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  1. Art Nouveau

    Considering a working cocker spaniel, what other breeds might suit instead?

    thanks for all the comments everyone. It sounds like my sister should be ok as she will definitely focus on teaching her dog to settle and have downtime.
  2. Art Nouveau

    Considering a working cocker spaniel, what other breeds might suit instead?

    Thankyou Thistle and Deb, she'll contact spaniel aid and ask about fostering to tide her over until she can get to the top of a waiting list for a puppy, or as you say fall in love and keep the foster dog. Brittanys look like a good option too. ah they're beautiful! They are so cuddly! We'll...
  3. Art Nouveau

    Considering a working cocker spaniel, what other breeds might suit instead?

    Fun name though. I don't actually know anything about Papillons and the only pet home collies I've known have been challenging so I can't comment on the mix. As an aside, the best named crossbreed I've seen was a westie X poodle, and then the offspring was crossed with another poodle. Puppies...
  4. Art Nouveau

    Considering a working cocker spaniel, what other breeds might suit instead?

    ooh thanks, hadn't thought about a cross of the two
  5. Art Nouveau

    Considering a working cocker spaniel, what other breeds might suit instead?

    My sister is considering a worker cocker spaniel as her next dog but is open to other suggestions if there might be something better suited. The wish list is: 1. Small or small to medium sized, but not toy sized 2. Easily trained and loves being with people and 'working' eg retrieving, scent...
  6. Art Nouveau

    Cat's infected paw, hibiscrub?

    She's going back to the vet for a check up today. I think it looks like it's healing but she's figured out how to lick it still ☹️ it's a hind foot and she wedges the edge of the collar against her leg and then pushes down. This morning is the first time I've seen her do it. Should it be...
  7. Art Nouveau

    Cat's infected paw, hibiscrub?

    Thanks for all the comments, it's given me lots to think about. I don't think we're in an adder area. The paw initially presented as just being ridiculously swollen. It may have come on slowly, she was out all day and came home late in the evening so I guess it could have been coming on from the...
  8. Art Nouveau

    Cat's infected paw, hibiscrub?

    hm, yes you're right about there being patches Shady, I was thinking that might just be scabbiness from the skin being sore/raw? Before she was given a collar she had licked it until it was sore quite far up her leg. The swelling was huge last week, all four toes were swollen and splayed, and up...
  9. Art Nouveau

    Cat's infected paw, hibiscrub?

    10 days ago our cat came home with a hugely swollen paw. She was given an antibiotic injection and sent home with painkillers. We took her back on Monday as there was no improvement and were given a cone collar and hibiscrub. Took her back on Friday after still no improvement and were given...
  10. Art Nouveau

    Out and about nipper

    Oh, and the design is fantastic. Superbly easy to fold up and also remove the wheels so it takes up relatively little space in the boot of a car.
  11. Art Nouveau

    Out and about nipper

    The V4 sport also has a fixed front wheel, again for running. The non sport version has a swivel front wheel, which can be locked to make it fixed but I understand it still has a slight wobble. Not a problem unless you're a keen off road runner. We have the sport version and recently took it on...
  12. Art Nouveau

    Headshaking after a sinus tumour?

    To update this, my horse is going in to the clinic for x-rays on Friday. The vet came out to look at her and thought that should be the next step. He agreed she is in pain and said he thought her head carriage was odd even when she wasn't shaking it. Two days ago she was apparently rearing...
  13. Art Nouveau

    Headshaking after a sinus tumour?

    Thanks Trouper, I'll have a look. I feel a bit lost as it can be so intermittent, and it's only just occurred to me that there might be a link with the magnesium so I haven't previously been looking for any relation between her behaviour and how much mag she'd had recently. I'm also concerned...
  14. Art Nouveau

    Headshaking after a sinus tumour?

    This is going to be a long and convoluted post as there's a lot of history and I don't want to miss anything important. TL: DR could a sinus tumour (removed) cause headshaking/trigeminal nerve issues that are slightly alleviated with magnesium supplementation, but possibly not enough to remove...
  15. Art Nouveau

    Cavesson or sidepull? Why do cavessons have 3 rings?

