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  1. Amymay

    Worried about neighbours dog

    Is the property lease hold?
  2. Amymay

    How much to charge for my hen eggs?

    £1.50 round here (West Wales).
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    Dog thefts and prevention - Red Dog Spray

    One thing I do wonder about is what the the reaction of one dog I walk’s reaction to any theft attempt/attack on my person. He’s a border collie who can be rather sharp, and I’m absolutely ‘his’ person. I have no doubt that he’d attack quite badly anyone that tried to harm me or Daisy. Wonder...
  4. Amymay

    vera update.. been here 3 weeks already! 14 weeks old today

    She’s gorgeous 💕
  5. Amymay

    Giving yard notice concerned

    Of course you need to pay your notice period.
  6. Amymay

    Dog thefts and prevention - Red Dog Spray

    Yes, all dogs must be microchipped (but of course many aren’t). There have been instances of chips being dug out by thieves though 😢
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    This all day long.
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    Dog thefts and prevention - Red Dog Spray

    I recently bought myself a personal alarm, following recommendations on a post I made. It emits a shrill sound, sprays a non toxic foul smell (I think it’s garlic based going by the smell) and also emits a non toxic ultraviolet spray. The tagging the dog a colour is a great idea. But for me...
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    Another livery yard question

    Poster hasn’t been here since 2018
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    Horse won’t move forward

    Great advice.
  11. Amymay

    2.5 year old toddler and green horse.... help!

    Sometimes you just can’t do it all.
  12. Amymay

    Video Thoughts please....

    I tend to agree. He may or may not be lame. But it’s pretty difficult to tell. Not helped by being grossly overweight, and straight through the hocks. I suspect that unless your friends spends a final amount on x-rays, she’ll never really get to the bottom of what issues he may or may not have.
  13. Amymay

    Just need a hug (dog related)

    What are you feeding her?
  14. Amymay

    Aggressive neighbour - any advice?

    Every incident should result in an immediate phone call to the police.
  15. Amymay

    Portuguese Water Dog high energy? Any other similar suggestions?

    I know of 5. 2 absolutely delightful dogs. 3 absolute bastards.
  16. Amymay

    Horse tanking off on lunge

    Some find it very exciting. Are you lunging in a head collar only?
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    Put a head collar on her and bring her out of the field, then go in the field with your hay. Always have more piles of hay out than horses, and always very well spread apart. I’d have about six piles.
  18. Amymay

    best clippers for beginners

    I had a set of Lister Neon clippers. They were fab. Not too big, but perfect for clipping my horses, including their feather.
  19. Amymay

    Portuguese Water Dog high energy? Any other similar suggestions?

    I thought she would 💕 Great dogs for a fun, active household.
  20. Amymay

    Portuguese Water Dog high energy? Any other similar suggestions?

    Hold on to your hats. I’m going to suggest a.... Cockerpoo! I’ll close the door on the way out 😉
  21. Amymay

    Curiousity- How long do you walk your dog for without offering water?

    I rarely carry water with me as I’m (more often than not) close to water sources. However, if I’m going for a good old yomp then water is offered at the end of the walk (again, as I’m rarely far from water).
  22. Amymay

    I need some advice..

    Why the pressure to post pictures of the horses hooves? OP has said she’s not concerned about them. Can it just be left at that? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  23. Amymay

    Anyone seen swelling like this?

    Absolutely gutted for you all TPO 💕
  24. Amymay

    I need some advice..
  25. Amymay

    Dangerous charity

    Can you report them to FB?
  26. Amymay

    Chain harrowing

    That’s a cute tractor 🚜😀
  27. Amymay

    Up at 5.30 for the second time in 3 nights...

    How did last night go?
  28. Amymay

    Update on Leo cob

    I think all discussions about this need to stop. The thread was locked for a reason..