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    Help me with preparation for a show!

    Hi everyone, I have my first show with my new horse on Sunday, and I need help to decide what I should do on the morning of the show. It is only an unaffiliated competition but I am still going to plait etc but I need advice on what to do so I know what time I need to be at the yard. I would...
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    Plantar Fasciitis - Can I ride??

    I've had it previously and I found riding really helped! Start off with long stirrups though!
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    My horse tanks off after fences!

    Could you help? My seven year old Connemara trots sweetly up to fences and then in the last few strides tanks off. It is so difficult to stop him when he does this! He mainly does it when he is jumping towards the gate. He is currently in a loose ring snaffle with a french link and a cavesson...
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    Please help with my spooky horse!

    I keep him at full livery where he is schooled by a very experienced rider four times a week, and I have lessons every time I ride him with my amazing instructor and yard manager. I find it hard to relax once he has spooked a few times which undoubtedly adds to his tension! Thank you very much...
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    First horse advice/experience appreciated

    I got my first horse, a 15hh six year old pure Connie for £4,500, just over two months ago. After buying a horse on a warranty after a failed vetting and having to send it back, we became very picky about what we viewed. My advice is to find a good livery yard who is willing to help you. Mine...
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    My pony has got into the habit of nibbling for treats, I don't give him any after this behaviour started. I am worried it will turn into aggressive behaviour. Please help! I would also appreciate help on my recent competing and training forum post which no one seems to reply to...
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    When is a young horse ready to go showjumping?

    I would first take her to shows but not compete, just ride around so she gets used to the environment. When you do eventually compete, go a height or two lower than you are training at so you are confident in you and your mare's ability. Good luck!
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    Hit Air or Point Two?

    There isn't much of a difference between quality, however I have heard point two ones are extra good. Your choicd
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    Goodbye my girl.

    That is awful. You are very brave to make that decision, it was definitely the right one. God bless you.
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    Stubborn Mare! Help!

    I've worked with some ponies like this - she has probably turned sour. Do some ground work, get her scoped for ulcers - if she is responding well to treatment that may mean she has an ulcer. I would try hacking out long reining, as this puts you in a safe position if things go right and even...
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    Pony literally freezes in show jumping ring

    This sounds like it might be sourness from competing. He may have signs of reluctance to load as well? I would try giving him a couple of months off competing, and at your first competition try to do something easy that he enjoys.
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    Please help with my spooky horse!

    I've owned a six year old Connemara for just over two months now, and he is quite a lot sharper than I expected! He works very well until something spooks him and then he spooks at everything, tensing up and bunny hopping in the canter. I intend to do some showing and eventing with him, but I am...
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    Help with my riding confidence!

    I've been riding for four years now, and have done quite a bit of competing and a lot of jumping. I recently got my first horse, a 15hh six year old registered Connemara who is naturally quite stressy and has found it difficult to settle in, causing him to spook and rear. He's had everything...
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    Stirrup woes... Free jumps causing bruises

    I've had a problem like this with free jumps, I now use bent leg stirrups which are still safe but way more comfortable.
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    My six year old Connie (who I've owned for two months) cribs when his turnout rug is put on. Why does he do this and should I tell him off for doing it? Thanks a lot 😀
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    He leans on my hands!

    I exercise an ex carriage pony (as well as my own show jumper), and I find that he leans on my hands a lot in the canter. I understand that because of his past he finds if difficult to be balanced in the canteen and I have achieved collection a couple of times, however the majority of the time...
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    Help with my stressy pony!

    He gets fed hay when he runs out, he doesn't get it in a haynet because he wind sucks on it. He has lots of variety in his work, including jumping and advanced dressage move ends which he enjoys. However he only cribs when he is about to be turned out which I am unsure about?
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    Help with my stressy pony!

    He is turned out at night, every night and given a day off on Monday. He is worked Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. He is kept at livery with excellent facilities and turnout, and turned out with two other ponies he is close with. He gets a small haynet morning and afternoon but no hard...
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    Help with my stressy pony!

    Hi, I own a six year old pure Connemara who I've owned for just under two months. He is a very stressy pony and crib bites when very upset. There is nothing wrong physically with him (I've had the dentist, vet and physio out and he passed a five stage vetting when I bought him). He found it...
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    Vetting for a 3 year old

    I would probably go five stage as this is good to see if there are any fundamental problems - but if you are tight for money just go two stage.
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    Help - Change in temperment after rest/rehab

    This is totally normal, I would advise him being turned out for a while and lunging or loose schooling before riding! Bring him back into work slowly so when you first canter he doesn't bomb off like a maniac!
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    Favorite horsemen/ women

    Mary King is just the best! I love her training techniques and how she handles her horses, they are always so relaxed and in tune with her.
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    Why does my horse windsuck?

    My new horse windsucks when he is about to be turned out and when he comes in in the morning. He used to windsuck on his haynet, but he now has hay on the floor. We weren't told about this by his previous owner, but we love him too much to send him back! What shall I do to help cure it and why...
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    Learning about free schooling

    Find a book on young horse training, I've got a few with some exercises that have really helped.
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    Bits for strong horse

    Perhaps have a go with a Kimblewick if he pulls his head down, but because they are straight barred this might give him an incentive to lean. A Dutch gag is also one I've tried, it really helps to maintain control.
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    Looking for Part Livery in the Newbury Berkshire Area

    Have you had a look on the internet and local tack shops? That's where I found my livery yard
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    Wonky floors!

    With any horse but especially a youngster I wouldn't recommend it. I would advise looking for another yard with normal floors!
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    Jump Saddle recommendations

    I would go for a GFS saddle. I have one and it absolutely fab, supports my knee and thigh with blocks but thin saddle flaps which give you a really nice feel with the horse. I got mine for £450 second hand which was an excellent price as they are quite sought after, but you can get new ones for...
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    Some advice needed for my mare

    Have her checked over by a vet, as it could be something to do with her eyesight that she doesn't like indoor schools as she might not be able to see as well as she can in an outdoor. Try groundwork and work in the stable to ensure you are the dominant one.