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    OCD stifle - going on to develop degenerative joint disease?

    Hi I had a similar problem with my boy. My outcome was the worst case and I truly wouldnt wish it on anyone but am aware how unlucky we were and that we were simply too late. My previous posts would outline in more detail the problems I had but basically it was only through having the...
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    Stifle Injury experiences please

    My boy wasnt working correctly; dragging hind toes, stumbling on fronts, not happy going down hills, cow kicking etc This is a very very honest horse who thrives on work. Excellent jumper (1.40m) and up to injury winning dressage leagues. Following extensive investigations, nerve blocks...
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    General Anasthetic - Stifle Athroscopy Rehab.

    Hi sorry to hear your horse is having stifle arthroscopy. May I ask why? has he OCD or other problem? My boy had bilateral stifle arthroscopy in June. Nothing terrible had shown on his scans or xrays but it was suspected ocd. He had endured a lot of investigations to get to this point...
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    stifle arthroscopy

    Thankyou all so much for your replies and experiences. We now have the date for surgery but not for another week owing to holidays (not mine)!! Izzwizz thankyou its great to know your horse has recovered and rest assured I have googled like a mad woman but just wanted some first hand...
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    stifle arthroscopy

    Well following my boys lameness work up, nerve blocking, xrays, scans and steroid injections into both stifles and the joy of 6.5 weeks box rest the bad news is he has deteriorated. So tomorrow I get the date for his arthroscopy (bilateral). All I have been told is that until they go in they...
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    Stifle bone changes

    Thankyou CBFan have just been reading up on ocd lesions and does sound similar to his diagnosis and treatment but am going to ask vet tomorrow when looking at my mare! They have mentioned a scope type surgery and IRAP if the injections dont work. Having seen his xrays and scans I know the...
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    sacroilliac pain

    OOOh just posted below about bone changes in my boys stifles which vets were worried about being sarcoilliac damage until the stifles were checked. His main symptons are on my post. Hope it helps!
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    Stifle bone changes

    Have kind of put off posting this as part of me would rather not know however having had my only working horsey stapled back together today I am numb to most things! Have had intermittent hind leg problem with my boy which has resulted in him dragging his toes very badly, unable to walk down...
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    Frustrated with lameness

    Go with your gut reaction, you know your horse and sadly I do speak from experience. Could be anything including as was the case for us the vertebrae not kissing exactly but almost touching owing to arthritic changes. Tildren has been a godsend for this horse who had never been sick or sorry...
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    Turn on the forehand

    Easiest to walk along next to arena wall with your schooling whip in outside hand. Halt, leg on as if to go forward and ask for half halt (dont pull round!) so front legs start marching, outside leg back to push quarters over with stick for back up, inside leg and hand control impulsion and...
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    Using Oxyshot for the first time

    I've used it twice on the very spooky tense TB whom magic has not touched the sides of! He had to be trailered alone to a huge show and had only ever been boxed before! I was very impressed, same sharp horse but not silly. I then used it again with him for a smaller show but didnt notice any...
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    Position - help/suggestions for tilting please! (pics)

    Really simple way to make you sit more upright is to push the peak of your hat down or tuck a tissue in the front of your hat to make a visor effect. You will automaticaly have to lift your chin and pull your shoulders back to see where you are going!
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    Draw reins...opinions please

    Yes you can change him without the draw reins! I would suggest you have a lesson with the best dressage instructor you can find locally and be ready for the burn!!! I done the exact thing this week and learnt a lot. Best advice I was given was that I had to change the way I rode him as he has...
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    Calmers- Aconite- Homeopathic help

    Hi Sorry cannot help re the Aconite but have been researching calmers recently for one of my boys. You could have a look at Horse First Relax Me. It works on the gut/digestion and may be beneficial. I have had a nightmare trying to buy it and have spoken to Paddy at Horsefirst at length...
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    Masterbronze my apologies as my comments are not directed at you but are directed at the person concerned. Good schooling and the corrct horse are the only way. You believe the horse is capable then they should pay the money and get the help and instruction required. Totally p's me off any...
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    If they need some evidence on what "rapping" and other barbaric measures will do to scar their horse both mentally and physically then tell them to come visit me and I will happily show them one of my boys. Words that i would like to use I am unable to as I dont wish to offend! If they need the...
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    Absolutely Heartbroken...don't know what to do!

