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    Feed advice please - protein and magnesium

    On advice of the vet, my cob needs to lose weight and I need to do this over the winter to stand a chance next spring. Amongst other things (increased work, decreased rugs)I have started to soak her hay and she get a small scoop of chaff to carry her supplements. I feed Equiminns Advanced...
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    Trailer rear top doors open

    I'm sure I've read on here that it is not a good idea to travel with top rear doors open for safety reasons but can't seem to find this in a search. I am concerned about ventilation and over-heating in this weather as my horse gets hot travelling. What are your views and experiences please?
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    Rescue dog

    Looking for some advice and views about some issues we are having with our rescue lurcher type. Had her 6 weeks now and she initially got on well with our other greyhound and settled quickly. Abour 4 weeks in she starfed to pee by the back door and became anxious ar times, at night mainly. we...