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    Holkham Hall beach north Norfolk

    To save anyone disappointment and a wasted journey .... Holkham Hall Estate took the decision this summer to restrict horse box parking in AND horse rider access through Queen Anne Drive car park to Holkham Beach. You have to arrive between 6-9am and leave no later than 11am, or arrive...
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    We shall remember

    8 million horses perished in the First World War. Mules and horses were used in the Second World War. The Bosnian war in the 1990s used horses as pack animals. Our village always has a remembrance day walking parade to the church with an outdoor service and silence. We always take part...
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    Pass Wide And Slow campaign nationwide rides today

    Who else took part in local Pass Wide And Slow group rides today? The campaign is to raise awareness of the need for motorists to pass vulnerable users (equestrians, cyclists walkers) widely (2m) and slowly (not more than 15mph). There were plenty of these rides organised nationwide today -...
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    Can the BHS rethink their affiliated bridleway insurance changes?

    For many years the BHS has charged £30 per year for bridleway groups to affiliate to them. Very good value - groups get lots of free advice, access to (usually chargeable) training, and liability insurance cover for the group's work and any events which those groups want to organise (tack...
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    fire brigade, vet and horse in Somerset Levels ditch

    Well done the fire brigade and vet in extracting that horse from such a deep, steep-sided drainage ditch on the Somerset Levels. Very similar topography to the East Anglian fens - former marshland and waterways dried out for agriculture by a network of huge drainage ditches some with...
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    Coach trips to Badminton for cross country day next Saturday

    This company still has a few spaces on some of its coach routes for next Saturday 5 May. Prices include coach ticket and entry to the cross country course.
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    Tow bars and insurance small print

    It has never occurred to me in nearly 20 years of towing horses and caravans with various Fourtraks that the tow bar counts as a "modification" because it wasn't fitted to the car at the time of manufacture (so wasn't a standard fitment). *That question on your insurance renewal "does your car...
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    Holiday horse/rider accom in Swan's Way-Ashridge Forest Chiltern

    Hi, My friend and I are planning a horseback holiday along part of the Swan's Way probably to include Ashridge Forest NT/that part of the Ridgeway later this year and looking for accommodation (b&b for 2 riders, paddock for 2 horses). So far I've found 3 equine b&bs (Linford Farm, Pear Tree...
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    H&H article: Second class citizens

    Yes agree with the findings of the report (see today's home page of H&H website). I've spent two years working with Highways England consultants, going to workshops and meetings, representing Swavesey & District Bridleways Association (SDBA), and also with another hat on, A14NMU (NMU stands...
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    recommended take-your-horse-on-holiday places

    Trying to decide between Peak District, Cotswolds or Ridgeway area. (I live in Cambs so don't want to drive too far). Want to take my horse on holiday for about 3 days, bed and breakfast for humans with nearby pub for evening meal, and lovely off road hacking. Happy to do a one base...
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    stolen Harrington carriage

    Posted under Stolen section. Friend had her Harrington Micrasport 4-wheeled open carriage stolen from Willingham, Cambs last night. Dark blue with silver detail, almost new condition. Set up with shafts for a single 12hh pony but can also be used with a pole for a pair. Police informed and owner...
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    Hartington Micrasport 4-wheeled open carriage stolen Cambs

    Harrington Micrasport 4-wheeled open carriage stolen from stables in Willingham overnight on Saturday 30 December. The carriage is fitted with shafts to suit 12hh pony but can also be fitted with a pole for a driving pair. Dark blue with silver detail. In almost new condition. Police have...
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    Scythian Warrior exhibition at British Museum - horselovers!

    If human-horse history fascinates you, then please visit the Scythian Warrior exhibition (£16 a ticket) at the British Museum, on until mid-January. The Scythians lived 2500 years ago. In the 20th century, some of their burial tombs at Pazryck in the Altai Mountains (Siberia/Mongolia border)...
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    Bridleways in Government's Walking and Cycling Strategy - emails

    Hi, we've got till 11.45am tomorrow (Mon 23 May) to send a quick email. Feel free to use one based on mine: to: title: Government Walking/Cycling Strategy my text (amend to suit you!): Dear Sir/Madam, Please can you amend the above strategy to...
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    SSangyong Rexton for towing?

