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    Who tows with a new shape (2015) Kia Sorento?

    It seems that the latest reincarnation of the Kia Sorrento can only have a detachable tow bar rather than a fitted version. We have found a Sorento that fits our criteria and has a tow bar to replace my unreliable Discovery 3, however, I'm rather worried about the detachable tow bar as have...
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    Who knows about polo?

    My 12 year old son has been having polo lessons and twice now when I've adjusted the stirrup leathers the stirrup bar " latches" have been up. As far as I know these should be down for riding as otherwise there's a risk of being dragged in a fall as the leathers can't slide off. Is this...
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    Equine Sale at Spalding, Lincs

    Have just got back from a successful shopping spree at an Equine sale at Springfields, Spalding. I didn't even know it was on and I got some great bargains so thought I'd share the info. Joules, Rydale, Musto, Bijou Ponies and Townfild Saddlers are there amongst others. I got a Masta rain sheet...
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    Formula 4 Feet and Magnesium Oxcide.

    I feed my laminitic formula 4 feet, mainly as a balancer and to hopefully keep the gut flora happy. Her feet have been damaged by laminitis but the horn quality isn't bad, ie not crumbly etc. I have read on here about giving mag ox as a supplement to laminitics and wondered if it would do any...
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    All these inverted commas???

    Is it me, or are these being added to thread titles? Opened up the lap top this morning and there seems to have been a proliferation of punctuation over night!
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    Injured Jockeys Fund Secert Art Sale

    I 've just bought a lovely little original watercolour from the above. It's a great idea - all the pictures have been donated by professional artists, racing personalities and celebrities. Some have already been sold so you may need to write a little list before you call, but it's a great...
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    Sedation & Annual Booster together?

    Hi, my EDT is coming to do my elderly pony's teeth for which she needs sedation. Local vets are more of a small animal practice, but I usually have them for jabs. They say it's ok to sedate by injection & give booster simultaneously, but I just want to check as they aren't equine vets. Booster...
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    RANT People hacking in the dark!

    I don't normally do this but I have just got in after driving past two people hacking dark bay (I think) TBs in a country road approaching a neighbouring village without a stitch of hi - viz between them! I'm a shy person, but wound the window down as they passed & told them I couldn't see...
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    [EDIT] Duplicate, please see other - Do you remember Millie from Trent Valley EC?

    I am trying to trace the history of my son's pony Millie. She's a bay 13.3/14hh mare with 2 white socks in front & one behind, a star & a snip. She looks part Welsh D. She would have quite a lot of feather if we didn't trim it. Millie is a chronic laminitic and her hooves show this, however...
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    Do you remember Millie from Trent Valley EC?

    I am trying to trace the history of my son's pony Millie. She's a bay 13.3/14hh mare with 2 white socks in front & one behind, a star & a snip. She looks part Welsh D. Millie is a chronic laminitic and her hooves show this, however she's not a good doer & has trouble keeping weight on. She's...
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    Headshaking, but ears rather than nose?

    Hi, hoping some of you may be able to get to the bottom of my mare's new problem. I've had my mare (a grey) since the end of March, but earlier this month, after 6 weeks of ownership she started to shake her ears, but only during schooling. This can sometimes be quite violent as if she has...
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    Missing racehorse Zimbabwe's remains found.

    Maybe this should be in Latest News, but remember there were a few posts in here when the horse went missing in January. Details can be found in H&H latest news at the top of the screen. After the horse bolted the trainer was not allowed to enter the firing range, & eventually the army...
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    Haematoma on chest - how long to leave before riding?

    Thought I'd post in here rather than Veterinary as it's quiet in there at the mo. My son's pony appears to have been kicked on her left chest pad, & while the skin isn't broken, she has a largish bag of fluid which has gathered between her front legs. The vet has told me to give her some bute...
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    How much for a child's private lesson?

    I'm looking in to getting my 9 year old son some lessons at home on his own pony. I've found a local instuctor, who although not formally qualified, has experience in affiliated dressage & is willing to give him some half hour lessons initially. We've been in some discussion about fees, but...
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    How long is a fair trail period after purchase?

