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  1. scats

    Time to build an ark?

    How’s your rain? I’ve never seen anything like it here. Main road to the farm is flooded again, one side of my driest field is underwater (thank god I’ve got a dry half). Its hammered down day and night for days. Seriously worried our birket is going to break its banks. Give me freezing dry...
  2. scats

    Piggies in for winter

    Keaton and Murray came in yesterday for the winter. They are underneath the 2 hamster tanks. I decided to get a bit festive too with the animal room! The boys are nearly 2 years old now. They didn’t have the best start to life as they were bought by a girl who then moved out and left them...
  3. scats

    Another little arrival

    As I had a spare hamster cage still standing there, I got in touch with the rescue that I got Frankie from to see if they had anything else in need of a home... ... and the next day I collected this little beauty. Ive called her Ffion and she’s a few months old.
  4. scats

    Manège lights- a temporary or cheap solution

    We have one working, but not great, light at the gate of the manège and unfortunately it doesn’t look like the others will be getting fixed (been like this for 2 years, so..) Has anyone successfully rigged up their own temporary lights for not too much money? Battery powered? Solar powered?
  5. scats

    Scabs on friends cob

    Friends cob started itching like crazy a few days ago after coming out in a mass of scabs under his rug area, mostly top of his quarters and sides. He was fully clipped 10 days ago and had been fine until about 3 days ago. He is a hot and itchy horse in general (gets sweet itch in summer) and...
  6. scats

    If anyone is after riding tights

    I purchased a pair from Pepperell equestrian and they are really lovely. They have a thin fleece lining so don’t have that horrid cold feeling when you put them on. Very smart and very comfortable. I will be ordering more.
  7. scats

    Disguising supplement

    Millie is normally very easy to get supplements into, but started her on Feedmark Extra Flex HA this week and despite a very tiny sprinkling (introduce gradually etc) she won’t touch it. I’ve tried mint, cinnamon and apple juice. Tried sprinkling it and mixing into dry chaff, soaked feed... no...
  8. scats

    Vet booked, but any ideas?

    A few months ago, I noticed Lily-Rose had a weird looking lump in her front pad- between her big pad and toes. It almost looked like another ‘toe’ pad albeit slightly different texture and a bit more elongated. It definitely hadn’t been there before. She was a bit hostile about us trying to...
  9. scats

    Ava dressage saddles- anyone got one?

    In the process of thinking about getting Millie fitted with a dressage saddle. She hates short girths so I will be looking for something I can have made with normal girth straps. Has anyone got an Ava saddle and how do you rate them?
  10. scats

    Sleep well little Buddy

    Buddy Guy, my second little Robo hamster passed away yesterday. He was 2 years 9 months. He had developed a little growth on his face in the last couple of months but seemed happy in himself, albeit a bit doddery with age. Earlier this week I noticed he had started sleeping outside of his bed...
  11. scats

    Debate in our family- thoughts?

    My brother has a Malinois and has used both a prong and a shock collar with her. It’s not my thing and he knows my thoughts on it but unfortunately he likes to shout me down and tell me how little I know (he’s only had a dog for 4 years, but he’s an expert...) so I don’t get into the debate...
  12. scats

    Manège harrow/leveller

    Our Manège relies on the yard quad being available and someone available to drive it (YO relies on a friend and won’t let anyone else do it due to insurance) in order to be harrowed/levelled. As a result, it’s not being done enough and as the only person who uses it, it’s always down to me to...
  13. scats

    The old girl

    I took these pictures of JD on our walk this morning. She’s not looking bad for 11!
  14. scats

    Guinea pig skin issue

    Keaton has always been prone to a bit of dandruff. Him and his brother arrived very thin and malnourished in June 2019, having lived on a diet of carrots at a previous home. Keaton’s skin issues improved as his body weight improved, but he was always a bit dandruffy. He seems to have a small...
  15. scats

    Introducing Frankie

    Today I collected Frankie from a local hamster rescue. She had been rescued from a backyard breeder who had left her and 10 others (plus 4 dead) in a house after they moved out. The landlord found them. She is such a character! I’m in love already
  16. scats