    Firstly really sorry to hear your news, my old TB boy was diagnosed and retired at 18. He was competing in dressage (elementary) and loved his job. That was 6 years ago! He was and still is a grumpy old man however has settled into his routine well. In the past 6 years he has sadly lost both...
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    Cortaflex/Glucosamine Arthritus HELP

    Hiya I would second the riaflex complete. Fantastic results for one of my boys. In fact I was about to post regarding him as truth is I had not realised how much we relied on it until I "lost" my riaflex this week and had to wait for another batch. Now worried I am asking too much of him and...
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    Novice 27 and medium trot??

    Hiya yes all tests at elementary and below can be in both rising and sitting trot. Medium up is sitting only.
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    Novice 27 and medium trot??

    Sorry you also wanted pointers! The only advice I can give is to make sure you ride all the movements! Dont panic if your late or have missed a movement exactly at a certain marker, do it late rather than not at all! Same if you are showing counter canter and horsey does a beautiful flying...
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    Novice 27 and medium trot??

    Lol my youngster can be a bit enthusiastic and just trot faster! I find it best to ride all the working trot in sitting and then go rising for my medium allowing me to contain him more in my hand whilst creating the impulsion for medium trot steps with my leg and seat instead of a very fast...
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    riding with 2 sets of reins - best combination?

    I use jeffries bio grip on snaffle (really soft and flexible) and their half rubber on bottom ring
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    What diet for your arthritic horses?? Inc supplements...

    My arthritic horse is only just 12 and now back in full work. I feed him A+P calm and condition, Simple feeds Total eclipse with chaff and garlic 3 x per day. Supplement wise he is on riaflex complete, and it is the best thing I have ever put him on. Costs £42 per month (direct from riaflex) as...
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    Insurance for teaching

    You need to ring up and get yourself insured to teach! Not cheap! If your a registered instructor then the BHS have a good policy but I am not sure if this is available without qualifications! I appreciate that you may well be only teaching your neices/nephews etc but with the best will in the...
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    Essex stockists of Allen & Page?

    If you go on the A+P website you can search for your local stockist!
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    "Calm" and condition

    It contains maize! This may be the reason for your horse fizzing up on it!! I have a 16. 1 TB who has thrived on the stuff he has the equivalent of 1.5 dry scoops per day mixed with water and chaff plus his riaflex, total eclipse and garlic divided into 3 huge feeds!! I use approx a bag a...
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    fitting a pessoa copy.

    Roller on then the rear straps come down from top either side of quarters so the sheepskin sits comfortably and just on hocks when standing. front strap pulleys clip on to the bit with rope long enough to show a straight line all the way along the side of the horse standing in a stretched...
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    Tips please (position related)

    Pull the peak of your hat down slightly. This will make you have to lift your chin and sit tall to see where you are going. Sounds daft but ever so simple and does work. If your wearing a skull hat then tuck something (tissue etc) in the front to create the same "visor" idea!
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    Working/competing on bute/devils claw or similar

    Basically anywhere you are not going to be randomly drug tested you can compete at. Local shows and unafiliated should not be a problem as you are not competing for money! We have a pony that took a well known herbal calmer not realising it contained Valerian (totaly my fault not checking!)...
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    Livery Extras?

    muck out £4 T/O or in £2 Pick out feet £1 Rug change 50p Boots on or off 50p skip out £1.50 bed down £1 groom from £4 clean tack from £5 wash legs £2 clip legs £10 clipping from £25 lunge 20mins £10 school 30mins £15 walker 30mins £5 Solarium 15mins £5 farrier assistance from £2 vet...