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  1. Amymay

    Stomach X Ray

    Thought you lot might be interested in this. The Border Collie I walk swallowed a small dog tennis ball on the weekend, and had surgery to remove it today. Just shows how small the stomach, even on a medium sized dog, actually is. Remember, this is a mini tennis ball.
  2. Amymay

    Rescue Organisations- Sussex

    Can anyone recommend a good rescue in the Sussex (Brighton) area please? NOT one that specialises in overseas rescue. Cheers 🐕
  3. Amymay

    Dog Clippers

    Please can you guys recommend me some dog clippers. I’ve got some cheap ones that are really pretty useless. Spec is basically for two small dogs, one Bichon and one Shitsu. Both coats are kept in excellent condition, so it’s for trimming, not matting 😀
  4. Amymay


    After Daisy’s tooth removal yesterday I’ve been looking at dental kongs to help keep the rest of her teeth clean and healthy. Does anyone use them, are they any good?
  5. Amymay

    Removal of Teeth

    I think my little Doo is going to have to have some teeth out (well I know she is 😢). She was at the vet a few weeks ago because of a loose tooth on her bottom jaw, at the front. Vet said not to worry and it will probably just come out of its own accord. But looking tonight, she actually has...
  6. Amymay


    Friend has just been in touch regarding a recent incident with her dog. This is the situation. Dog is a border collie, nice dog, friendly. However it doesn’t appreciate being ‘hassled’ by other dogs. It will take it to a certain point, but will nip if the other dog is persistent. It’s very...
  7. Amymay

    Obese Dog

    There’s a strong possibility that we maybe rehoming a clients dog, due to their move to sheltered accommodation (their elderly). I walk the dog daily, and he also spends time with us in our home, so we know him very well, and are very fond of him. He and Daisy are absolutely the best of...
  8. Amymay

    Plaque Away

    Does anyone use this or similar for their dogs?
  9. Amymay

    Steroid Spray

    Has anyone managed to get hold of steroid spray? Friend is trying to get hold of some as her vets haven’t got any (realise it’s prescription only).
  10. Amymay


    Are they particularly prone to damaging themselves? Friend has one that seems to be continually in the wars with one thing or another 🤷🏻‍♀️
  11. Amymay


    Out of interest, does anyone have an idea of what an MRI would cost on a collie sized dog? Specially of the spine.
  12. Amymay


    Sorry in advance because I know this has been done to death. But. Insurance... Daisy is now six years old and her insurance is due for renewal in March. I’m expecting premiums to be around £35-40 this time. I’m debating now whether to just self insure, but I’m really torn about it. I know...
  13. Amymay

    Guinea Pigs For anyone who loves ‘piggies’
  14. Amymay

    Warning for South Wales Riders

    Merthyr Mawr beach
  15. Amymay

    Eye Help Please

    Daisy went to the vet today because her third eye lid had become swollen. Vet said he thought it was a prolapse and prescribed steroid drops for a week before reviewing. Can anyone share similar experiences as the internet is overwhelming me a bit. The staining is from drops put in to check...
  16. Amymay

    Boot for Paw Protection

    What boot would you guys recommend for a foot that’s been badly cut and had the nail removed??
  17. Amymay

    Anyone Live In Or Around Maesteg?

    May potentially need to find someone to do a home check for me.
  18. Amymay

    Home Checks

    Can any of you lovely people give me some pointers on carrying out a home check for two dogs I’m helping re-home?? Thanks xx
  19. Amymay

    Horse for sale, South Wales
  20. Amymay

    The Dogs Trust

    There’s a distinct possibility that the two dogs I posted about yesterday may have to go to a rescue if I can’t find a home for them 😰 Does anyone have experience of the Dogs Trust?
  21. Amymay

    Here We Go Again....

    Benji & Bruno xbreeds. Bichon x caverpoo. Benji looks like a Bichon. Bruno is much bigger and just looks like a white shaggy dog.... Mum is going in to sheltered accommodation. Delightful dogs, that I’ve been walking for a few years. They’re full brothers and are just 5 years old...
  22. Amymay

    Ceredigion Inhabitants

    I’ve just found out that an application has been put in to the council for a large puppy farm. Objections can be lodged on line.
  23. Amymay

    Sheep Dog Training

    So some of you will remember that I recently posted about a BC looking for a new home. Owner changed her mind and is now keeping said dog. I walk it several times a week. He’s just over two years old and a ‘failed’ working dog, as he wouldn’t work the sheep - and my client has had him...
  24. Amymay

    Ok, Another One Needing A Home

    Another client of mine is in ill health and has decided to rehome her little dog. Treacle is a Yorkie cross and completely delightful. She’s about five years old. Based near me in West Wales.
  25. Amymay

    Tibetan Spaniel Breeders

    Can anyone recommend a Tibetan Spaniel breeder please? Client is based in West Wales, and really wouldn’t want to travel more than an hour. I’m trying to help them do it right, rather than possibly through an unscrupulous breeder....
  26. Amymay

    Border Collie Needing A Home

    A client has recently acquired a 2 year old BC who wouldn’t work the sheep. I’m walking him occasionally but can’t do every day as I did with her previous dog. She’s reluctant to walk him much herself as she’s too nervous. The dog is amazing!!! Has a beautiful nature and could make...
  27. Amymay

    For Fun, Your Kur Music

    Musings in the shower 🚿 So you have your beautiful dressage horse with movement to die for. And of course you can ride like an angel... What music do you use for the Kur? Mine would be Karl Jenkins Palladio 1. Allegro or Aram Kachaturion Masquerade Waltz.
  28. Amymay

    Brushing Teeth 🦷

    Daisy’s teeth have developed quite a build up of tarter since being on a raw diet, rather disappointingly. She does get bones, but not weekly. So I’ve bought her a toothbrush 🦷😀 OH thinks I’m mad 😆But does anyone else brush their dog’s teeth?
  29. Amymay

    Harness Recommendations, or....

    other suggestions welcome. Client is collecting a young collie from Rescue next week. He’s a young farm dog that was abandoned so has no ‘walking’ skills at all. Understandably walking on a lead is a whole new concept. Client is experienced with collies, but is going to struggle with...
  30. Amymay

    Who Was The Poster (with the loan horse with two owners)?

    Who was the poster who wanted to give up her loan horse, which had two ‘owners’. One of whom wanted to pts??? Just curious about the outcome.