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    Itchy dog. Ideas please

    My JR has become really itchy after the loss of his mates. He chews his legs constantly and rubs his back wherever he can. Vets think he’s stressed as nothing else has changed. It’s horrid when they itch and you don’t know why. I have used colloidal silver and it has helped.
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    Supplements for the older horse

    My oldies 18, 22 and 24 do very well on micronised linseed with Equimins advance complete
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    Look at what I am getting

    Beautiful I’m looking still as my JR is very lonely after losing 2 of his mates so close together. Still ridiculous prices for non KC pups.
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    New spaniel puppy (photos!)

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    150gm turn out

    Thankyou I have bought a shires 100g now.
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    150gm turn out

    I haven’t seen many at all in 150g I’m looking for similar but 5.6
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    Feeding advice please!

    Grass nuts/chaff are brilliant. I’m currently using graze on and they soak up quite quickly, good value also I add linseed salt as a base and Equimins advance complete
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    4.5T weekend lorry

    Bloomfield definitely Superior quality
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    is it really that hard!!!!

    My friends have one that will be for sale, he’s amazing and they will be asking similar. I think he’s worth every penny.
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    Hot water showers

    I have shower king and have been really happy with it
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    Feeding - thoughts?

    Soaked Grass nuts, grass chaff, linseed & salt. Basic quick simple feed Hay or haylage
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    Full livery or at home?

    I Personally would choose home if Horse had small companion Land was well drained Had a big crew barn area to rest land If not then livery sounds a better option
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    Ground hay nets

    I use trickle nets and have found them really good. Had them about 4yrs and they have had some abuse and still look like new
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    Fell off in stinging nettles!

    I feel for you I did this many years ago. Fell into a 3ft ditch of them. I stung for at least a week it was awful. Lots of cold baths and antihistamines helped
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    Coping with loss of dog

    I really sympathise with you it’s devastating. We have recently lost 2 close together. The worst thing about having pets. No advise really other than remember the good times and cherish the memories.
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    Netflix help

    Last kingdom Outlander Frontier Ozark Queen of the south White lines Shooter Designated survivor Homelands Unbelievable
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    Thunderbrook Feeds - your thoughts & experiences please

    Good food idea but wouldn’t use as he’s bonkers
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    Water treadmill

    I used to use one for my lad when he competed in endurance. It was fantastic For fitness, was managed by my chiropractor so I knew he was in safe hands
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    Feeling sad

    Thanks everyone for your kind messages
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    Feeling sad

    I hadn’t before I had it. Rang the local GP to get ears syringed and they weren’t offering that service so recommended a Local audiologist. I had managed to get most out with olive oil so was a pretty quick simple procedure. Apparently it’s safer than the syringe. Going back tomorrow for them to...
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    Feeling sad

    Thankyou The worst part of having pets
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    Feeling sad

    So sad I have now lost another dog within 4 mths. I Posted a while ago that my lab was on borrowed time. Monday he crossed to rainbow bridge. Last weekend I could see in his eyes the time had come. He went very peacefully. Even though you know it’s time it’s so hard. I am feeling so sad and to...
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    Big yard / medium yard or private yard which one do you prefer

    Yes totally agree Too many yards these days wanting to shut up your horses when wet was a massive factor for me.
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    Wits end with feeding Equimins!

    One of my really fussy horses will eat the powder but not the pellets his hooves have drastically improved
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    Big yard / medium yard or private yard which one do you prefer

    No not at all. I much prefer to be in control with everything I do with my horses. It doesn’t suit a lot of people, some do not want the maintenance etc of a yard and field and prefer company of other people. A friend of mine hated it and moved back to a part livery yard as she just wanted to...
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    Big yard / medium yard or private yard which one do you prefer

    Private yard definitely I have been on small, medium and large yards many years ago and you can’t beat having your own place
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    Fly rugs and masks at night?

    Never used to but flies have been awful so have left masks on 24/7 recently. I do bring them in after a few days and take off for a few hrs then pop back on. They come off really easy if caught up.
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    Vented hats

    Tipperary hat is lovely and lightweight
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    Redmire/Olson/Prime stables feedback please

    National stables were great. Good sturdy stables that are still wonderful after 11yrs. They were very easy to deal with.