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    stifle arthroscopy

    Well following my boys lameness work up, nerve blocking, xrays, scans and steroid injections into both stifles and the joy of 6.5 weeks box rest the bad news is he has deteriorated. So tomorrow I get the date for his arthroscopy (bilateral). All I have been told is that until they go in they...
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    Stifle bone changes

    Have kind of put off posting this as part of me would rather not know however having had my only working horsey stapled back together today I am numb to most things! Have had intermittent hind leg problem with my boy which has resulted in him dragging his toes very badly, unable to walk down...
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    Help getting off box!!

    Hi, thought I would ask here but apologies if wrong area!! My 11yo TBX loads like a dream into our 3.5 tonne box either alone or in company. Trouble we have is the unloading the other end! He literaly "jumps" off from the top of the ramp. I have tried full tack, bridle only, lunge line , first...
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    Newbie.....smiling and waving!!!!

    Hi everyone, thought it was time I stopped lurking and joined! I often find myself reading threads whilst looking for tips or help and guessed it was time to say hello and say a big thankyou for this!! Hopefully I may be able to return the favour and have some helpful advice for someone else in...