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    Help me with preparation for a show!

    Hi everyone, I have my first show with my new horse on Sunday, and I need help to decide what I should do on the morning of the show. It is only an unaffiliated competition but I am still going to plait etc but I need advice on what to do so I know what time I need to be at the yard. I would...
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    My horse tanks off after fences!

    Could you help? My seven year old Connemara trots sweetly up to fences and then in the last few strides tanks off. It is so difficult to stop him when he does this! He mainly does it when he is jumping towards the gate. He is currently in a loose ring snaffle with a french link and a cavesson...
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    My pony has got into the habit of nibbling for treats, I don't give him any after this behaviour started. I am worried it will turn into aggressive behaviour. Please help! I would also appreciate help on my recent competing and training forum post which no one seems to reply to...
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    Please help with my spooky horse!

    I've owned a six year old Connemara for just over two months now, and he is quite a lot sharper than I expected! He works very well until something spooks him and then he spooks at everything, tensing up and bunny hopping in the canter. I intend to do some showing and eventing with him, but I am...
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    Help with my riding confidence!

    I've been riding for four years now, and have done quite a bit of competing and a lot of jumping. I recently got my first horse, a 15hh six year old registered Connemara who is naturally quite stressy and has found it difficult to settle in, causing him to spook and rear. He's had everything...
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    My six year old Connie (who I've owned for two months) cribs when his turnout rug is put on. Why does he do this and should I tell him off for doing it? Thanks a lot 😀
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    He leans on my hands!

    I exercise an ex carriage pony (as well as my own show jumper), and I find that he leans on my hands a lot in the canter. I understand that because of his past he finds if difficult to be balanced in the canteen and I have achieved collection a couple of times, however the majority of the time...
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    Help with my stressy pony!

    Hi, I own a six year old pure Connemara who I've owned for just under two months. He is a very stressy pony and crib bites when very upset. There is nothing wrong physically with him (I've had the dentist, vet and physio out and he passed a five stage vetting when I bought him). He found it...
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    Why does my horse windsuck?

    My new horse windsucks when he is about to be turned out and when he comes in in the morning. He used to windsuck on his haynet, but he now has hay on the floor. We weren't told about this by his previous owner, but we love him too much to send him back! What shall I do to help cure it and why...
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    Help with my horse please!

    Hi everyone, My 6 year old Connemara (who I've owned for four weeks) is much greener than I thought! He is very good when he wants to be, but he spins around towards the gate, and naps, before doing a large rear which tends to deposit the rider. He has had everything checked recently (having...