    Sleep well, little hamster

    In April 2018 I adopted 2 little Robo hamsters from the Pets at Home adoption centre. They were about 4 months old and had been dropped in by someone who no longer wanted them. I’ve always had Syrian hamsters but I kept going back in to visit them and decided I was going to have them. What...
  17. scats

    First trip to a farm ride

    I had a day off today so decided to chuck Millie in the wagon and take her out to a local chaser course (about 10 miles away, so super handy). Don’t really have anyone to go with as my friend on the yard who I used to go out with sadly doesn’t really do much or go anywhere now, and most of my...
  18. scats

    Sore after trim

    Polly was trimmed a couple of days ago and went immediately sore afterwards. I took her shoes off (only had fronts) 2 years ago when she was going to be out of action for at least 12 months. She has coped well without, albeit she struggled on the stony part of the yard. Fortunately this is...
  19. scats

    Heart murmur in young dog

    Lily-Rose went in to be neutered this morning and the vet rang me shortly afterwards to say she has a heart murmur. This has obviously developed in the last few months because the same vet saw her back in February and there was no sign of anything then. Vet put the murmur at around grade 2 but...
  20. scats

    The girls at the sand dunes this morning

    Such a lovely morning as it’s the first time in over 2 months that we have got our big old girl back in the car. Just before lockdown started, she refused to get in the car after previously having no issues. She wouldn’t entertain a ramp and she’s not the sort of dog you manhandle. Anyway...
  21. scats

    Who was it who asked about LeMieux ear bonnets and bridles slipping off?

    Got back from a hack with Polly this evening and got off. Just as my feet hit the floor, she shook her head and her whole bridle slipped off her face and plopped onto the floor, complete with LeMieux ear bonnet! Was rather glad we weren’t out when that happened, as she is rather gung-ho so I’m...
  22. scats

    My old dog as she approaches 11

    Thought I’d share a couple of pictures from this morning of my dog JD. She is a Great Dane x Husky and will be 11 in May. Physically extremely fit and well, although these last few months I’ve noticed her getting a little stiffer when she’s been lying for a long time. Doesn’t stop her running...
  23. scats

    New dog day!

    A couple of weeks ago I had a gorgeous young black cocker in to groom. The lady told me she was actually rehoming her (very sad circumstances on the family’s part, so totally understandable) and she had a home lined up. The dog was absolutely gorgeous, as good as gold, so friendly and just an...
  24. scats

    Older dog- occasional odd behaviour

    My Great Dane x Husky will be 11 in May. We rescued her at 4-months and she’s an incredible dog. She’s extremely fit and healthy and is regularly mistaken for a younger dog. People can’t believe she is the age she is when she’s out running round at the shore (she has 2 walks a day and one of...
  25. scats

    One walk a day

    We have 3 dogs at home. Older dog is a Dane x Husky and has always loved walking. She would walk all day if she could and isn’t bothered by any weather. She’s the type who badgers you when it’s nearly walk time because she’s so keen to get out. Middle dog is a corgi x cockapoo. Pretty easy...
  26. scats

    Quick favour- any BS members?

    Would someone who is a member of BS please look up a horse for me?
  27. scats

    PSD people- sudden worsening or something else?

    Polly was diagnosed in 2018. Very mild and only in right hind. Vet surprised that the small amount of damage was causing such violent symptoms under saddle, but after exhausting everything else, it seemed the only probable cause. Vets were not hopeful of a return to anything more than...
  28. scats

    Puppy versus bee

    Spent yesterday evening at the emergency vet hospital with Lily pup. As I was unlocking the front door after our walk last night, she was sniffing something on the drive. Next thing she leapt back shaking her head and I saw a bee emerge and fly off. Got her in the house and it was clear she...
  29. scats

    Mane thinning

    Millie has always hated having her mane pulled. Unfortunately she has a combination of a bushy welsh mane at the top and a sport a horse mane at the bottom. The bottom bit is perfect for plaits and can be solo combed to length as it’s not too thick, but the top half is ridiculously thick and...
  30. scats

    Polly has laminitis :-(

    Absolutely devastated and not sure what’s triggered it. The girls are in at night all year round, my choice as it fits in better with my lifestyle. During the summer they have been out grazing from 7.30am to 5pm-ish. All has been fine. She was carrying a little extra weight coming into...