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    Bones - warning

    So very sad. 😒 It's difficult to find safe things to give dogs to chew, it seems that almost everything has potential hazards. I was giving my dog antlers, then read that they can fracture their teeth as they're so hard. I have bought an ostrich bone as they seem to be the safest, with a...
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    High quality but bland kibble - new rescue dog arriving

    I find Autarky white fish or turkey and potato (grain free) suit my dog with sensitive digestion well, also Vitalin duck and potato, Lukullus Barbary duck, and Markus Muhle. Fish, duck, turkey and lamb based food seem to suit most sensitive dogs in my experience, beef and chicken often don't...
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    Super low calorie dog food??

    I'd feed a highish meat content food like Millie's Wolfheart. Carbs are more of a problem than fat for weight gain, and a diet high in carbs isn't good for their health. They do have lower fat versions though, which should be lower calorie too.
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    Effective dog diarrhoea treatments, please

    Thanks FL. The vet didn't find anything amiss, so that's good. He was perky again soon after the pool on the carpet, me not so much! 😬 He's been given antibiotics, though it seems that they're not usually given for diarrhoea and can actually cause it, and Pro-kolin, though that only seems to...
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    Effective dog diarrhoea treatments, please

    Thanks very much for your help, everyone. A while ago he did a pool in the living room, up until now he's been able to hold it, only going in the garden or on walks, 2 or 3 times a day. He's also a bit subdued today for the first time, so I think he needs to see a vet and we have an appointment...
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    Effective dog diarrhoea treatments, please

    I haven't heard of giving them rice water before. I'll try that next time. I didn't know Hills did that as a dry food, I know they do it in tins. I was given a few, but threw them out because they put out a recall for them. It was a slightly different batch number but I was too worried to feed...
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    Effective dog diarrhoea treatments, please

    Thanks, but as explained above, diarrhoea in greyhounds usually lasts about 10 days till it's fully cleared up. Three days is nothing, their digestion is very tricky. I've had greyhounds for 20 years, so know that's normal for them. I appreciate that people with other breeds find three days...
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    Effective dog diarrhoea treatments, please

    Thanks, but when greyhounds get diarrhoea it lasts for much longer than in other breeds. I've had greyhounds for about 20 years and it's always the case that it lasts for over a week. He's absolutely fine in himself. The last time I took him to the vets for diarrhoea, it cost me Β£270 for a few...
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    Effective dog diarrhoea treatments, please

    My greyhound has had the runs for 3 days. I starved him for the first 24 hours. I've been giving him porridge made with water and scrambled eggs, which normally helps. I don't want to give him the often suggested chicken and rice as he's intolerant to chicken, and porridge is less faff to cook...
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    introducing vera!

    What a little sweetie! Greyhounds, whippets and lurchers are my favourite breeds, they're such lovely dogs. She looks like she's going to keep you on your toes! πŸ™‚
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    Normalizing restricted turnnout ?

    What sprang to mind for me is that apart from the horses being understandably depressed and stressed from being kept in all the time, their behaviour when ridden sounds like they could have ulcers, which are obviously partly caused by stress. I hate how full time stabling is considered...
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    Doxiepoo - a new one on me!

    Many times these crosses just result in dogs that have the health/behavioural problems of two breeds, instead of one. I read that the man who started it all, with labradoodles, really regrets it. He said that he'd unleashed a monster! I have to agree. Dogs should be bred for health and good...
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    Doxiepoo - a new one on me!

    Same here, mine was about Β£1000 5 years ago, and still going, thank goodness!
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    Is there a welly shortage?

    Hunter/other expensive wellies have been stolen from cars and porches in nearby villages recently. πŸ™„ Never imagined that welly thefts would be a thing. One lady saw her families stolen Hunters on a local Facebook selling page - the audacity! Lock up your wellies, people.
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    Never give up

    Well done you, what an achievement! πŸ‘ You look a natural, like a ballet dancer.
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    BBC 'pandemic puppy' article

    They probably expect a perfect dog without putting any work in, then get a nasty shock when they realise they don't come ready made!
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    BBC 'pandemic puppy' article

    You're so right, and the huge demand for dogs and puppies has fuelled the soaring dog theft epidemic. Apparently it has risen by 250% in some areas. 😑 I wonder how many buyers of dogs/puppies are even aware of this.
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    on lead, off lead, what to do

    Thanks for posting that. It's an excellent article, by far the most helpful and detailed that I've read. I've mentally prepared what I plan to do if my dog gets threatened/attacked again, and am doing the same in case God forbid I should ever find myself in this horrific situation. I'll be...
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    Dog thefts

    The thieves even break into houses to steal dogs and puppies. 😬 How on earth do they know there's a litter of puppies in a house? I envy those with fierce looking GSD's, mastiffs etc. My greyhound is very friendly and wants to say hello to everyone. He's quite stubborn, so it would be very...
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    Irrational annoyances...

    People who put flash nosebands on the wrong way round, so the end points up instead of down. To me it's so obvious that they're upside down. When I see them I want to take them off and put them on correctly! Don't like seeing them on bridles anyway, even if they are done up correctly - why do...
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    A typical lockdown puppy....

    I'd love to see that, I think mine would do the same! 😁 I'll try giving them whole as that's probably better for cleaning their teeth.
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    A typical lockdown puppy....

    Haxha! I give him carrots too. I haven't given them to him frozen, but he's so greedy that he'd probably try to swallow them whole in frustration! Do you give them whole? I chop them into long chunks but don't know if this negates their cleaning benefits.
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    A typical lockdown puppy....

    True, that is their weak point, their teeth need regular cleaning. One of my boys had had most of his teeth removed by the time he was old. I've started giving my dog ostrich bones to help keep his teeth clean. I was giving him antlers, but read that they can cause fractures to their teeth.😬...
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    A typical lockdown puppy....

    My breed of choice is greyhounds, which are such gorgeous sweet, gentle, undemanding dogs, and they have great personalities, some are real clowns. I have to say that I'm very anti racing for many welfare reasons, including the "culling" of some of the poor dogs that don't make the grade, which...
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    Alternatives to Millie’s Wolfheart

    Canine Choice is a good kibble, it's got 60% meat/fish content. Not sure if that's high enough for your dogs needs. When I gave my boy the salmon one, his coat was like silk. I wish I could afford to buy it for him all the time. It's a shame that MW customer service leaves something to be...
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    Worming or not worming

    I think there's lungworm in my area, so give mine Milbemax sometimes. I know that you're supposed to give it monthly to cover lungworm, but can't bring myself to use it nearly that often. Shady's post has reminded me about diatomaceous earth, which I'm about to Google to see if it's effective...
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    Worming or not worming

    I've read that this is a good dewormer, and have thought about trying it, but don't know anyone who has. I hate using chemical treatments on a regular basis. Do you need to give it regularly, or just at intervals? Do the dogs eat it ok?
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    Greyhounds wounds that won’t heal

    Sorry to hear this, what a horrible sounding injury. I've only read the first post, so feel free to ignore this if it's not relevant. A local greyhound rehoming centre swears by Vetgold cream for its miraculous healing properties, they've had some dogs with awful injuries. It's available online...
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    Dog chased by other dogs and bolted

    Unfortunately that may well not be enough. I turned round and quickly walked in the opposite direction, after I saw a dog near the entrance to the field where we were walking, snarling and straining at the lead. Once in the field, the stupid owner let it off the lead, and it ran straight for my...