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    Welcome to HHO Towing Clinic

    Thank you very much trailer guy. Yes, I think it was the Discovery detachable tow bars that have given the detachable ones a bad reputation amongst horse owners. Mine was a fitted flange tow bar on that vehicle. I was given some duff info on the Kia tow bar it would seem, by both the salesman...
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    Welcome to HHO Towing Clinic

    Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place, the forum has changed a bit since I last visited. I've put a post in the 'Tack Room' but it may be better here. Does anyone tow with a new shape (2015) Kia Sorento? It seems that the latest reincarnation of the Kia Sorrento can only have a detachable...
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    Who tows with a new shape (2015) Kia Sorento?

    Thank you, good idea ROG!
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    Who tows with a new shape (2015) Kia Sorento?

    That's the case with the automatic. The manual has 2500kg 😊
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    Who tows with a new shape (2015) Kia Sorento?

    It seems that the latest reincarnation of the Kia Sorrento can only have a detachable tow bar rather than a fitted version. We have found a Sorento that fits our criteria and has a tow bar to replace my unreliable Discovery 3, however, I'm rather worried about the detachable tow bar as have...
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    Lice Help - Coopers not available

    Deosect - really easy to use. You dilute it and a tin goes a long way. It can be used in a sprayer in summer as a very effective fly spray. Cleared up my lousy chap immediately!
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    What do I wear to Cheltenham races country day?

    Tweed! Surely it's dependant on which enclosure you're in as if in members I'd have thought no jeans etc. long time since I went - 20 odd years ago, so things might be different now.
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    Do I look too big on him? tb?

    Kate, you are very brave to have posted a photo on this forum - I have said I never will! You look great on him - ignore the rude people!
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    Am I the only person in the whole world who lets my horse crib?

    I know of a Primitive Rising horse that cribs too - very interesting.
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    Sticky burrs!

    A hoof pick can help get them out. The burrs also have an itching powder effect as you break them up - horrid things! I would spray conditioner in their manes and rails but it would probably be easier to get rid of all the burrs first!
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    Anyone 'need' a 13hh coloured jumping pony for free !!

    A lady in our Pony Club has a 14hh version also from Bransby and she's a fantastic jumper. They've had her for about 3 years now, and the younger daughter will have her eventually. Definitely worth considering giving him a home.
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    Swollen hind legs

    Has he had more protein than normal? This can make their hind legs swell sometimes. My elderly TB had this last year when he was on good grass. It's usually their hind limbs that swell because they are further away from the heart. Vet advised me to give Epsom salts in his feed and this brought...
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    arena uk yesterday with puzzle

    We saw you! We have a coloured too so I noticed yours. My son commented that he liked your bridle too :-) Well done - did you have to wait a long time for your class too?
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    Horse/Dog Portraits?

    Artists that usually do pastels etc may well be prepared to do a graphite/ pencil drawing for you. Try Susan Robertson - Animal Portrait Artist on Facebook or just type in animal or pet portraits and see what comes up, there are loads on there including many of those mentioned further up the...
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    Show jumper falls off, (minor blip) then horse turns on him

    This is exactly what I think. One wonders if it has been "dealt with" on a previous occassion for similar behaviour and having got the rider off is getting its own back.
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    Veteranaid from Feedmark

    I fed it last winter and have bought some more, but if I'm honest I didn't notice a huge difference - I think it makes me feel better that they're getting it. As mine are currently out 24/7 they are moving around more anyway and appear less stiff.
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    Hunting video

    Great video, but it reminded me if why I don't go anymore! (Big wimp!) We used to canter on the road if necessary, but for shorter distances than on there, but there wasn't a verge on that stretch that I could see. Imagine if you slipped :-O My last statement says it all about my current state...
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    Dales Pony loose on the beach!

    I wondered if that might happen too as they're not watermarked. I think you do have the copyright anyway as you're the photographer, but they are nickable at the moment and as they're so fab it would be a shame for someone else to profit from them.
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    Horrible end to an evening :(

    How awful for you all! However, thank you for posting this as I've learnt something from your post and the replies. I didn't know this could happen. I've had a laden trailer look as though it might tip when on a sloping verge once so I'd have been wary of traversing the hill sideways too.
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    Lost my nerve - not sure I want to get it back...

    Goodness, this is exactly how I feel! I am just over 50 and had some falls resulting in concussion when I was 49. At about 47 I broke my collar bone in a hunting accident, but as it was a jumping accident I simply decided to get back in the saddle but not jump after it mended. I have ridden...
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    Can anyone recommend an affordable animal artist?

    I think Gina maybe called "Mildred" on here. I could also recommend "Susan Robertson - Animal Portrait Artist" on Facebook. If you type in Animal portrait or Pet Portrait on Facebook lots will come up.
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    New yard, horses legs stocking up

    My elderly TB's hind legs filled up last year due to too much protein - basically I put him onto quite long grass in the summer and that was the result. I know they can get it from standing in though. This may not be relevant to your horse but thought it might be helpful. I gave him Epsom Salts...
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    Racesafe 2010 - how long does it take to soften up!

    Leave it in the warmth for 15 minutes and it should become quite pliable.
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    Info wanted on ANTONY EBENEEZER (Pilot) *not stolen*

    Have just been googling this horse out of interest and sorry to say he had to be PTS earlier this year because of an old injury/ field accident from what I gather. The young girl who owned him last has made a very touching tribute video of him which is on YouTube, called "for the life of Pi". It...
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    Another surprise foal!

    Sorry for butting in OP but I was interested in what Faracat had to say above. The stallion was by Rivaz Limerick the Apaloosa out of a dark bay mare, so only half Apaloosa, but blanket spotted. I had expected to see spotted foals but the five or so he sired were all solid. The foals would only...
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    Another surprise foal!

    He looks black or dark brown to me, and I don't think he'll grey out as Mum isn't a grey. If dad isn't either there's no way he can be grey. In one picture where he's losing his foal coat around the muzzle you can see his 'real' colour underneath. Also Appaloosas often have mottled skin or white...
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    Your selling experiences with Horse Deals?

    That's the one with he magazine too isn't it? I advertised in it once and had no calls whatsoever, just other websites etc touting for business.
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    is this ragwort?

    Thank you for resurrecting it, however I still don't know what it is!
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    The heady days of pony fun in the 1970s

    I still have my Stylos - they were the ones with the leather on the top of the inside. I still wear mine occasionally if I have to walk through a muddy field leading a horse I'm about to ride. So easy just to hose off. I believe they became Aigle. Great thread - I too remember jumping park...