    Does anyone tow with a Rexton? What are they like? I looked at one today. Seemed okay except towbar seems high (car unladen), dunno if it's adjustable downwards or not, need to go back and have another look. Noted Ifor Williams say towbar height of car should be 4004-50mm.
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    Sorrento manual clutch/towing question

    I test drove a Sorrento today with a view to it being my new tow vehicle. Good points: light steering, light on acceleration/brakes, very easy to drive, feels grounded on the road, nice driving position, big enough boot for dogs for short journeys. Bad points: Clutch (or DMF or both?)...
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    My 3rd question on towing .... Kia Sorrento 2.5 CrDi manual 2006

    I've been offered a Kia Sorrento 2.5 CR Di XS with 93,000 miles, manual gearbox. This model has listed braked towing capacity of 2800kg, not the 3000 or 3500kg of some other Sorrento models. My tow-load is a 1993 IW 505 trailer (1200kg?) and 2 horses (2 x 650kg each max so 1300kg) = 2500kg...
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    my 2nd question on tow vehicles: Defenders

    Who tows with a Defender and what can you tell me about them? yay or nay? Seems to be nearest thing to a Fourtrak (ie marmite, agricultural, simple, slow, robust, not much electronics/electrics to go wrong, no cupholders) and they still make them, unlike the Fourtrak which ceased in 2001...
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    Patrol/Trooper/Cherokee towing capacity

    Hi, Need to think about replacing my ageing beloved Fourtrak which has served me brilliantly for ten years (my 2nd Fourtrak) ... would love to replace it with another Fourtrak but as they were discontinued in 2001, the chances of finding a non-rusty, non-knackered last-of-the-line one is...
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    Any ideas (growth/calcification/bony lump on face)

    A friend's horse has developed a bony lump in forehead. Xrays today reveal a suspicious lump underneath one eye with black lines radiating out including into the bony growth. Teeth look normal. History: horse has had increasing trouble keeping food in his mouth, also a snotty nose over...
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    Tour de France (Essex): lovely chestnut horse And the rider even doffs his bowler hat as he pulls up at the end! ITV4 liked it so much, they not only had it in their live coverage yesterday (supplied by TDF television) but...
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    Ride Round England - Dymchurch accommodation wanted

    Ride Round England. William and Strider have just asked on their facebook page for accom for one night only very soon. If you can help, please contact them via their facebook page or website Ride Round England.
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    Other wrong things to do while riding: own up!

    Come on, fess up, none of us are perfeck: What stupid things have you done while riding: - ridden hatless, under the wrong impression that the sunglasses on your face is your riding hat, a big "whoops" when someone asks you "Where's your hat?" "On my head", touches head "OMG, it's sunglasses!"...
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    Loss of permissive bridleways (CSS/HLS schemes)

    Just had notice from a local landowner that his Countryside Stewardship Scheme permissive bridleway will be closed permanently from 1 October 2013 when the CSS scheme ends. (The CSS scheme is no longer available). He wanted to transfer it into a HLS scheme but found that DEFRA have dropped...
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    location of pig farms on peddars way

    Peddars Way people ... I need some local knowledge please. Three of us are going to be riding the Peddars Way, from Stonebridge to Holme-next-Sea. I'm sitting at home with OS maps and would like to know where the pigfield areas are as one of the horses doesn't like pigs very much, so if we can...
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    Massingham/Harpley area

    Anyone local to this area please? I would like to know where the pig fields are in relation to the bridleways so that where possible I can plot a route through (Peddars Way) which minimises meetings with/sightings and smells of pigs.
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    backing 10 horses at once

    Why back one horse at a time when you can do ten.. and not a bridle between them.
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    H&H survey: what we buy (equestrian)

    Anyone else get to the 3rd or 4th list "Rank the top 5..." and then lose the will to live and leave the survey? The thought of another 10 or so screens, each the same but one for worming, one for bedding, one for insurance, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, just sent me to sleep. H&H - can you do the...
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    Dubai pulls sponsorship on endurance

    H&H today... shock for those involved in endurance or were they expecting it after the racehorse doping?
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    One night ned accom in Bircham Norfolk

    3 of us hope to ride the Peddars Way this summer. We've plotted our route and overnight stays, intending to stay at Bircham Windmill but they no longer use their horse paddock for horses but for camping instead. They've suggested we put the horses at Sedgeford and catch a taxi, but as...