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    Hello, welcome, and congratulations on getting your horse! Wishing you many happy years together.
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    Why doesn't stuff fit properly?!

    Springer and Bombers both do 5.25 bits, i have the Sprenger turnado and the Bombers Happy Tongue. Stubben Trevira girth suits my horse with a forward girth groove. One of my horses is so oddly shaped I have to buy a full size bridle, then add an XL browband, pony cheek pieces, and XL reins. And...
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    Too thin horse - blood test?

    Hmmm, our vet doesn't, just asks if everything is ok, jabs them and goes...
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    Pictures Hello from Europe

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    Worms ... sorry I know they’re gross...

    Lol - no, I did warn him!
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    Worms ... sorry I know they’re gross...

    I once, long ago, wormed a new boyfriend cause he was so thin, but ate like a horse!
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    Studs on overnight

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    Legalities of renovating trailer

    These tyres should all be replaced anyway, if it has been standing in one place for 4 years it will have flat spots and sun damage. It sounds a lovely project, I love the family connection, with your Grandad doing it up. If the floor is good, the rest of it is fairly easy to access for any...
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    Does anyone on here rent out their land?

    I kept my horses at a private house, it was perfect, the owner did all the land management side of things, I paid rent on a beautiful old yard and 8 acres of grazing. You do need to be mindful of the fact that you are in effect in someone's home, but it worked extremely well for us both. I only...
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    Studs on overnight

    Wow, isn't it interesting, how horse care has to change for different countries/conditions? Have gone from being horrified to understanding. Every day's a lesson!
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    Feeding ground linseed...opinions

    I do, as protein source for PSSM horse
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    Even more bad news about Robin

    Poor Robin, hope the meds get him better soon
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    Close shave field accident. It could have been so much worse.

    So lucky you found him, and had help and a plan - I don't know what I'd have done. Well done you all!
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    Moving to the UK (Lakenheath) from the US (with my horse?)

    Hello and welcome! Why not loan Sig out ( he looks lovely!), buy 2 while you're here, take both home, sell one ( would that cover buying your new trailer/truck?) and keep Sig and the other new one?
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    Livery Issue.

    Does the contract say anything about who will provide the services? Allowing a school aged child to do this is not on, what if the horse had been injured, or had injured the child...very unprofessional and an accident waiting to happen.
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    Livery Issue.

    How on earth did he run through a metal gate and destroy a massive fence post and not have a mark on him? What do you rug him with - armour?! Sounds a bit odd to me...
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    pink mash or soothe and gain?

    Mine love Pink mash,( was also useful in the very hot weather as a sloppy mash to help keep them hydrated, as one doesn't drink much when stabled). I don't know if it's a conditioning feed, but coincidentally or not, but mine are a bit porky!
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    Building an arena. Planning Advice needed

    This. In spades.
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    Texting livery yard owner notice?

    This is what I did, texts go astray, and just seem too casual, after all, you are formally ending a contract, and it's a good opportunity to say thank you,with a bottle of wine. I did leave flowers on the day I actually left as well , I'd really liked being on their yard.
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    Reolink Go Security Camera

    Have a look on ebay and reolink's own site, they often have them on offer, and reolinktech on ebay has them for less than Amazon, even with the discount voucher at the moment.
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    Kramer Equestrian

    Me too! I see Voss farming are also saying they don't know when they will resume UK deliveries 😪
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    Pivo - is it worth the hassle?

    I really like mine ( bought from another HHO), agree with @milliepops, a decent phone is the key to success. Just wish it was waterproof!
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    Yard rule for wearing hi viz

    @Auslander My orange polo shits Crikey - I make sure my horse and I are both wearing hi-viz, in case we part company, but this is going one step further!
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    Strange scabby sores

    One of mine had this late autum time, always in when wet as hates the rain, so probably not rainscald, I treated in the same way you have, they went. I noticed the other day, she has awful huge dandruff flakes in her dock tail hair now, she's had her tail washed since the scabby incident, I...
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    Yard rule for wearing hi viz

    So now I have visions of someone out hacking in beige cord elephant ear jodhpurs, tweed hacking jacket, shirt, tie and a bowler hat... I started wearing hi-viz when hacking a Welsh D, so the air ambulance could find me easily...
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    The Great Horses for Health UK Relay 2021

    Yes, just signed up, thanks for sharing !
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    Stable rugs.

    Masta rugs fitted well on my welsh D
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    stessy horses

    I use the James Hart one, but I believe Lincoln also make it
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    stessy horses

    Valerian works. Apparently, despite being in the middle of nowhere, the neighbouring property to my yard asked just now if I'd had fireworks in my fields, as they sounded so close last night...