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    Retitement Livery Wirral/Cheshire/N Wales

    I've decided to move my old boy to retirement livery, I've read the previous threads on yards in the area but was wondering if anyone had any up to date recommendations. He has Cushings and sweet itch so would need to be somewhere with a more hands on approach who can cater to his "special...
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    Cheshire Hunt this weekend I'd like to think there is another side to this story but it doesn't at first sight appear to be doing Hunt supporters any favours.
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    Olympia Puissance

    Does anyone know what that strap is that the Belgian horse has got behind its saddle? Oh and MT is at it again "calm as a cucumber" apparently
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    Accident on m56

    Driving to see some friends in Croft today and on other side of carriageway m56 just after Daresbury junction was a car on its roof and a Ifor pony trailer absolutely totalled. Hard to see but I think I saw both horses upright and being held on the (now closed) carriageway one skewbald heavily...
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    H&H this week - print quality

    Or lack thereof! Anyone else got one with nasty cheap paper and really BADLY printed photographs with the colour overlays out so everything comes out blurred? I hope it's just a one off or I shall most CERTAINLY be reconsidering my subs!
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    Sudden(ish) mild lameness

    Tonight my 20 year old New forest came in from the field mildly lame. It was so mild I didn't actually notice it until I tried to move him over to pick his feet out and he wouldn't budge. I moved him forward and he went hoppity on his off fore. However on trotting up it looked much more...
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    Horse death at Cheshire show

    I've heard that a ridden hunter died in the warm up at Cheshire yesterday but can't find anything anywhere to confirm or deny this. Has anyone else heard this?