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  1. BlairandAzria

    Woodpellet bedding - which is the best/whitest?

    I have used balcas brites previously at a different yard, and was happy with them, but am mega confused ... Are balcas brites the same as Liverpool wood pellets premium, or are they different? If so how are they different? How do woodlets or white horse energy premium compare? Any other...
  2. BlairandAzria

    Farrier over trim, horse very sore

    As title really, farrier came Friday horse was sore, so gave a bute over night. Saturday morning horse went out as usual but when he came in he was very sore. Was fidgeting in his back legs lifting one then the other, looked very uncomfortable in himself. He is currently been on 2 bute morning...
  3. BlairandAzria

    NSEA - schools teams anyone been involved?

    I am looking into setting up an equestrian team at the school I now work in, a couple of kids approached me as they know I have horses and asked if they could set up a team. Does anyone have any experience of NSEA? Either a a competitor or parent? I have read the website but it's not super...
  4. BlairandAzria

    Bargain KAN !

    Just seen there is a girl selling a KAN bp for £60 on facebook, saying its too small for her. (size 10) This is not my ad, nor do i know the seller in any capacity at all, i have simply seen the bp and thought someone may like to take advantage of a bargain. I have a KAN already, and know the...
  5. BlairandAzria

    Farrier wanted YO30 area

    Anyone recommend an excellent farrier?
  6. BlairandAzria

    People who insure with KBIS

    Could i be really cheeky, if anyone insures with KBIS would they possibly like to share (pm) their discount code for Wychanger saddlery to me? :) I know its a super cheeky request, ive had my horses insurance through KBIS for ages but bloody typically just changed insurer. I want to make...
  7. BlairandAzria

    Do any equestrian shops do STUDENT DISCOUNT?

    Does anyone know if any equestrian shops/ saddlerys do student discount? Im looking to buy an air jacket in the future, so obviously looking for a good deal, but they all seem standard prices everywhere. Failing the student discount does anyone know of any discount codes/ sales etc for...
  8. BlairandAzria

    Badminton thread!

    Eh! I ve not been here for a while but there's usually a 'who's watching..' Thread by now? :) So anyone watching on the red button? Loving little Matilda, can't believe she's only 15.2h!
  9. BlairandAzria

    People with young teenagers - HELP!

    I have a lovely little loaner for my horse, she is wonderful, super keen, gentle and rides my boy with light touch and is a general all round good egg :) It is her birthday soon, and I would like to take her out with the horse to do something fun. I initially thought about Aintree, as i know...
  10. BlairandAzria

    DIY livery yard near Wem / Whichurch?

    Does anyone know of any nice DIY yards near Wem / Whichuch or surrounding area? Wish list: Must have year round turnout (even if its only a couple of hours in winter, ideally more of course) Small herds not mixed. Decent arena with lights Nice people Decent hacking (although not...
  11. BlairandAzria

    Desperately seeking livery space Farnworth/ Kearsley etc (Bolton

    Please help, I'm desperately trying to find a nice yard for one very well behaved older gelding. Ideally assisted DIY but could go part livery or total DIY if yard was nice. I need turnout - even if just a couple of hours a day. A ménage. Is there anywhere around here?? Please!! Any help...
  12. BlairandAzria

    Coded Country Gent - offspring?

    Anyone know anything about Country Farm Stud and this particular stallion in particular? My friend is looking at a yearling out of Coded country gent x ID mare so looking for any information good or bad :) many thanks
  13. BlairandAzria

    Noodle_ Delete some Pm's!!!!!

    As title!!
  14. BlairandAzria

    Where to find a part - loaner?

    Im changing careers and going into teaching in September so thinking of putting my boy up for part loan 2/3 days a week to help financially and (after time and I trust loaner) with time. I've put an ad up in the local feed store but I'm thinking that those who look to part loan are probably...
  15. BlairandAzria

    Calling the barefoot gurus : Help long toe/ low heel barefoot?

    I'm worried about my barefoot horse, I moved yards about 6 months ago and in that time his front hooves have become long in the toe and low heels. He has been barefoot the entire time I have owned him (2 ish yrs) as his previous owner couldn't afford shoes. He has always had rock crunching...
  16. BlairandAzria

    At my wits end!! - Help needed for horse spinning/refusing?

