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  1. LEC

    We breed some lovely geldings in this country and then leave their balls on.......

    I watched the online stallion show yesterday. In between dying of boredom I noticed a lot of lovely should be geldings. It really seems to be the vogue now to have a stallion....... The AES should be shot for some that passed their gradings with conformation faults.
  2. LEC

    Large Square Haynets

    I am looking for large square hanging haynets but all of them seem to have small holes which I don’t want - has anyone managed to find one with normal holes? They seem the ideal compromise for mares who sift all their haylage over the floor but who I like to have eating as naturally as possible...
  3. LEC

    Horses Ability to Hear Human Heart Rates

    I attended a Jon Pitts seminar and it changed the way I do horses.... He told us on that day that horses can feel their riders heart rates through the saddle. He also explained how the research had been done and the most stressful time for riders was getting on. It made total sense that horses...
  4. LEC

    Trailer Insurance

    I started looking at trailer insurance last night as finally might get out and about in Dec and the quotes coming in were more than my car insurance.... £250-£350 for a Cheval Liberte Minimax. The family farm which used to cover my trailer has sadly been sold so hence into this unknown world of...
  5. LEC

    Vet Bashing

    I am not a vet, but I have several friends who are vets. What I do not understand is why the constant vet bashing? Horse owners are among the worst. I am the tightest person you can imagine when it comes to horses, and I hate paying out on vet stuff but if it needs to be done, then it needs to...
  6. LEC

    Managing Uveitis in the competition horse

    Just wondering how people manage Uveitis in the competition horse? I have a lovely 5yo who had a flare up in one eye which was treated, and then a later flare up in the other. Her siblings of which there are 4 of them all from the same mare don't have this issue but they are all by different...
  7. LEC

    Why do so many people think its fine to have fat horses?

    I just don't get it. I have a personal phobia about fat horses, I currently have two field ornaments who are fat and feral and I can barely stand looking at them as both recovering from niggles. Though the one with a head like a bucket looks prettier because she is fat.... The two fat cobs on...
  8. LEC

    Sports Pysch Thread

    I absolutely loathe the word confidence - its so meaningless so hence my title is avoiding that. If you asked 100 people to break down what they mean by confidence then there would be a myriad of answers, yet it gets bandied round as a one size fits all answer. I thought this thread could be a...
  9. LEC

    Has anyone successfully complained about a farrier to the farriery council?

    So why my question? I was thinking back to a few years ago when I went ballistic about a horses feet that wasn't under my care but the horse was a livery and it was lame. I had a stand out row with the farrier about the quality of the work and how the horse now had two diffferent size feet. I...
  10. LEC

    People wanting to return horses 6 months later after buying?

    A friend sold a horse in February. The horse is a low level allrounder and was £1500 due to its sway back which doesn't impact it in anyway. The new owner sent videos saying how great it was going including riding in open fields etc. This week the friend gets a message saying that the not so...
  11. LEC

    Horse Hunting in Ireland

    I am just beginning to search for my next horse and with my budget, I will most likely go over to Ireland. When is the best time? Looking for 16.2hh - 17.1hh bay or chestnut gelding aged 4+ Only stipulation is it must be broken and a nice person.
  12. LEC

    Feeding does not have to be complicated!

    Stupid thing posted twice
  13. LEC

    Feeding does not have to be complicated!

    Do we make feeding too complicated? The horse has not evolved in the last 100 years and if anything they have far easier lives but have we been taken over by the access to media and advertising and thus making our lives more complicated? I feel people do not feed enough good quality fibre...
  14. LEC

    Amazing Clinician

    I am in the rather fortunate position of having some money to blow on clinics so looking for an awesome sj trainer to come and teach RC level. Have to be willing to travel to the SW and so looking for ideas! I have a few thoughts but looking for some I might not have thought of? No to...
  15. LEC

    Choosing Events

    If you have a lot of choice in upcoming ODEs - what makes you choose one event over another? What can events do to attract your £££s?
  16. LEC

    Pontispool BE Report

    Interesting responses to my negative post so I thought I would put myself out there! I have recently moved my horse up to Novice and we had an incredibly disappointing run at his first one at West Buckland. He got a shocking dressage score but that is a whole other story as the judging was...
  17. LEC

    Eventing Mag - a waste of money!

    I have subscribed to Eventing Magazine for years. The season has kicked off, there is loads of cool stuff they could be doing and we get the mediocrity of Katie Price who freely admits her only connection with Eventing is promoting her tripe at Badminton. Even the photos of her are stock ones of...
  18. LEC

    How many......?

    Of you are equestrian trainers? What qualifications do you have? Do you compete? What PDR do you do?
  19. LEC

    BE 14 day rule

    How does it work with the BE 14 day rule about practising round courses? Tomorrow there is a PC event at a venue - 9 people are running at the BE event 13 days later. The rules are pretty tenuous as say about practising at a venue so does this not include competing? Same with the unaff at...
  20. LEC

    Equestrian Books

    Do you buy horsey books? Do you think there are gaps for books that are currently not covered? I have some very much loved bibles but I have not come across anything like them since and would love it if they were updated! Just wondering if other people feel the same? Has anyone read...
  21. LEC

    A fabulous article

    Sometimes we forget about the core essentials and this reminded me very effectively. Its called Looking the Part Vs Living the Part
  22. LEC

    XC video - a great learning tool

    I wanted to post this video because for me it exemplifies a lot of what RachelFerd was saying the other day. This rider is not dangerous but this rider is making the same mistakes that hundreds of us make all the time doing BE at the lower levels...
  23. LEC

    What do you think you lack knowledge in?

    Other than feel which really is developed through time and a good trainer - what are the things you would like to improve your knowledge in? What way of learning (apart from practical) do you think helps you learn the best?
  24. LEC

    Absolutely Shocked!

    Ok I had to do a catchy title to get people looking but this is a bit of a shameless plug for a website a friend has started. Its all non-profit and aimed at grassroots riders If you could also like the site on Facebook a million blessings will rain down on you and karma...
  25. LEC

    International Eventing Forum

    I have written copiuous notes and even taken a few videos if anyone is interested!
  26. LEC

    Insightful Interview
  27. LEC

    Larkhill or Portman?

    A bit early but trying to come up with a few tentative plans and work backwards with regards to preparation. Looking for a first time novice - Ideally it would be clear questions, not trappy and flat Sjing. April is looking a bit sparse at the moment for kinder Novices in the SW (I am...
  28. LEC

    What does it feel like to be perfect?

    I am just curious because I have never been perfect but there seems to be more perfect horse owners and riders here than anywhere else so thought I would ask as I can only dream of coming close to such wise management and glorious demonstrations of harmony and knowledge.
  29. LEC

    Some great articles

    Love the DOC summary and also the Eric Dierks blog post. Though DOC is meant for elite riders there is plenty of useful direction there for the amateur rider who wants to be the best...
  30. LEC

    Why do people carry on when petrified?

    This is a subject I was recently introduced to and I am kind of intrigued but it. But why do people ride if they are clearly s*** scared? Classic scenario - having a meltdown at jumping a 70cm fence. If you are having a meltdown at the thought of jumping something - why bother doing it? why...