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  1. TheresaW

    Neutering Cats

    We said goodbye to our old boy on Thursday evening, he was the last of the famous five, and for the first time in almost 20 years, we are catless. Our cats have always been neutered, usually at around 6 months, and we never had any accidents. I have been browsing pedigree cats, we’re not...
  2. TheresaW

    Getting weight on an oldie!

    I have a 27yo mare that has always been a very good doer. The last 3 or 4 winters, she has come out of it looking a bit poor, but easily put on weight once the grass came through. This year, she seems to be struggling to gain weight, despite being fed equerry conditioning mash. She lives out...
  3. TheresaW

    Ambers Echo - Max, an update.

    So, Max has been with us for a month now, and he has settled in so well as a companion. I was finding doing anything with Doll or Ollie impossible since losing my old boy, as neither would settle on their own, despite horses in the fields around them. I have been able to hack out on Doll again...
  4. TheresaW

    Bo and Luna have been in kennels.

    We have just been away for a week, and we put Bo and Luna in kennels. Luna had been there once before just for an overnight stay when we still had Aled. I had been stressing for weeks before we went away about them, mainly Bo. He came to us having spent a large part of his life living in a...
  5. TheresaW

    Singing Dogs

    We always leave the radio on for the dogs when we go out, I tend to put it on when I get up and am putting the kettle on. Yesterday morning, we took dogs for their morning walk, came home and were sitting having a cuppa before leaving for work. Out of the blue, Bo started howling. OH looked at...
  6. TheresaW

    Bo and Luna on holiday!

    We have had the most amazing time in Scotland. I didn’t want to come home. Am sure Bo and Luna will really miss their walks on the beach!
  7. TheresaW

    When your heart bursts with pride!

    OH has very kindly offered to look after his friends dog for a weekend in early December. It will be Friday to Sunday, so we will be at home to make sure all is fine. Today, we agreed to meet up on neutral territory to see how they get on. As you can see, they got on well, and we will be...
  8. TheresaW

    Dogs and the sea.

    As I have probably mentioned a million times by now, we are off to Scotland soon with the dogs. We are staying right by the sea, and I am so looking forward to early morning/late evening walks on the beach. Luna will be on the long lead at all times, otherwise I’m sure we will see her bum...
  9. TheresaW

    Re-homing an oldie.

    I saw a post on FB yesterday advertising a youngish big horse that has arthritis and must never be ridden again. They were looking for a companion home for him where he could live out his days. I, like many others, thought they should take responsibility and put to sleep. I was thinking about...
  10. TheresaW

    Long Journey.

    We are off to Scotland for a week in September with the dogs. The satnav is saying it’s a 7.5 hour drive. We will obviously want to stop for toilet breaks ourselves and for a drink, but what to do with the dogs. Both dogs travel well in the car, but longest journey has probably been 2/2.5...
  11. TheresaW

    Laminitis Help/Advice Please

    I wasn't sure whether to post this in here or in veterinary, but probably more traffic in here. Apologies if this is the wrong place. I am posting this on behalf of a friend who's horse went lame on Thursday last week. He's a 14/15yo gelding, lives out 24/7. He has had a few abscesses over...
  12. TheresaW

    When a rider is on top?

    Wasn’t sure whether to post this here or in dog section, or what to title the post. We have an ex working collie, who cannot be off lead at horses, as he constantly tries to herd my two, nips at their heels and has been kicked but goes for more straight away. Calling him off just doesn’t...
  13. TheresaW

    Issues on morning walk.

    Am not sure if anyone can help or offer advice, but here goes. Our morning walks with Bo and Luna are not pleasant. They start off fine, then something will trigger them and they will have a scrap with each other, Bo will start barking (at 6am), and if they see a person or other dog, all hell...
  14. TheresaW

    House Training the older dog.

    So, Bo has been with us for about 5 weeks now. He’s settled in really well, been a godsend for Luna as we sadly lost Aled last week, so she’s not on her own. The only trouble we’re having is, pooing in the house. He’s lived in a kennel for most of his life, so we are aware it will take...
  15. TheresaW

    Such a sad week.

