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    Reolink Go battery

    Hi, how anyone got any experience of recharging a Reolink Go with the USB cable provided? How long does it take please?
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    Simatree gullets

    Hi, ordered a Thorowgood orange gullet from eBay, have been sent a Simatree one. Could anyone please tell me if this this the same thing?
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    Mains energiser

    Hi, I have a wooden stables and tack room, with electricity. Would it be safe to house a mains energiser in the tackroom? A friend has just seen me lugging a battery down, and asked why I didn't get a mains energiser..Tia
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    "New Forest" Ponies Poor ponies, look at their price - hope they go to a knowledgeable home
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    Dark Sky

    Just discovered that apple have acquired my favourite weather app and have shut it down for android. Any recommendations for a similar one? I particularly liked their weather alerts, they were pretty accurate.
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    For Sale Livery offered

    DIY livery, small private yard has 2 spaces available, near Midhurst, West Sussex. AYR turnout, 12'x12' light, airy stables. Brilliant hacking, grass schooling area. Sorry, no children or dogs .
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    Stupid great annoying advertisement

    Covering half my phone screen...Why has it suddenly appeared,and why cant I make it go?!