    As I've been doing more in-hand work with my mare in her cavesson (the leather wrapped around a chain type) but normally ride her in a Transcend bitless bridle (sidepull with a curb strap so it has two reins) it got me pondering the different mechanisms. The cavesson has 3 rings across the nose...
  16. Art Nouveau

    Hit air vest 2nd hand

    I bought a second hand one off ebay, they seem to come up fairly regularly. I got one that didn't come with any air canisters, this didn't bother me as they can easily be bought form hit air and I think they're not meant to go in the normal post anyway.
  17. Art Nouveau

    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    I don't think it's a good thing for the BHS and I don't support it. World Horse Welfare already exists and I don't think charities should step so far outside their own reasons for existence, and duplicate work that is better done by a charity that has the experience and the mandate for work in...
  18. Art Nouveau

    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    I'm a regional volunteer co-ordinator for a national charity. Every month we get a password protected Excel spreadsheet with the contact details of the regional members who have opted to be contacted by their regional volunteer. We then have to delete the old ones. We are a small charity so...
  19. Art Nouveau

    Equine Assisted Therapy

    I agree with Ambers Echo. Also as you mention life coaching, then perhaps you're looking at equine assisted learning/coaching and not therapy? To use horses in therapy you should have a mental health qualification, as well as robust training in Equine Assisted Therapy. For equine assisted...
  20. Art Nouveau

    What do we want to TELL the BHS - in no uncertain terms!!

    I feel like they should reintroduce AGMs and these should be advertised to the members, potentially even move around the country so that members in different locations can get to them easily. Restrict themselves to activities within the UK/British Isles. I saw on the other thread they'd done...
  21. Art Nouveau

    Gloves for people with freakishly long fingers!

    I didn't think I had freakishly long fingers but sealskinz gloves were far too short for me which I was gutted about as they are otherwise a fabulous glove. I sent them back and, like you, constantly wear 'fingerless' magic gloves instead.
  22. Art Nouveau

    BHS BS - Meeting Jan 5 2019

    Other ideas, did I remember correctly that the BHS doesn't have AGMs anymore, so reintroducing them would be a good idea. Perhaps a formula for deciding salaries and other major purchases? I don't know if that's practical though
  23. Art Nouveau

    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    Presumably Andrea would need to give her permission to act as proxy? She might get rather inundated with requests from people like me who want to do something but don't know what.
  24. Art Nouveau

    Are you a ‘cross breed snob’?

    I know people who breed Australian labradoodles and get £2k per puppy. I believe the Australian labradoodle was purpose bred to be a hypoallergenic therapy dog or guide dog, there is a breed standard everyone should be working to and it's several generations down the line from the first...
  25. Art Nouveau

    your most equestrian unsuitable car.

    My husband has an alfa romeo mito. I still call it his car despite the fact it's a shared car now. It's not as bad as the other cars on this thread but the boot is an awkward shape, and it's a 3 door with the handles down by the hinge so the doors are very heavy to open and close. I really...
  26. Art Nouveau

    Help Please, Need retirement livery within reasonable distance of north Warrington

    how far would be ok? I know a yard on the other side of Manchester so it would be about 45 minutes drive in clear traffic. It's where I keep my horse and they are very focused on keeping horses as naturally and happily as possible with a run-in barn. They do full/retirement livery.
  27. Art Nouveau

    Interesting article about temperature regulation in horses. Worth a read

    Interesting, but I haven't seen 0c as the lower limit before, I've seen it as 5c. Maybe it depends whether the horse has it's summer coat or winter coat.
  28. Art Nouveau

    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    I'm currently a BHS member. This thread was making me think I should cancel it in protest but with the comments about what members can do/an EGM I'm wondering would it be better to stay and see if there'll be some action I can take as a member.
  29. Art Nouveau

    Odd request - would like to find some old info on hoof trimming

    Marcia Sadler? She has a few videos on youtube from 6 years ago, with a couple that might be what you're describing I haven't heard of her, it's just what came up when I tried a search using the terms you used :)
  30. Art Nouveau

    The Ludo Logbook

    He does sound wonderful, are you sure you aren't just dreaming about him? It's lovely to hear how well he's doing.