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    Is spring in the air?

    Happy Imbolc (Celtic New Year - first signs of spring etc) My hairy beastie decided to celebrate by starting to shed fluff.
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    Hacking in Pembrokeshire (North)

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    Can someone settle this argument?

    Not to split hairs but the wording of the highway code only states you should never ride without a saddle and bridle, bits are not mentioned. Which suits me as I usually hack out with a bitless bridle at present.
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    Pictures Let's See Your Gypsy Cobs 😀

    This article is a genuine Gypsy Cob AKA the Yak- came to me 6 years ago courtesy of the Blue Cross who took him on after he and another one were found fly-grazing and suffered ragwort poisoning. Estimated to be 8yo when I took him on loan so prob 14 now and we live to hack (no competitive...
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    Pony has ouchy feet - not sure what to do....

    So coblet is acting lame for the first since I've had him (nearly 6 years). Rode him over the weekend and he was very reluctant to trot on hard surfaces. hes been off work for a few days and still is nodding on (I think) the front offside. He hasn't had any change of management. Foot doesn't...
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    Chicken keepers

    Thanks for the heads up - I'll be refreshing the bedding in the covered run and keep them in
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    Just how hairy is my horse??

    Doubt I'll be riding much this winter due to house move and work - I have embraced the fluff this year and am not even clipping so he can just live out
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    'strange' breed combination?

    Used to share a Shetland x Cob. Basically looked like an nearly 13hh Shetland and could shift like the clappers when she wanted.
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    Moving to Smallholding - land questions

    When I say horses - they are 2 cobs under 14hh so hoping we will have some land left over!
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    Moving to Smallholding - land questions

    SO We've finally accepted an offer on our house and it looks like our move to a smallholding in Wales is going full steam. We have a 3.5 acre smallholding lined up in North Pembrokeshire only 10 min drive from the coast. To say I'm excited is the understatement of the year, even the OH is now...
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    Uproar as fun ride still going ahead in bad weather

    A local fun ride was recently cancelled last minute as the parking area flooded. It would have probably gone ahead if they had had hardstanding available.
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    This mornings discovery

    Me too. Mine had a leaky on one edge so you only got wet if you went round a right hand turn! Right down the back of your neck!
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    Shopping - driving harnesses

    Any recommendations on to where to find a reasonably priced driving harness for a 14hh cob with a broad back and a chunky head? Tried a friend's cob-sized synthetic on him and the saddle gave virtually no wither clearance and was squeezing in behind his shoulders. However all the rest of the...
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    Can horses make things up?

    What are the thoughts of leading past scary things? My boy rarely has dramatic issues with things but when he refuses point-blank not to do something, I just slide off and lead him past (he always follows me like a lamb). Then we get back on and ride past it a few times and its then an...
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    This is ragwort right?

    Common ragwort. Usually has the same sort of shade as thistle
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    Usual placid horse attacking others

    I watch quite a few of his videos. He is militantly anti-bit, anti-helmet and very opinionated - but he does seem to have a true feel for horse behaviour and has a lot of seriously good takes on herd dynamics in particular. Ideas about training that are very good to share - setting horses up to...
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    Talk to me about hens!

    I started with an Omlet - however I found that the food attracted rats that just tunnels up under the run at night and made a wreck of the lawn. My girls are currently in a large coop which is standing on a flagstone base and completely proofed against rats/foxes etc. They have a larger fenced...
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    What colour is this pony?

    I'm impressed by her self-care. Facemasks are very relaxing!
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    Hacking in Pembrokeshire (North)

    Hi all, If the fates are kind then we will be moving to North Pembs this year. I have a coblet who mostly hacks and will be on the lookout for new routes and people to meet. We will hopefully be based between Newport and Cardigan just off the main A-road If anyone can advise good hacking...
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    Stabling during the winter thoughts?

    I would never stable anywhere where the ponies couldn't spend at least the daylight hours outside in winter. Last winter we did have to spend the odd day or two indoors because of the weather, more than that and they start to get stressy.
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    Sharing a horse and pregnant

    Congratulations It very much depends on your pregnancy as everyone is obs different. I had a very small bump when pregnant but ended my share after two months or so due to financial reasons. However I kept riding my friend s hunter up to about 5.5/6 months until it became too uncomfortable...
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    Rescue experiences

    I have had my Blue Cross Captain for over 5 years now and have had ownership transferred for 2 years. I thought was looking for a 15hh (ish) schoolmaster/hacker and after talking to a friend fired off an enquiry/application form to the local BC centre. They asked if I fancied a 14hh coblet who...
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    Any good DO NOT FEED / TOUCH THE HORSES signs out there?

    A lady on one of my facebook groups has a micro business with signs if you would be interested -
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    Window shoppong - first riding pony

    Now I'm not looking seriously at the moment, not least because of lockdown. But the mini me is very keen on ponies and has been having lessons and so.e rides on my coblet. However he is of the sort to take the Michael if you dont have a back your leg and he is just not a first ridden...
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    A Bit of Silly Fun - The Autocorrect thread

    Destroy the entire world and make a great effort for a walk in a place that the earth will have to readjust and the first day of my life Mobile
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    What colour is my pony?

    Oh that's a pain. In trying to do it phone and the photo wont upload. I'll try it from my laptop Thanks for the photo Leo, he is quite similar to your girl. White face, theee white legs and a big belly splash too.
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    What colour is my pony?

    My BC pony Captain has been with me for 5 years now and I'm still not sure what colour he technically is. I usually just say black. .. His passport says blue Roan. But I thought you cannot have roans with big white markings. Any coat experts out there able to make any educated guesses? His...
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    Let's play consequences....

    Do I need a horn?
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    A Bit of Silly Fun - The Autocorrect thread

    Geographically the most important part of the study is that the phone is a blanket Lovely
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    A Bit of Silly Fun - The Autocorrect thread

    Donkeyman was a great leader in a great time Precious