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    preventing tack rubs

    I have just taken on the schooling of a lovely ex racer. It's all going well (knock on wood!) so far but he is starting to develop a few rubs. His tack is clean and soft, he is clean and soft but we still have rein rubs on his neck and the browband and/headpiece junction is starting to rub as...
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    He looks like a grown up horse!

    Which scares me a bit as I still see him as a gangly yearling in my mind! My boy is now 3years 11months and finally doesn't look awkward anymore!
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    First Love!

    Just because its cute! This is my five yr old DS (nicknamed piglet!) with his mumble30somethingmumble shetland pony Dimples.
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    Not strictly CR! my baby eventer!

    He "will" be a competition horse at some point but this is just a quick shot of him ready to start proper grown up work after being backed last October. He's such a sweetheart and sooo laidback! far!
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    Teaching without qualifications?

    Would you use an instructor who was very experienced but has no formal qualifications? I currently teach a few clients regularly but I am considering advertising for more. I have competed as a junior showjumper internationally as well as working at a native pony stud and a good few years at a...
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    Please send good vibes to my baby horse

    Poor baby Bradley is just being loaded to go to the vet clinic. Vet just found a piece of metal in the sole of his hoof. Not sure what it is yet
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    we did it! first ridden pics!

    Today was D day for Tommy as the planets aligned and I had my nice lightweight quiet riding friend around. So my boy was officially "backed" today!* To be honest it was a total non event! He walked back a little when she first lay over him but I had her slide gently off and re presented him at...
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    Suddenly objecting to being groomed?

    Well when I say sudden its maybe over the last two weeks got progressively worse. Tommy is the sweetest, most even tempered horse (not even just youngster!) I've ever met. He very rarely objects to anything I ask of him so I've learned to listen when he says no. For example my OH used to make...
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    Sitting a huge canter?

    I rode my friends horse last night. W has been previously trained to AM but has had a few years of just hacking and pootling. His walk and trot are lovely and comfortable, he's very very sensitive and you have to sit very quietly and think constantly about keeping your weight central and still...
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    am I a terrible owner?

    I have two lovely young horses. Tommy who's 3 and is my horse of a lifetime. We bought him at 6 months old and he has a home with me for life. I also have Bradley who's Tommys 2 yr old full brother and who has been with me for about 6 months. So I haven't sat on a horse since my last loan horse...
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    you know those amazing before and after shots?

    Well I think I have one! Bradley rising 2yr old BWB colt. 29/3/12 the day he arrived with me Bradley almost 2 yr old BWB GELDING! Photos from 26/5/12 Not bad for nearly 8 weeks and a major surgery! He had surgery to find and remove a retained testicle about 10...
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    can horses get psoriasis?

    Tommy has very sensitive skin. He is itchy a lot of the year and gets terrible reactions to fly bites. I started him on micronised linseed recently and it is making a difference. He's lovely and shiny and seems more comfortable. About ten days ago I noticed little clumps of scabs across his...
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    Good vibes required along with testicle wishes!

    I have a lovely 2yr old BWB colt. Bradley is determinedly holding onto one testicle. Due to various things outside my control we can't wait for it to drop naturally. He's got the vet coming out on Thursday afternoon to do an ultrasound scan to see if the missing testicle is close enough to the...
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    Showing a 3yr old in a pelham?

    Tommy and I were soundly thrashed last night (5th out of 7 including being beaten by a colt that kicked another horse and only one place higher than a mare who broke her owners nose in the ring! but that's another thread!) the horse that won the class was being shown in a pelham and double reins...
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    Hair + low profile hat = help!

    I am showing Tommy in hand on Friday and have a beagler to wear. How on earth do I fit my hair into a bun under it? Its very low profile and there isn't much room at the back. My hair is long (ish probably middle of my shoulder blades) but not particularly thick. The last time I wore this hat my...
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    where did my baby horse go?!

