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    Trainers/coaches/instructors/teachers - your thoughts

    So …. trainers/coaches/instructors/teachers …. whatever title you like to use. What type of person do you like/dislike to teach or does it not matter. Is your eye on the clock and the money or is a part of you invested in the partnership before you. Do you take pleasure/have pride in your...
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    DIY Services - how much?

    Apologies, as I know this has been done to death, but the search function appears to be on vacation. For those on DIY how much do you pay for services (or those that provide the services!) Feed Bring in / turn out Rug change Mucking out Poo picking The person has no travel to factor in.
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    Horses record BS

    Would some kind member mind looking up a horses record for me. PM if you could. Thanks
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    HHO Horse at the Europeans?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the lady who posts about her gorgeous grey jumper ridden by her husband has just jumped a smashing round at Aachen. Isti, first to go for the Hungarian team jumped a slightly green, but very promising round for an unlucky one down. A pleasure to watch and a...
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    Fao rog

    Or anyone else who may have had this problem. I have had the renewal of my Class 2 license refused on the grounds that the corrective lenses that I wear are not "well tolerated" My eyes are 1.5/2 so well within the 8 that is allowed and my optician is puzzled. The only thing I can think of...
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    Will you raise a glass

    Will you raise a glass to that brown horse? You know the one. When you pull up at the end of a run and look around to see who’s left. There he always is. There is nothing eye - catching or flashy about him. He doesn’t make you go wow when you watch him gallop and jump, but every time, at the...
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    It's a hard life being a hunter.

    Summertime and the living is easy... Poetic license applied, I am aware it's spring!
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    It's my turn now.

    For over ten seasons, you have looked after me so well. Carried me safely, never once losing me, regardless of the obstacles in our path. We have seen some sights and had some adventures. You have given me days that will live in my heart. You’re a 17.3 shire x dwb and I’m a 5’3 woman, but we...