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    Hoof pics

    Pony is 11 weeks out of shoes, 2 weeks after a trim and was wondering what people thought of his feet? Backs have never been shod, fronts were put on 3 years ago when track to field was resurfaced with the evilest hardcore I've ever known. Backs are usually pretty much self trimming but due to...
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    Solar engergiser help.

    I'm looking to buy a new energiser and was thinking of trying a solar one to get away from having to recharge leisure batteries. It needs to be fairly powerful to keep the Shetland where he should be! Something that has more power than a Hotline Shrike as that is not enough, my current energiser...
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    Dressage girth recommendations.

    Having just bought a dressage saddle I need to buy a new dressage girth. I've been using a ventech girth with sheepskin liner that I already had but I spend a lot of time on the beach and sheepskin and sand don't go well together. I need black leather, 24" and I think I'd rather stick to a...
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    Continental reins.

    I need to replace some continental reins and as our local tack shop doesn't have any I'll have to buy online. Can anyone recommend some some, they need to be havanna, cob size and I don't mind if they have rubber thread running through them or not. Current ones are so old I can't remember what...
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    Pony Cob and Horse saddles.

    Does anyone have any experience with these saddles or fitters? They cover our area and I'm thinking of getting them out but don't know anyone who's used them. Thanks
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    Saddle squeaking!

    I've a nearly new saddle on a short trial through a saddler. It's a lovely saddle, seems to fit well that J seems very happy in, in the quick schooling session I've done so far and he is very quick and expressive if a saddle isn't to his liking. But it squeaks! It seems to be the leather, as...
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    Muck Boot riding boots or other waterproof ones

    I need some riding boots that are fully waterproof and can stand wet sand and sea water. I've tried some Muck Boot riding boots a long time ago and found them very inflexible but the newer ones look very different in appearance. Does anyone have any experience of these or can recommend any...
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    I got a real surprise this morning when I noticed some of the sycamores on a nearby lane are already dropping seeds, and/or they've been blown off by the recent gales. Fortunately we don't have any nearby the field anymore but I wouldn't have been checking for them so early on. Out of about 8...
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    Which battery clippers?

    My Moser Avalon clippers struggle to cope with my cobs thick coat when doing a full clip so I need to get some more heavy duty ones. They need to be cordless/battery as I don't have mains power. Which ones should I be looking at? I had a pair of heiniger handy clippers that were great if a...