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  1. BlairandAzria

    WARNING! - KEP riding hat safety - please open

    I've just found and read all of this, and all I can say is what awful response from Kep. Based on their response alone I would be put off buying one. OP I am glad you are ok, and sorry that you didn't get far in your investigations. There is a thread on Facebook currently with a vid of a...
  2. BlairandAzria

    Olympic Eventing xc thread

    Another lovely Brazilian horse!
  3. BlairandAzria

    Olympic Eventing xc thread

    Did kitty get given 20pens?
  4. BlairandAzria

    Olympic Eventing xc thread

    Go pip!!
  5. BlairandAzria

    Olympic Eventing xc thread

    Like this little Brazilian ex racer!
  6. BlairandAzria

    Olympic Eventing xc thread

    Clark is eliminated
  7. BlairandAzria

    Olympic Eventing xc thread

    Yup! Might switch to iPad if I can find it!
  8. BlairandAzria

    Olympic Eventing xc thread

    I keep getting a 'cream cracker' advert !! So annoying! Be interesting to see how Christopher burton does round next
  9. BlairandAzria

    Olympic Eventing xc thread

    Now Linda eliminated!
  10. BlairandAzria

    Olympic Eventing xc thread

    Eek Poor Tim, horse going a bit too fast and back legs slipped round underneath him.
  11. BlairandAzria

    Olympic Eventing xc thread

    20 pens for Sandra Auffarth
  12. BlairandAzria

    Theft of bute

    So long as the box was the original box the bute came in, then each sachet of bute within the box will contain the same serial number and this will match the serial number written externally on the box. Both should also have the same exp.dates on them. Your vet should also have a record of the...
  13. BlairandAzria

    BBC...keep switching equestrian Chanel !! Grrrrrr.

    If you are in Ireland, you can trick player by generating a uk IP address, my parents used to do it to watch country file when they lived in Europe!
  14. BlairandAzria

    Saddle Fitter

    Try Sarah Steel ( Yorkshire Saddlery Repairs) got a Facebook page, she has a good range of second hand saddles. I've used her and had several people recommend her.
  15. BlairandAzria

    Differing advice from 2 vets- Experienced opinions needed please

    Like Ester said Osphos and Tildren are both working to extend the life of the joint, not fuse it. You could actually fuse the joint by injecting ethyl/alcohol, this has quite a high success rate. Also the steroid injection may well help the joint (the risk of laminitis is there, but as far...
  16. BlairandAzria

    Recommend a vet near Oldham/west Yorkshire way?

    Simon Constables Manchester - I would ask specifically for Simon (Constable) to do it, as he is experienced and an orthopaedic specialist (so can see lameness) , NOT one of the other younger new grads. Good luck! (I would definitely avoid using a couple of local vets up in the area- pm me if you...
  17. BlairandAzria

    Old fashioned horse stuff sometimes still the best...

    I have an old wool Witney but I can't seem to store it without it getting damp...does anyone have a solution for this?
  18. BlairandAzria

    Vaccination cost - the drugs not the callout!

    As someone who has first hand experience of ordering vaccines for a vet practice they don't get a bulk discount , the ones that are part of a big chain might get it, but your bog standard small equine practice doesn't. Even things like wormers etc they often cannot get any cheaper than retail...
  19. BlairandAzria

    What phone case do you use?

    Griffin survivor - survived a full plunge into an old bath of water and survived without a problem
  20. BlairandAzria

    Please Help!!! I need some wellies to help my plantar fasciitis

    I didn't realise this post was also about the parcours, mine are the ISO version which have an adjustable side so would fit any calf size. These are the ones i have...
  21. BlairandAzria

    Please Help!!! I need some wellies to help my plantar fasciitis

    I've just got Aigle ISO parcours - they are FANTASTIC, they are designed as a Walking boot welly, sturdy sole, supportive ankle and 4.5m of neoprene ... It feels like walking on air, they are so comfy, bouncy, soft and squishy like jelly. Aigle do say that it takes a second to get used to them...
  22. BlairandAzria

    Whose going to Liverpool International???

    There is live streaming online of the showjumping
  23. BlairandAzria

    Lincoln valerian cordial

    It's a banned substance under all competition rules, I would infer that it must have some effect for it to be banned. But never used myself. Wouldn't use if you want to compete though.
  24. BlairandAzria

    What would you think, re dodgy seller.

    Just to clarify, you don't need a vetting to insure a horse if the value of the horse is under a certain amount. The insurance company will ask you if you had a vetting and if you are aware of any pre existing conditions / injuries the horse has had, but usually for a horse under a certain value...
  25. BlairandAzria

    Woodpellet bedding - which is the best/whitest?

    What's up with the woodlets? There is a previous post saying that the white horse bags split and they are dustier than lvp - how have you found the bags- do they split easily or has that been rectified?
  26. BlairandAzria

    Woodpellet bedding - which is the best/whitest?

    I have used balcas brites previously at a different yard, and was happy with them, but am mega confused ... Are balcas brites the same as Liverpool wood pellets premium, or are they different? If so how are they different? How do woodlets or white horse energy premium compare? Any other...
  27. BlairandAzria

    Hi-viz: council-supplied tabards & insurance?

    Be careful with this....your policy might not explicitly say hi-viz...simply that you make 'reasonable' endeavours to ride safely. (I would think that hiviz would be considered reasonable)
  28. BlairandAzria

    Hi-viz: council-supplied tabards & insurance?

    Can't give any real advice, however, I used to work as a insurance claims consultant (not equine) and I would lean towards your way of thinking. Ie. you need to make reasonable efforts to reduce likelihood of, or limit the extent of any accident or damage - for me I would think that means...
  29. BlairandAzria

    Could not be more proud!

    Lovely post - well done you should be rightly very proud! Love the pic, he's a cutie!
  30. BlairandAzria

    Alltech Lifeforce

    Contact slinkyunicorn on here, think she knows mega amounts of info about it! I've used it in the past and rated it, but can't answer your question I'm afraid.