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    Navicular and barefoot - thoughts

    I have a navicular horse and have just taken the shoes off, could never really pin point the exact lameness but he had lesions to DDFT and synovitis in both coffin joints so was treated for both with steroids and shockwaves and shod is remedial shoes with a mid plate - all fine for a year, came...
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    Barefoot navicular help - boots/advice/books to read etc

    Ok finally on the laptop (sound very tech-phobic when I say that but I just can't do proper posts on my phone as it's just a faff!) Firstly thank you all (esp @Boulty) for your comments and links to things, really helpful and given me lots to read through. I am loving the Hoofgeek website and...
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    Barefoot navicular help - boots/advice/books to read etc

    I didn’t want this to go unreplied to as honestly this is so helpful and so grateful you took the time so I’m going to answer properly when I am on my laptop later! :)
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    Barefoot navicular help - boots/advice/books to read etc

    I know this a very overdone topic on the forum but could do with being pointed in the right direction of some useful threads or good advice groups for all things to do with barefoot rehab for a horse with navicular. I am already on barefoot horses uk and barefoot for navicular on FB. Apologies...
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    Wrong thread!

    Moved to Vet thread!
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    Foot balance query & wwyd?

    The farrier is coming back tomorrow so i'll have a chat with him about some lateral extensions or something to support the heel, at least for now, i'll need to have more of a think about barefoot, like I said, I am really not in a good set up for it at the moment and can't go through what I went...
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    Foot balance query & wwyd?

    Yes you're right HM he's got flare on both however he did start growing his hoof at a new angle when the new shoes were put on which I was told to expect so not sure if that's the cause. In terms of heel support, could this be achieved with shoes? I feel that there needs to be more shoe further...
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    Foot balance query & wwyd?

    Sorry the photos are so giant - it's either tiny thumbnails or massive photos! They aren't the best angle, I should have tried to angle the foot down and some slow mo walking videos would probably be good too!
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    Foot balance query & wwyd?

    Yes I know shoes ultimately won’t fix it, it’s just happened since shoeing hence the second opinion. Really feeling lost about the barefoot vs shoes, I’ve done all of the reading and then I’ve tried to take him barefoot before, I got a trimmer, boots and sorted the diet and just couldn’t get...
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    Foot balance query & wwyd?

    A bit of background: 13 year old Cob diagnosed with degeneration of navicular bone in RF (suspected since birth or v. young age) discovered using MRI last September after showing 1/10th lame on hard ground (took him for a poor performance work up). Also slight strain of DDFT and synovitis in...
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    (Wrong area) Foot balance query and a wwyd?

    Posted on the wrong section - now on Hoof care!
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    Wormng question

    Thanks - I called the vet and they said to worm, see how he goes with it and then retest to make sure it is actually working. He is fine in himself when he has it, no change personality wise its just his poos go very sloppy for a good few days afterwards, spring grass like pats!
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    Wormng question

    Yes the yard requires us to worm over 200, his came back at 275. If I was able to stay in the same field or same 2 fields all year round I would probably ask if I could leave it this time and retest next time but we rotate the fields in summer and winter and I might even end up in a different...
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    Wormng question

    2 and a half years, for the first year and a half he was on one yard and then moved him last year
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    Wormng question

    No I haven’t called the vet yet as only found out over the weekend! We use equest I think. Good suggestion on the sheep but it’s a livery so can’t do that. Its odd because the horse the other side of the electric fence but still in the same main bit of field came back less than 50 as well...
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    Wormng question

    Since moving yards a year ago, my horse's worm counts keep coming back over just over 200, meaning he needs to be wormed and he doesn't do well with wormers (fine taking them but they really upset his stomach) - is there any way I can reduce the need to keep worming? He is kept in a sectioned...
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    Huge reaction if left behind hacking - manage it vs tackle it?

    My cob used to do this (I posted on here about it) and whilst at 15hh its not as far to fall, he would literally turn himself inside out and deck me and then just stand over me, no-one could sit it because you couldn't 100% tell when it was coming, you could do everything on the buckle but if he...
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    new conclusion, hay bars?

    It took 2 days for my cob to fully destroy a haybar - luckily it was free so settled on a hay cube as it is slightly more robust. He does like to sit on it so it has split on the corner but doesn't affect the use at all. And you can soak hay in them as it has a plug at the bottom to drain and...
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    Lace up Jodhpur boots with zip

    Thanks all - Mountain Horse were my next go to but couldn't find them in my size - have ordered some from Kramer as was getting a couple of other bits from there anyway! Thanks!
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    Lace up Jodhpur boots with zip

    My faithtful ariats paddock boots have given up on me after a wet winter and me not looking after them! I was just going to rebuy them and then realised they have changed them so now they only do laces or zips and not laces with a zip at the back! I like the lace look but want a zip at the back...
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    Shopping help/Clipper Expertise please! (combs/blades)

    Covercote blades - they leave 5mm hair which is a normal summer coat and fit lister clippers, i clip all year round with them as my cob gets itchy with too much hair! :)
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    Amber is lame

    Sorry to hear your bad news. I don't have an eventer by any means but I have a cob went lame in September. He had been ok all summer going out and about doing dressage but had a tendency to drop his shoulder and wasn't really improving in our dressage scores so I got a work up and ended up going...
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    Clivers/Cleavers, hawthorn hedge shoots, cow parsley, nettles - how much?

    Haha oh no, perhaps you weren't taking the hints to pick some! I am going armed with my gloves and a bag tomorrow!
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    Clivers/Cleavers, hawthorn hedge shoots, cow parsley, nettles - how much?

    I don't think i've ever seen gorse before, i am going to go looking for some!
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    Clivers/Cleavers, hawthorn hedge shoots, cow parsley, nettles - how much?

    At my old yard, my cob had access to all of the above in his field and on the lane leading back to the stable so he would always have little snack but it isn't the case in his field now but he goes mad for them when i pick them and we have plenty surrounding the yard so i was going to pick him a...
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    Stirrup hire places

    Since my 30th birthday horsey plans have been put on hold due to the current situation, I am looking to treat myself to something I wouldn't usually buy. I just have bog standard shires stirrups and whilst I don't have any particular problems, I wondered if I should look at some new ones. I have...
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    Another whopping thumbs up for Red Horse Products

    Love love love Red Horse products, use them for everything - my new favourite product is the ear balm - got it as a freebie at YHL when I bought a hoof care pack - put my horse out 24/7 due to yard lockdown and didn't want to be faffing with masks and he always loses them anyway so put some of...
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    Something new learned every day

    WHAT?! Oh my god I think this the most useful thing I have learnt all year, who cuts them off?! The farrier? I know you can cut the excess off chestnuts but didn’t know about ergots, my farrier is coming tomorrow I’m going to get him to do it! ETA: in my excitement I didn’t read the rest of the...
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    Something to do if your bored

    I mean, we tried...