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    Product Recall - Neue Schule Comfy Contact

    I've just received this e-mail from the horse bit shop:- *** IMPORTANT PRODUCT RECALL*** Product Safety Notice - Comfy Contact "We have become aware of a potential safety concern in a very small percentage of our flagship product, the Comfy Contact. As an essential precaution we are therefore...
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    The difference between regular people and horse people

    I can relate to this ;)
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    Pony dumped in rubbish bag

    Just seen this on the H+H news. I hope they catch the scumbags who can do this, poor little mite. :(
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    Terrible cruelty - croatian breeder.

    I've just been sent an e-mail about a Croatian breeder who had taken a video of his injured horse (in slings) which he set his dogs on to eat alive. He has not been given any punishment for this crime and there is a petition to bring him to justice at I haven't watched the...
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    Just to say thankyou to the poster that found this company; (sorry can't remember who it was!) :o I Placed an order and had some haylage delivered within three days and it worked out costing only a couple of pounds more than going to my local feed merchant. In fact by the time I factor in...
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    'Friends at the End'

    Great to see that the BHS has launched a scheme for trained volunteers to help those struggling with the decision to euthanise and support the owner, being there while the deed is done if necessary. I think that this has been needed for a while and will hopefully help many owners who struggle...
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    Is it just me?

    Or does the add for the free Mark Todd chaps with a H+H subscription have a grossly overweight horse pictured? I keep getting drawn to the ripples on its shoulder ....
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    smelly dog!

    Hi, I was hoping you knowledgable lot had some tips for getting rid of a doggy smell from my lab. He's a chocolate 2 year old male, neutered, no ear or anal gland problems, but his skin itself seems to smell :confused: He does enjoy a dip in the river everyday and I'm wondering if this is a...
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    Old dog and teeth problems

    Hello, I'm just wondering what peoples opinions are on one of my dogs. He is an eleven year old mongrel, about medium sized and he has developed several teeth that look decidedly dodgy! His breath is hideous and I'm sure his teeth and gums are infected. I know the importance of getting...
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    BBC Radio 2 - on now!

    People are being asked to ring in complaining about horse manure on the roads - time to voice our side of the story methinks!