    I see Tommy every day and still think of him as the gangly little yearling I got two years ago. Looking at this picture from today just made me realise I actually have a handsome strapping 3 year old! Scary!!
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    Tips for standing up in hand?

    Im taking Tommy to a show next Friday. He's doing a young sports horse class (he's 3 this year) and did well last year qualifying for the final at Blair and Id really like to take him to Blair this year. We couldn't go last year as we were on holiday at the time. I was looking back at pics from...
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    Playing hunt the b*****k!

    Bradley arrived 15 days ago with two good sized testicles. Both down and ripe for the chop but he was too thin and stressed so we decided to leave him two weeks and chop them today. Had a look yesterday and again two merrily swinging in the breeze. Vet arrives, sedates him and starts scrubbing...
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    bridle for work/showing. Shopping help!

    We have decided that Tommy can wait another year to be backed (3yo BWB by Groomsbridge May out of a Fleetwater Opposition mare) as he's just not quite physically ready. So this year he will be out to plenty of shows including Futurity. We will also be starting more grown up work with him, in...
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    a day in the life of a yard collie

    This is Kyle my YO's mental collie. I was trying to muck out my boxes and he really wanted me to throw his ball But I carried on and he got a bit more insistent Then a little more I stopped to take a picture of Kip who was supervising the mad Kyle And turned round...
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    what a difference a week makes!

    Well technically its ten days now since Bradley arrived looking like this http://i890.photobuc...04-05102203.jpg The vet was out and we agreed to waiting until next week to geld him. However he did get a quick MOT and after being wormed and having lice treatment he's been out in the field...
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    how do you decide to geld or not?

    So Tommys brother Bradley is coming to live with us next week booked in to have his doodahs off. The financial force is rearing its head again(after the discussion about using Gillies to transport him!) and as he was bought as an investment the consideration is now keeping him entire. He...
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    what do you think of my boy?

    This is Tommy. He's nearly 3 now (3 in June) and a bwb by Groomsbridge May out of a Fleetwater Opposition mare. We bought him at 6 months with the intention of eventing him one day. We have decided to leave him another year before working him as he is still physically very immature. This pic was...
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    moving a 2yr old a long distance

    So looking to move a 2yr old from the stud he was born at to another part of the country. Sat Nav says 8 hours at 40mph. My own view (having used them before) is to get Gillies to move him. The lorry is much more comfortable, he will have company, an easy trip with a nice overnight stay.* The...
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    the healing power of horses

    My posts recently have been hugely life changingly sad. It really is a crappy time and having brought the horses in tonight i hunkered down in the corner of Darceys stable for a good cry. The yard was quiet but i was trying not to make any noise in case. YO appeared. To be honest I really lost...
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    My three year old today

    For no reason other than I love him! Tommy is actually only 2 1/2 but as its Jan 1st he's "officially" 3! So here's my Baby!
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    An antidote to all the livery yard horror stories!

    I work about ten mins away from my yard but have to drive 15 mins in the other direction to collect my son from nursery. My evenings are always a bit hectic trying to fit everything in when i don't finish work until 5. Add in the snow that arrived yesterday (im in Glasgow btw) and i was racing...
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    How to word advert for quirky mare?

    I have a 15.3hh IDxWB mare here with me on short loan. Her owner has decided she can't have her back so I am helping her find a new owner/loaner for the mare. The problem I am having is that while talented (SJ 1.20m happily probably a good novice DR test in her and total XC machine) she is...
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    Improving the canter? Exercises?

    Darcey has been with me for about 3 months now and I'm discovering that she is actually fairly well schooled under the fat/grumpy exterior! In walk and trot she feels lighter and more consistent in the contact (I'm guessing as she gets stronger she's finding the work easier) This was us...
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    This is so lovely I had to share! Racehorse story

    I keep Tommy on a lovely little yard and I have been spending more time recently with one of the other owners. S and her husband A have a lovely ex racehorse called Pricey (Trade Price) that S is learning to ride on. Pricey is possibly the most laid back horse I've ever met, never mind an ex...