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  1. scats

    Newton Stud slurry death

    The more I hear and see of this place, the more horrified I am.
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    Done to death - grazing muzzles which don't rub

    That’s interesting, I made the holes bigger on both of mine and they haven’t torn.
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    My dad is amazing.

    I want one! Looks better than the original!
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    Last Weekend Plans for Feb

    Weathers looking good (for a change) so probably be hacking. May do a session in the school. Millie was wired tonight on our hack around the fields and then proceeded to reverse me towards the birket, spin and generally be an idiot on the lane because... well, who knows... because a bird moved...
  5. scats

    Are horse shows restarting ?

    Ours locally aren’t starting up til after 29th March.
  6. scats

    Done to death - grazing muzzles which don't rub

    I used a cob sized field safe head collar (I’ll check the make for you later)
  7. scats

    Science Supplement Flexability Plus vs Feedmark Best Flex HA

    My vet chiro recommended the science supplement. She said it’s the only one ever mentioned in the veterinary publications as having the right amount of active to actually work if fed at the correct amounts.
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    Pictures Is my mare in foal? No one knows...

    You’re either going to get a foal or have a re-enactment of that scene in Alien... How exciting! We haven’t had a HHO BOGOF for a while.
  9. scats

    Newton Stud slurry death

    I had no idea about the fire and I’m still not too sure about the exact happenings or timescales, so I’m not going to comment on that, but I can’t even begin to imagine how horrendous this must have been for the owner of the horse.
  10. scats

    Anyone seen swelling like this?

    I was so sorry to hear this update. You have nothing to feel guilty about xxx
  11. scats

    Lameness cause guesses...!

    One of the soft tissue structures in the foot or going into the foot would be my guess. A tear in DDFT or collateral ligament perhaps.
  12. scats

    Ham Spam

    Oh no! I’m so sorry. Sleep tight beautiful Betty xxx
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    I pay £60 for about 45 mins and I travel to their yard. Worth every penny!
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    Delusional owners

    If they’re not hurting anyone, I’m more in the camp of live and let live. You can always stop following them if you don’t like it. I’m not really into the influencer thing but I follow a few people who I genuinely enjoy reading updates from. No idea who you are talking about by the way, they...
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    Should have been going to camp weekend plans

    Managed a hack this evening, thankfully the rain went off for us.
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    Horses that don't mind being left alone....?

    Mine are happy left alone in the stable while I ride the other or go out in the wagon, but I wouldn’t leave them out in the field on their own. In the stable they are totally chilled about it. I’m the only one in my barn so they can’t see any other horses or anything.
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    Who's in a muzzle already?

    Not yet, but my flexible filly muzzles are hung up ready to go on when needed.
  18. scats

    Sweet dreams Doggle berry

    I’m so sorry to hear this. Take care of yourself xx
  19. scats

    Boggle update one year on

    I would start bringing him back into more work in a steady manner, with the absolute intention of getting back out to some BE, but perhaps in a much longer timeframe. I think the stronger you can get the surrounding structures, the more chance you have of keeping him sound and in a decent level...
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    Rest in Peace my beautiful boy

    So sorry for your loss xx
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    Ham Spam

    They are so gorgeous!
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    Should have been going to camp weekend plans

    I’m back working 6 days a week so I’ve only got Sunday off. I will try to get something done with Millie, we’ve managed a hack, lunge and schooling session this week, so we’ll probably hack again. Forecast looks a bit iffy though, typically.
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    What do you miss about DIY, what do you miss about Full?

    Same. Winter mornings don’t really bother me, but winter evenings can be really tough. I’ve never been on anything but DIY. The thought of the odd lie in and not having to rush back to bring in etc does sound like heaven. Also, it would be nice on days when I’ve got other things planned to be...
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    Millie does it from time to time, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Polly do it.
  25. scats

    Young riders young horses

    I’ve seen it work with a few young teens. What they lack in experience, they often make up for in confidence. Though they rarely produce particularly well schooled animals- you can get quite a useful horse come out the other end who is happy doing a bit of everything.
  26. scats

    Legal Advice on neglected horse

    How horrible for you and I’m so glad you’ve got your horse back. I’m not sure if there’s anything you can do though. I have to say, I don’t think I would ever loan a pony out to anyone if it wasn’t on my yard and under my watch. I’m sure there are loans that work out brilliantly, but it’s...
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    "We couldn't do it anymore"

    I got really bad puppy blues when we got Bess. There was quite a gap between JD and Bess so it had been a long time since we’d had a pup and it hadn’t actually been my choice to have her but I ended up doing the looking after as my mum went back to work the next day and I was off for the 6 week...
  28. scats

    Spooky and nappy on hacks

    Definitely. Feel is something you generally get from a lot of experience of riding different horses. You quickly work out what buttons you can press when and when you need to back off and try a different approach. Someone could watch me hack Millie out and think she’s easy and just pootles...
  29. scats

    Whispering Willows Sentence

    Dreadful woman. So many of us could see right through her, yet many were completely taken in by her.
  30. scats

    "We couldn't do it anymore"

    True, but you go out for the day to the shops, you usually take the kids with you. An animal is a different sort of tie from what a lot of people are used to.