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    Effective dog diarrhoea treatments, please

    My greyhound has had the runs for 3 days. I starved him for the first 24 hours. I've been giving him porridge made with water and scrambled eggs, which normally helps. I don't want to give him the often suggested chicken and rice as he's intolerant to chicken, and porridge is less faff to cook...
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    Any ideas on being involved with horses without formally sharing, please

    Unfortunately the horse I used to help look after, and ride, has been moved away from my area. I'm really missing being around horses. With covid restrictions (tier 2 in my area) and living on my own, I really need to get out somewhere different, preferably where there are people too. I'm...
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    Polo ponies rugged in hot weather - why? 😠

    Seeing the thread on rugging to prevent a yak jogged my memory to ask this question. I haven't been that way recently so I haven't seen them this summer, but in previous years I've seen these poor polo ponies rugged on hot summer days! 😠 Yet over winter they live out unrugged (which I don't have...
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    Please recommend a suitable Haas body brush (or similar) for dog

    I bet that's never been asked before! 🙂 I use a cheap body brush on my dog, but after reading about Haas brushes I'd like to get a good quality brush that will feel nice to him, and if it makes him a bit shinier, that would be a bonus. He's a greyhound, so has a thin coat that takes very little...