    Following on from the 'Bonding' post, how long would you expect to have a horse on trail? Last week I bought a pony for my young son. He rode her in the seller's school, as did I, & she was fine. However, we didn't hack out, & as I was being pushed by the seller to make a decision before a...
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    Top Doors Shut

    Some people who live down the road appear to be shutting up their ponies at night with the top doors shut, also the windows. Usually, the ponies are out in field with access to their stables during the day, but this morning I had to do the school run earlier & noticed they were shut in. I...
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    Soaked or dry hay out in the field?

    I have a pony who needs soaked or steamed hay as she suffers with COPD otherwise. Now that the field is covered with snow I've been putting dry hay out for her & my TB. If I soak or steam it in this weather it will freeze as soon as I put it out, so do you think it wil be ok to continue...
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    How does a Panic-clip work?

    I think I know in principle, but if a horse panics & pulls back, will it release itself, or do you have to pull back the peice of metal (with an arrow on it) that holds the clasp in place? I use one on the yard, but not in my trailer & wondered if you have to rely on being close at hand...
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    How to Salute in Dressage? Young child?

    Hi, my 8 year old son is doing a little dressage test tomorrow & I just need to check how he should salute to the judge. I always used to put left hand down by my side & bow my head, but is this the female version - should boys just bow their heads? So far he's been doing the former.
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    Anyone with experience of Summer Pasture COPD?

    I'm looking after a pony (laminitic 21 yr old Welsh Sec A) who has started to heave & occassionally cough, though she seems bright enough & still has a good appetite. She lives out on a very small piece of grass with an open field shelter in the corner of a hay field. I've done a little...
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    Elle Hoof Fly Rug?

    I bought a cheap Ellehoof fly rug after seeing the link on here a couple of months ago. I got it out to use yesterday & it has velcro in strange places on the neck section & a D-ring on the other side. I can't for the life of me see how to do it up! Did anyone else buy one & how does...
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    Are Worm Counts effective for Tapeworm?

    I'm currently using an Equest/Pramox worming programme, but intend to get a worm count before I administer the next dose, incase its not needed. Is it tapeworm that the worm count can't give results for? If so, should I use the Pramox anyway?
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    idiot TB running backwards down riverbank- what would you do?! HELP

    To keep it brief(!), I've owned this horse for 4 years, having paid quite a lot for it. He is now 11. It started to become nappy about 6 weeks after getting it. Previous owner wouldn't take it back & denied that it had ever behaved in that way before, & obviously thought I was a complete...
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    Riding & Leading, tips for best results please.

    As I don't always have time to ride both my horses & one can be naughty to hack out alone, I thought I would ride & lead, although I haven't a great deal of experience with this. Both are TB's but both relatively quiet. I regularly lead my son on his pony from one, & have lead it...
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    Numpty question about unloading a pair from Ifor W trailer.

    My 16.1 TB will not travel or even enter the trailer if there's a partition in it. He has been through, but more or less jumped off the front ramp on his way out as the centre pole touched his bum! I have a 12.2 for my son who does travel with the partition & I'd like to get my chap in with...
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    Nightmare horse! What should I do?

    I recently posted on the above 16.2 WB who lives at my yard alongside my two, one of which is a12.2 mare. WB has always been a bit of a nuisance, jumping & breaking fences between fields. After a couple of incidents where he chased & seriously looked as though he might even kill the pony...
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    Do you pay more for Winter Livery than Summer Turnout?

    Do you pay more per week for Winter Livery - I'm including mucking out, filling buckets, haynets & giving feeds, hay & bedding inclusive, also turning out & getting in- than summer livery? ie 24/7 turnout with poo picking included. What if p/p wasn't included, but an optional extra...
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    Bored, Lonely or just plain Naughty?

    A friend has her 11yr old WB gelding with us in return for help with our horses, which has generally worked out very well. He is a 16.2 big, solid type. During the summer we bought our son his first pony, a Sec B mare. All was ok, with the pair being separated by electric fencing for 3 weeks in...
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    Broken collar bone?

    I broke my collar bone in a horse & rider fall 5 weeks ago. The break feels fine, but my shoulder & neck muscles have started to ache since I got my sling off. Haven't ridden yet, but considering doing so this week. Can any of you share your experiences of similar injuries, & when...