard/mucker type boots that dont split. I was thinking about short wellie boots,anyone had these before?
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    Hard mouth

    My sons horse has come back off a bad loan.Not only is the horse nappy(which has nearly been put right)but he has also come back with a dead/hard mouth. Has anyone any ideas how to put this right :(
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    Dr John silver doog food

    Who feeds it and what do you think of it?
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    Rubber stable mats

    What bedding does everyone use with rubber mats,and how much? Thank you
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    Probably a really numpty question........trees,on saddles.....can they be made out of wood??
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    Just been told....

    That the horse i have for sale is too cheap,and thats why he is not selling. He is 15 hh cob x 5yr old gelding,who has hunted and hacked with my son. I have him advertised at £1500
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    Fun dog show!

    Yesterday,the local hunt were holding a duck race and dog show,just down the road from us. My 3 boys spend yesterday am washing and hair drying my scruff of a spaniel and my home clipped westie :o We got there in good time,so the boys took the dogs across the field to let the dogs have a...
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    Just watching

    I have horse and country on tv.....and perelli,or who ever he is is on there.First time i have watched anything of him They have a bunch of 2 year old and yearling colts on there being backed by a bunch of people. One of the people were knelt on the bum of one of the horses.....what the he**...
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    Please help

    I have just put a post in the dogs section....any advice please?
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    Advice for pining dog

    Yesterday my little jrt was pts. She a kennel dog along with my springer. Today,my springer is really pining.My springer comes out with me whilst doing animals etc,so gets plenty of exercise.She is now sat in her kennel crying. Any advice please....i feel so helpless
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    A sad day.

    Today i had to have my little jrt put to sleep at home.She was 15 years old,and although i say she was mine....she never really was...i was looking after her for my best friend as she could no longer keep and had her for just over 2 years. She had tumours on her mamory gland,and they were...
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    We live in deer country and keep sheep,so we often get ticks on the animals....which thankfully i know how to deal with. However,this morning i found one on myself....i have removed all of it. Is this all i need to do???Am i panicing about really was pretty yuk!!
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    A real long shot

    Does anyone know if Tiverton horse show,at Bolham is being held this year
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    Mucker boots(short type)

    Can anyone recommend a short type of muck boot?? I have the harry hall ones and they have lasted about a month,before the insole has fallen apart and the boots have cracks in...not a happy bunny. I dare not take them back as they have the worn look about them,but i would of liked them to last...
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    Am i being unreasonable??

    my sons horse(hunter) is out on loan just for the summer.....more as a favour to my friend(friend has been looking for ages for a summer loan),not because i needed him gone. He is due to come back for hunting season. I asked the loaner not to jump him on this hard ground and now she is sending...
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    Would you.....?

    Jump your horse on this ground?? This ground being we have hardly had any rain for a long time,and its very hard and in places rough going. Also,what boots,if any would you use....i know my opinion.....just trying to hopefully prove a point!!!
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    Poor dog!!!

    Just watching This morning on Tv now and they have shown before and afters of dogs being groomed. The poor JRT looked so pathetic with his flat cap,and trainers on!!!:D
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    Horse clippers.

    Does anyone know anything about Clippersare horse clippers please? Good or bad.
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    Bare foot or not??

    I have a 15 hh cob,5 year old. I have only had him for a short period,to bring on a sell.My son has done a couple of light days hunting on him(not mega hedge hopping stuff!) The kind of horse he is,he isnt going to be a world beater,but someones best friend.....local level stuff,and would cope...
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    For people with horses out on loan

    RE.....insuring the horse. Who pays for it,and what cover does the horse have??
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    Loan agreement

    My sons horse is going out on loan for the summer only a short distance from home.He will come back to us again for hunting. What loan agreements does everyone use,or do you make up your own?
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    For people who ride and wear glasses

    My eye sight is gradually getting worse,so have to wear my glasses riding. I really struggle when its raining as rain drops land on my glasses then i cant see!!! What hats do glasses wearers there one better for the job of keeping glasses clear??? I think the most difficult time is...
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    Before anyone says not advertising!!! What would you value a 15 1hh/15 2hh part bred cob.5 years old who has only hacked out with an elderly man,in open fields and roads.He is fine in traffic,but very green.Had no schooling,but seems very genuine.
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    Cost of having a saddle re flocked

    As title............thanks.