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    Clipping wet and meths

    Can't help with clipping wet, but i always run the clippers through meths. Instant cooling and then re-oil and away you go. At the end of a clip I loosen tension and run through meths to help remove loose hair and clean.
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    When lockdown is over...

    Bitter sweet for me First thing is to take my "best boy" to his loan easier retirement home. It is the perfect home for him and is the other end of the valley from where we used to live, so it feels like he is going home. He was due to go the Saturday after lockdown was announced, so I'm really...
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    If you've done your Cat C (Hgv) lorry test...

    If you are more comfortable driving in the country as opposed to a town, book the last test on a Friday afternoon. The examiners want to get finished on time and will choose to avoid town centres.
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    What makes a good trainer?

    Or rather One that has enough tools in the box that the two are never close enough to be mistaken. An instructor once told me that riding is 90% mind over matter and how true is that. As instructor not only has to know the mechanical whys and wherefores but has two separate and different minds...
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    What makes a good trainer?

    That makes for quite sad reading GinaGeo, but I'm glad you have found a trainer now that works for you and the horse.
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    Trainers/coaches/instructors/teachers - your thoughts

    I wish I had never mentioned polished boots! Searching my memory I think it was told to me by someone that sold a number of horses in relation to buyers. They always looked at the persons boots as an indication of what sort of owner they may make. The brand new polished boots might be an...
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    Trainers/coaches/instructors/teachers - your thoughts

    I didn't say that any other part of me was clean! Just my horse, tack and boots! I'm not much into titles, but my instructor only likes to be called by one and it isn't instructor! I can understand why as it does relate to their teaching style and philosophy. I too like to "log" a feel and it...
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    Trainers/coaches/instructors/teachers - your thoughts

    I was once told that you can tell a horseman by his boots. They should be well worn but clean and polished. Funny how some things stick with you but I never turn up to a lesson or to view a horse without polishing my boots. They're rarely cleaned in-between!
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    Trainers/coaches/instructors/teachers - your thoughts

    So …. trainers/coaches/instructors/teachers …. whatever title you like to use. What type of person do you like/dislike to teach or does it not matter. Is your eye on the clock and the money or is a part of you invested in the partnership before you. Do you take pleasure/have pride in your...
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    What makes a good trainer?

    For dressage I like an instructor that I can interact with easily. I like to chat, laugh and discuss within the lesson as I want my horse to be soft and relaxed and if I’m not how can I expect the horse to be so. As long as they are of the same or similar “school” and our temperaments are...
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    An Ode to Hacking...

    He listened very attentively whilst I told him about all the wonderful views he would see and places he would go! The deal is that I will keep him safe and he keeps me on his back - he's mulling it over
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    An Ode to Hacking...

    Oh dear And here's me on cloud nine after taking my new 4 yo out on his first solo hack today. I meant to go in the school but ...
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    Cross Country Thread!

    You can listen on the Burghley radio - not the same as watching, but better than nothing
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    Where to park for riding on Hayling Island?

    Was doing it from memory and forgot the teeny roundabout in front of Funlands. You want to pass Funlands with it on your left hand side and be on the road that finishes at West Beach car park. Just past Funlands is a huge area to park in next to the cafe - you can't miss it.
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    Where to park for riding on Hayling Island?

    Don't know the name of it but Follow the only road onto the island until you come to a roundabout. It only has two exits - take the second one Continue until you come to a mini roundabout - go straight over Follow the road to the right past the cafe/amusement arcade and immediately after turn...
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    Good livery yard in West London?

    If you're willing to travel an hour along the M4, I know one that has a large indoor, outdoor and good hacking. PM me if of any interest.
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    DIY Services - how much?

    Apologies, as I know this has been done to death, but the search function appears to be on vacation. For those on DIY how much do you pay for services (or those that provide the services!) Feed Bring in / turn out Rug change Mucking out Poo picking The person has no travel to factor in.
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    What rider and horse pairing was this? Help before I combust

    Without checking... My memory is of Laura Tomlinson coming down the centre line at the end of her test at the world games in Kentucky (2010?) to Land of Hope and Glory on her chestnut Alf - I forget his proper name. Hojidis Mistral or something. Bought a tear to my eye! Perhaps my...
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    BS Registration. My head is exploding.

    Scan everything and email to them and you can then phone for your membership numbers without having to wait for the paper work to come through. Take photos of your completed forms, the relevant pages in the passport and of your riding club membership card and email the lot to them. I did this...
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    automatic horsebox?

    Hate it so much I'm selling and going back to geared. It's not so much the slowness and clunkiness of the gears or the different braking - you get used to those - and it is nice to just sit and steer, but what I can't cope with is the lack of precision control in tight places. I used to...
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    My next equine project horse

    34 ....
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    My next equine project horse

    Well, I've checked and Ted hasn't turned up here this morning. Great pity as the meet tomorrow is perfect for introducing babies. Just saying ...
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    Cost of lessons

    I agree with milliepops and train with people who have or are competing and training horses to a much higher level than I ride at. I jump with a person that events at 4* and show jumps at 1.50 and they have taken the time to disassemble my awful jumping and put it back to together so that I...
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    Horses record BS

    Would some kind member mind looking up a horses record for me. PM if you could. Thanks
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    Why I'm giving up - a YM's perspective

    And this is what most people don't understand. In a good yard manager/owner you are getting their knowledge, their experience, their reliability and their commitment to each and every one of their charges to make their time with them a happy healthy experience. Twenty years ago a lady who...
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    While watching Hickstead
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    Badminton XC Thread :)

    I have been told by someone near the fence that the horse is up
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    Badminton XC Thread :)

    Eyes the ground say they're both up
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    What will your hunters be doing over the summer?

    I am looking forward to a summer of training with some show jumping and eventing. Doing some pleasure rides with my hunting friends, trips to the beach, long meandering rides just going wherever with no time pressures. It seems the horse is looking forward to ...
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    My next equine project horse

    Well what a double header of a day! It also gives you Ted's competition name - Ted the NED - it will remind you of this very happy day.