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  1. Chippers1

    Showing Small Adults On Ponies

    Ah thank you that's very kind of you to say :)
  2. Chippers1

    Showing Small Adults On Ponies

    5ft, weigh hardly anything, old pony was 13hh random mix, poss connie/welsh New pony 14hh connie Big fan of ponies!
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    How much was your horse?

    My first pony was also £1! But I had him on loan and was then given him. His old owner still has the £1! He was absolutely brilliant and we had many good years until EMS/Lami got him. His old owner out grew him but i'm short so it worked out :) Current pony was a bit of a bargain, only...
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    Best Head Shot, most likes to win

    Probably too late but my fave of Buzz, he never puts his ears forward for photos so it's a rare one :D
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    1st Feb Weekend Thread

    Hacking this evening (avoiding the mud) and nothing again at the weekend as still on 'yard shifts' :( Buzz being vaccinated Monday so he'll have the week off as normal which helpfully coincides with the horrible weather forecast. Looks like I may have to cave and dig out a rug, he's got a very...
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    🥶🥶🥶 wheather weekend plans

    Kramer is back up and running and this saddle pad is in stock :)
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    willing helpers for if you need help with your animals in an emergency

    Also happy to help, i'm WFH and really flexible with start/end times so can do whenever. I'm in Nottinghamshire.
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    Weekend plans, 2nd weekend in January

    Nothing for me! We've been told we can only go on to the actual yard 3 times a week (to keep social distancing etc, it's not a big yard) for tacking up and using the school and my slots are all during the week. We are allowed to tack up straight from the field like we were doing in summer but i...
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    🥶🥶🥶 wheather weekend plans

    Yeah i saw that :( i got it for Christmas though (from my sister, link sent by me :D) so managed to get it before they closed. I love Kramer so i'm sad they currently aren't sending anything!
  10. Chippers1

    🥶🥶🥶 wheather weekend plans

    The saddle pad is from Kramer :) it kept being sold out so I had to watch the website like a hawk for when it came back into stock! It's an Ideal Event - in a 16.5 and modified with a smaller flap for my short legs :D it's so comfortable!
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    🥶🥶🥶 wheather weekend plans

    Still just hacking (when not too icy) for me. Can't wait until my box is fixed and I can go out again (always seem to be saying that...:rolleyes:) But will share a picture of my lovely new saddle with new saddlepad (i can finally get them now i don't have to use the numnah with shims!!) and new...
  12. Chippers1

    soft soles due to weather

    Mine has been having these issues too. He lives out so they don't get a chance to dry out. I've been using boots for hacking, he's fine on the tarmac road walking up to the yard it's just the stony ground we have to go on for hacking. Might try some hoof hardener though!
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    Oi, where’s the weekend plans thread?

    Got my new saddle today! Merry Christmas to me from me 😁 That's about as exciting as it gets for me this weekend :)
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    2020 round up and 2021 plans...?

    I'd just like to have a year of being able to use my horsebox :D I think i'd like to try and aim for a BE80 again but my jumping confidence is rock bottom again so that will need some work. I know I can do it, just need to get my brain to cooperate!
  15. Chippers1

    weekend plans

    Horsebox still dead so not much for me this weekend! Took Buzz out for a hack yesterday after a few days off from his fall and he was very spooky, think he expected cats to dart out from everywhere! So probably just some more hacking for me so he can relax again.
  16. Chippers1

    Talk to me about full loans

    I've also full loaned and it worked out very well, he ended up being gifted to me which was the best thing that ever happened to me :) The owner and I got on very well (I had known them both since they arrived at the yard, she had outgrown him), we had a contract that stipulated who paid for...
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    weekend plans

    Oh god that is scary! I didn't intend to really, i was on one minute and on the floor the next! luckily with being 14hh it's not too far to go but it is definitely worth trying to be careful on tarmac.
  18. Chippers1

    weekend plans

    Oh god MP, lucky he wasn't too hurt! We also had an incident yesterday. Coming back from a hack and spied two cats having a fight, said to my friend that we should come back and split them up just as one of them shot off which spooked Buzz and as we were on the tarmac road he lost his back end...
  19. Chippers1

    weekend plans

    Yep that's me - completely unmotivated at the moment! The weather, Buzz's eye (which is pretty much fully healed), my yet again broken horsebox...all getting to me a bit. Think i might just start again in Jan!
  20. Chippers1

    weekend plans

    Probably hacking again - weather dependent! I'm turning into such a fair weather rider, i kind of feel guilty about not riding but Buzz doesn't like the rain either...sure he also prefers hanging out with his mates in the field too :)
  21. Chippers1

    Weekend :)

    That's terrifying! I'm glad mine happened when it was sat on the yard. I'm pretty sure (from some extensive googling :D) that it's the alternator that's gone as the battery and stop lights came on before an electrical burning smell - most people that appears to be alternator or a small part in...
  22. Chippers1

    Weekend :)

    Crying into my various horsey bills this weekend for me :D Buzz has keratitis in one of his eyes so is on daily steroid eyedrops (awaiting vet bill for that...) and today I thought I would start up my horsebox, turned it on and noticed an odd light on the dashboard so whilst I sat googling I...
  23. Chippers1

    Ragdoll spam

    Argh this is not helping my 'do not get another kitten'! I would love another Ragdoll, mine is just the best cat. He would probably disown me if I added another though :D She is so beautiful!
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    Adults riding ponies

    When I first got Buzz and posted photos of me and him, a friend thought he was much bigger than he was because of how small I look on him :D and I actually have longer legs than my torso...!
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    Adults riding ponies

    I'm another adult who rides a pony (14hh, previous pony was 13hh) but i'm cheating a bit as i'm only 5 foot :D
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    Keeping up the spirit of 2020 - horsebox whinge

    I also have a Renault Master that failed on sill rust this year, the hole was huge! I had a whole new sill made and welded in, it cost me £1.4k though (and i'm annoyed as now I can't go anywhere due to lockdown after it being in the garage so long :rolleyes:) I used a garage that mainly does...
  27. Chippers1

    Halloween Weekend Plans!

    I've cancelled my entry :( decided it wasn't worth the risk of going from tier 3 to a different area. They don't transfer entries but have very kindly refunded as it's due to corona. Now i'm sad i have 28 days of no playing :(
  28. Chippers1

    Halloween Weekend Plans!

    I am entered into the Arena eventing at Eland (and was hoping to redeem myself after last time!) but i'm in tier 3 so no idea if i'm going to go or not :( Eland haven't said anything - I have seen other venues posting about it so i'm undecided. If i don't go then will probably hack, but the...
  29. Chippers1

    Honest opinions 3.5 ton van conversions

    Another who loves mine! It's also a Renault Master. I only travel my one 14hh pony in it but i don't even know he's in there most of the time, just feels like i'm driving normally around. I don't have a full wall between him and the jockey area but he's fine with this and it comes quite high up...
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    Weekend plans - clocks go back 😳

    Nothing planned for me, weather is going to be pants tomorrow so probably won't ride. Will hack on Sunday morning. Got into an argument with a cyclist last night (which is totally unlike me!) but he spooked Buzz (who is normally fine with bikes) and he was spinning and cantering sideways as the...