    OK so apologies this has run pretty long: So horse is 14, but very green. Unsure of his early history although know he spent the 3 years prior to me owning him sat in a field doing absolutely nothing. I’ve had him 2 years, he’s an ex-pacer, although he hardly paces at all anymore, has a...
  17. BlairandAzria

    Fertilised grass and a barefoot horse?

    Should I be concerned that my new yard owner has just fertilsed the fields? This is a new yard to me - I never had to worry about my old yard as they didn't I don't think. My horse is barefoot and coping brilliabtly although needs more road work. :rollseyes: So would you be concerned...
  18. BlairandAzria

    Has anyone used Flaxcore bedding?

    Made of flax stems? Any experiences of it please, im thinking of switching from shavings - so keen to know if it is as dust free as they say and how easy it is to muck out please? Thanks!
  19. BlairandAzria

    Anyone used PROBED bedding?

    Made from shredded rape haulm. Supposed to be dust free, smells nice good for copd and easy to muck out? Does anyone use it? Any experiences good or bad? Thanks
  20. BlairandAzria

    Would you rather...

    Your horse was out with 1 other on 1 acre or out with 11 horses on 8 acres? Just musing really...
  21. BlairandAzria

    Turn out help please - having a crack at showing!

    After having a conversation with a friend I'm thinking about having a little go at some ridden showing (something I've never done before!) I'm thinking just a Riding Club horse, I'm not sure what else we would be eligible to do really as he's a un-registered tb x (standardbred) 15.2hh bay, i...
  22. BlairandAzria

    Derby House Meet Up!

    Well folks in probably headed up there tomorrow afternoon if anyone fancies a cuppa and a mooch!
  23. BlairandAzria

    A question about horse meat (sorry)

    Following on from the lidl/ tesco story : In the uk specifically do you need a liscense to process horse meat in a factory? I presume they are slaughtered elsewhere and the transported to the food processing factory? Can you send horses to slaughter in a 'normal' beef abattoir? As...
  24. BlairandAzria

    Barefoot gurus - can you please tell me what you think about these hooves?

    So i bought my little horse for the princely sum of £10, the girl who i bought him from couldnt afford him, had racked up livery debts, wasnt feeding him and had taken off his shoes a year previously. He had been in a field for 2 years previous to that, and then spent the year without shoes in...
  25. BlairandAzria

    Can you feed human grade linseed to horses?

    I'm running out of my charnwood bag and kept reminding myself to order then forgetting - ordered today but I know my next bag won't arrive for a few days so I'm stood in holland and barratt now - can I feed 'milled flax seed' (100% milled linseed) for a couple of days? Is it the same thing? Or...
  26. BlairandAzria

    Wool rug feeling damp?

    Ive got a gorgeous newmarket proper wool whitney rug, its been kept on a rug rail folded up with a couple of other stable rugs, i go to put it away properly today and it feels damp to the touch, none of the other rugs are damp. Ive noticed this previously, that this rug sometimes feels damp...
  27. BlairandAzria

    Does anyone know SARAH JOHNSON (SJ instructor)?

    I had a few lessons from her at a Somerford camp I went to, and really liked her. Ive tried to search for her but as she has quite a common name and I don't know which part of England she is based in - im not habing much luck. If anyone knows her and can point me in the direction of some...
  28. BlairandAzria

    Sitting in work. Can't bend my knees....

    Please tell me ariat bromonts do drop/ stretch in time??! It's pretty uncomfortable, and I do feel a bit of a wally walking round the office in them - with a skirt and tights on :D but well they arrived this morning and i couldnt wait!! they do get round my calves but the back of the boot...
  29. BlairandAzria

    Best CLIPPERS for small but floofy TB

    Can you recommend me the some clippers for my fine haired tb, please? Ive never had to cip him before as his coat was so fine last year he never got sweaty, but this last week he has suddenly poofed up and grown a fine fluffy teddy bear coat...:eek: dont know whether hes trying to tell me its...
  30. BlairandAzria

    Elite Dream Bedding? Experiences please!

    Anyone use it? How does it compare to a bed of small flake shavings (mendip/thoroughbred/hunter) ?