    I know we are all dog lovers here, and all of us will or have, made the hardest decision. I guess this week, Cinnamontoast, Equi, and Lintel are really in my thoughts as we’ve all said goodbyes this week. Just want to let them know, I am thinking of them, and all the other HHO dogs we’ve lost.
  16. TheresaW

    Sleep well Aled

    This morning we said goodbye to my darling boy Aled. We didn’t have him in our lives for very long at all, he came to us 2.5 years ago when his previous owner died. He had some very bad habits, stole anything that wasn’t nailed down and would refuse to give it back. As he wasn’t at all...
  17. TheresaW

    Introducing Bo!

    Yesterday we brought this boy home. Clodagh on here had told me about him, so we went to have a look and meet him. He is around 4 years old. He has worked sheep before, but will be a pet home with us. We weren’t looking for another dog yet, but know when we do lose Aled, Luna will need a new...
  18. TheresaW

    Just for fun breeding question.

    Earlier this year, some new people moved on to the empty field next to me. They have 2 dogs, the most beautiful German Shephard, and a staffy type. Luna has become firm friends with both. Obviously I am biased, but my girl is gorgeous 🤣, and I can’t help but think what beautiful puppies...
  19. TheresaW

    Wimpiest Breeds

    Luna (husky) has damaged a dewclaw. It has broken off completely, no idea how she did it. It bled quite a bit, and has been checked by the vet. We need to keep it clean, and just keep an eye out for infection. One of my very good friends is a vet nurse, and always, I take her advice. Have...
  20. TheresaW

    What could it be?

    Doing the horses today, first time in daylight since last weekend. They have a big wooden box in the field that I put their hay in. In the bottom of the box were some droppings which looked too big to be rabbit. There was also what looked like clumps of fur, but on closer inspection was more...
  21. TheresaW

    Sleep tight my darling.

    Today we said goodbye to Mac. As most of you know, I was struggling to get weight on him all summer, and was worried about him going through another winter. He had a vet check a few weeks ago, and this time she could hear some noises in his chest. I made the decision he could have another...
  22. TheresaW

    Run Luna, run!

    I think I can finally upload video. Luna today at the horses, meeting the new guys in the field next door and having races. She doesn’t get a lot of off lead time, so we make the most of it. I love this girl so much, and hope the link works 😂
  23. TheresaW

    So proud of my girl!

    Sadly I am having my old horse PTS in the next couple of weeks. As the clocks have just changed, will only see them in the dark at each end of the day during the week now. Today I spent a good few hours up there with them all, and Freckles on here came and took some of all 3 of their tails and...
  24. TheresaW

    Phantom Pregnancy?

    Can I have some advice please? Our Luna is 16 months old. She had her 2nd season back in July, but over the last few days has started acting really oddly. She is very clingy, and whining all the time unless we are fussing her. I think she could be having a phantom pregnancy, but other than a...
  25. TheresaW

    After some advice please, Springer Spaniel

    Am posting this on behalf of a guy I work with. He has an 8yo Springer called Dexter, that they've had since a pup. Around 6 weeks ago Dexter had a couple of accidents in the house. Not a pee by the back door as in caught short, he was weeing on the sofa, chair, wherever he happened to be...
  26. TheresaW

    Paracetamol for dogs

    Aled was at the vets today for his boosters, and he didn’t see our usual vet. OH took him whilst I was at the horses. He had a good check up, and the vet has suggested we give him paracetamol alongside the tramadol he’s on for his arthritis. Half a tablet morning and evening. I’ve just had...
  27. TheresaW

    Aled, 2 years today!

    2 years ago, Aled came to live with us. First dog I’d owned for a long time, and first dog for the OH ever. Were a few issues in the beginning, mainly guarding issues, I have scars that will be here long after he has gone, but, we love him, and have learnt to manage them. The scars are only...
  28. TheresaW

    Cross Breeds

    Just a musing really, but what dogs could/would make good crosses. This has come from reading the post about the Akita x Sharpei, and people far more knowledgeable than me saying they couldn’t understand why anyone would want to cross the two. I have no experience at all of the sharpei, and...
  29. TheresaW

    Next Winter

    I wish there was a way to know what next winter will bring. Have read on a previous post that it is to do with the jet stream, which has given us the summer we’ve had, but if it stays as it is, then winter will be bad. As I’ve posted on here before, Mac came out of winter very poor. He is...
  30. TheresaW

    Luna had puppies!

    Not in real life thankfully. She hasn’t, and she won’t be! I had the most awful dream last night that she had puppies. She recently finished her last season, and has put on a little weight, which maybe triggered the dream. I think the weight gain could be down to the fact we changed her food...