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    Adjustable riding hats – go bigger or smaller?

    My head measures 55cm and I'm trying decide whether to go for the Uvex 52-55cm size or the 55-58cm size of adjustable riding helmet which, like a cycling helmet, has almost no padding. My Charles Owen Ayr8 is 55cm and has quite a lot of fabric/padding inside. It fitted when I bought it but has...
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    Ladies yard/riding boots for long thin calves and narrow feet

    My last boots were Toggi Derby which fitted well but the stitching on the elasticated panels came undone after several months and customer service weren't interested. Can anyone recommend any others that are waterproof, sturdy, comfy for hours of yard work and suitable for riding? I have thin...
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    Narrow dressage girth for small horse getting rubbed inside the elbow

    My horse is very narrow between forelegs with a forward girth groove and quite a large rib cage. Shaped girths (Fairfax, Ideal Affinity, Christ 'banana') don't work as the narrow bit is invariable in the wrong place and the narrow section isn't that narrow. She image of 'banana' girth attached...
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    Christ Mond [Moon] Integrated Sheepskin Girth - any good?

    Has anyone used this and is it worth it's £129 price tag? My very sensitive mare has a forward girth groove and big tummy, which means the girth straps don't sit vertically. She is now loosing hair by her elbows despite using a sheepskin girth cover so I was wondering whether this girth would...
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    Livery recommendations for Seaton/Axminster/Chard

    Hi, I'm looking for assisted DIY/part livery for one mare ideally with the following: - a small-ish yard (ideally on a farm that supplies hay/haylage/straw) - year-round turnout, solo but always with a neighbour - an arena on site or very close by - decent direct hacking - owner/manager on site
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    Seeking livery in Sidmouth/Budleigh/Woodbury region

    DIY or part livery wanted for my home-bred 10yo mare with: - solo turnout with neighbour - an arena onsite or close by - direct hacking with not too much road work. I'm a responsible, considerate owner. Any pointers gratefully received (I've tried all the well-known options).
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    Commutable to Exeter: seeking small livery yard + 20x60m arena

    Does such a thing exist? I've been searching for months. If possible I'd also like some off-road hacking close by. Any ideas gratefully received...
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    Cotton backed light wool girth cover with Wintec girth?

    My sensitive-skinned grey mare has developed a rub on the girth area by her elbow (just hair loss, not raw thankfully). I've always used Wintec girths (shaped and straight) on her with no problems so no idea why this has happened now. Is there any reason why I shouldn't try using my...
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    Long yard/riding boots for thin calves that last well

    Can anyone recommend warm, comfy long boots with thin calves that I can wear around the yard all day (ie are waterproof) and are designed for riding (have the right soles and are shaped around the leg). My last Ariats split within a year so not buying any more of them. The Tuffa Derby boots that...
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    Saddle size query

    My difficult-to-fit 5-year-old has an Albion 17inch K2 Legend dressage saddle. I now need a jump saddle but looking around I see that secondhand Albion K2 Jump saddles are nearly always available as 17.5 inch size not 17 inch. Does anyone know why this is, and would that extra half an inch make...
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    Replacing scuff guard on travel boots?

    My horse has just trashed the scuff guard at the bottom of her Mark Todd travel boots :( but the rest of the boots are still in really good condition so I hate the thought of them going to landfill. Anyone have any ideas how I could get the scuff guards replaced? I'm based in Surrey. Any ideas...
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    Reputable horsebox hire nr Reigate, Surrey

    Please can anyone recommend a horsebox hire company in Surrey? The nearer to Reigate (postcode RH2) the better. I'd rather pay more and use a company that looks after its vehicles well. I'm only looking to transport one horse, a 15.2 young warmblood who normally travels forward-facing.