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    Being an Owner

    As in having bred a lovely horse now 5 for son to ride but he’s now busy with career and really has no inspiration to go beyond novice BE and happy with his long time partner. Said homebred oozes talent and as Mum is now in a better financial position wants to have her fun time going out to...
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    Cushings in dogs

    Would be interested please for information on dog diagnosis of Cushings, did you have an MRI scan, prognosis, treatment and outcome Thanks
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    Questionnaires for dissertations

    Is anyone else ever curious about the results that usually students get. If I’m not busy and the surveys applicable I will fill it in but like the one yesterday that was about why grooms leave horses we don’t see the results which occasionally I would be interested in. So any one like to share...
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    Sending a saddle abroad

    Have looked at previous posts but lots of conflicting advice. From people who’ve done it successfully how did you get paid and send a pricey saddle to the US, I’m not daft and know about scams but they can be so clever so would like to hear success stories and a rough idea of postage.
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    And the clippers went bang with a puff of smoke

    Who please has had theirs repaired and did they last, where did you take them? or recommendations for clippers to do one pony twice a year, these are lister and do have several pairs of blades but are the second pair to go bang
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    Pony grackle bridle

    I have been on the sites recommended on another thread but all bar English bridles don’t appear to do pony size without it being a Mexican grackle ( with rings not leather loops) which is what I’m after. Any recommendations for a 14hh new forest or a saddler that would make me one? Budget up...
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    How to price grazing?

    We have rented a field for 20+ years across the road from us, 3 acres surrounded by hedges but no actual fencing, we have always used electric fencing and no water supply we have used containers. Our pony has moved on and owners (friends after all the years) have asked if we can find new...
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    Smartie the little dog in the stolen horsebox has been found,yippee
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    Horse hunting

    We have driven 100+ miles today to see an Allrounder /hack, checked that there were facilities to try the horse to discover there was a muddy track as the ménage was being used for a lesson. When we asked to see said horse on the road you would have thought we'd got four heads 'we never ride on...
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    Stolen tack

    What happens to it? I and most of my horsey friends have not had a dodgy person sidle up saying out of the corner of there mouths 'do you wanna buy a saddle' and if it does all go on the ferry they must be buried under the stuff!
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    Fire Service Rescues

    Just wondered, does the owner get charged for rescues, ie: ditches or cutting out of horseboxes
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    Grass seeds

    Having another of my much loved spaniels having 4 hrs surgery today, has lost part of both her lungs and the removal of grass seed abscess on her oesophagus I wonder am I just very unlucky or is there something I'm missing. This is the third inhaled grass seed abscess , 2 this year, the vets...