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    Success stories with Biotin

    My cob is barefoot and was fed TopSpec when he came over from Ireland quite weedy and I thought he'd never make a show cob. His feet however have always been excellent. He is now a maxi! lol Last Spring having had to change farrier due to lockdown however, he had a bit of an overzealous trim and...
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    Knee boots

    I always used the Woof Knee/Brushing boots, nothing to slip down & you can canter in them. Win win! Never found a neoprene set of ordinary knee boots that didn't slip. Rugging and leather ones were ok though.
  3. J

    Yet another BF balancers thread

    The only way (well, from my experience anyway) is to literally add less than a tenth of a dose (of the Equimins pellets) the first day, hidden in whatever yummy food they like, if they eat that increase to 1/5 of a dose the next day and so on. My cob was fine with the Equimins powder but wasn't...
  4. J

    Dressage WANTED: Jockey to back a 4 YO Warmblood x Andalusian - Staffordshire

    I can very strongly recommend Morris & Smith equine services, now based Wirksworth, Derbyshire so not too far. They will long rein and do the ground work and do a cracking job, please don't risk yourself if you haven't ridden for a couple of years.
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    The phrase "Just a cob" should be retired, my cob (both of them, I include my dear departed LW in this) got me through both heaven and hell. My youngster, literally gave me a reason to keep going when I thought I had inherited my dad's medullary thyroid cancer (and they found a lump in my...
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    Opinions on this Numnah

    Any good, CC? If you don't have Ebay maybe one of us could get it for you?
  7. J

    Opinions on this Numnah

    @Cheeky Chestnut there's a brand new one on Ebay @£15
  8. J

    Yet another BF balancers thread

    My cob will eat both the Equimins powder and pellets but preferred the powder (mixed in soaked Thunderbrooks Hay Cobs) I recently got hold of a bag of Agrobs Weisencobs for him to try mixed in with the Thunderbrooks but so far it's a No on Agrobs, he eats it but leaves some which is unheard of...
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    Why is it so difficult to find ...

    I have a Salamo one, very nice quality - Oak is brown, with Brass fittings - £30 and super soft quality leather.
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    I don't really understand why they sent size 8 scoots with the measurements you showed, my cob has very similar sizing and he's in a 10 in Scoots... although the 9 did go on, they were tight on the heel.
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    Hay Prices

    I have 2019 hay in the barn, I panic bought last May as we had that hot spell, the 2019 was fantastic stuff so I bought 50 extra, we are still using them now & it's still cracking soft meadow hay - £4.50 a bale and still £4.50 as I am topping up next week with 30 more for summer - 2020 hay. My...
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    Why does it feel impossible to find a nice livery yard near me !

    I can only echo @Trouper - unless you need an Olympic size school then search Preloved for stables/land for rent, that's how I found my sole use yard OK I have no school but as I have transport I can box up to one. Do you have transport? If you do the world is your oyster (apart from in lockdown...
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    @Red-1, I bought some Scoots size 10 last year for Ruari as I thought I might need them...haven't.....if you think he might be a size 10 (150-155 mm x 155mm from memory) I'd be happy for you to try them. They've never been used except to try on. Just send back if no good
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    Recommendation for fly masks

    I try not to use either fly masks or rugs as on big cobs, I have never found a fly rug that doesn't either rub, or make them sweat (or some, both!) - the only one that fits my cob is the Snuggy Bug body but is far too hot to leave on in 25c plus. I very occasionally use the Premier Equine fly...
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    Mounting help

    My cob was taught by the breaker to come to me no matter what I was getting on from. You "kiss" to him & tap his bum gently and he comes towards the block. It even worked when I fell off him (my fault totally, wool-gathering with washing line reins and a pheasant flew out & I fell off at...
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    My vet gave me a Babyhaler when my old cob needed steroids via inhaler. Worked really well and about £30! Just held his head and popped it over one nostril, covered the other one after he breathed out & one puff as he breathed in, did the trick twice a day for about a week, from memory.
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    Arthritic horses and hacking on roads

    I only trot briefly on roads (max 4-5 min if that) and preferably uphill, on my barefoot, very HW cob, I figure he's a big lad and I don't want to hammer his joints as he's young and I want him to lead a long and happy life with me hopefully. Walking as much as you can do, miles and miles won't...
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    Thunderbrooks Hay Cobs vs Simple Systems vs...?

    I struggle to get Agrobs in Shropshire (we've only just got Thunderbrooks! lol) Unless anyone knows where nr WV7/TF postcode I can get Agrobs Weisencobs???
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    I've Taken Back Shoes Off - Anything I Should Know?

    I'm no expert, but I own an unshod show cob. I was feeding him Top Spec Lite but after a slightly overdone trim last May he became the slightest bit footy over very big stones (something he'd never previously done) - I was advised to ditch the Top Spec Lite for Equimins Advance complete, ditch...
  20. J

    Jump saddles that fit like Black Country native tree?

    Consider the Black Country Freedom tree maybe, this is similar to the Native tree in that it fit a broader back, but with some wither. I also had a Harry Dabbs IB fit really well for my XW show cob who does have a slight wither. I bought it with large (removeable) knee blocks which IMO unless...
  21. J

    Saddle ruined !

    I confess to only cleaning my tack for shows and the saddle, only usually a wipe over on the first show of the season, in fact I’ve just bought 2 new saddles (don’t ask! Expanding cob) and neither have been cleaned yet - oops. Bridles I’d clean before each show if dirty but saddles - no. I use...
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    That's so kind, I am in Shropshire/Staffs border but I can travel (when we are allowed out.) Cheshire is definitely do-able and I don't have a school so I have to travel for lessons anyway.....Pippity could I please have details?
  23. J

    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    Oh my god, I think you are the instructor I have been looking for all my life! Is never going to work because you're not teaching/taking horses, and I am probably the other end of the country...but....there's no harm in wishing for the rainbow's end, is there? I have been ground down until my...
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    When supercob met the super(osteopathic)vet...

    Where is he based? I would love to see what he makes of my cob, who is still green in the canter, paranoid me would just like to be sure I haven't missed anything..?
  25. J

    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    And that is your absolute right of course ! :) It's just I see so many things that I really, really like that you are doing with him, that I would love to do with mine if I had the time and facilities. Keep doing what you're doing - it's heartwarming and inspiring to read x
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    I love this! I am kicking myself as I sold my beloved old cob's Back on Track rug after I lost him, I would have gladly donated it (might've been a bit big though, 6ft 6/9) If you ever fancy a "schooling" livery Ruari would love to come and stay :) Not sure what he'd say to a no-grass existence...
  27. J

    Winter & Turnout!

    Does he jump out of the field then @Fern007 ? I can see that would be a problem....
  28. J

    Attaching breastplate to Prolite girth

    I loved the little buckle on my Fairfax, took me ages to get used to having to put the bridle on first again when my saddler advised my baby cob wouldn't get on with the Fairfax. They're really not at all fiddly. Not-so-baby cob now needs an XF breastplate as his chest /neck are too wide for the...
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    Winter & Turnout!

    I would have said a lot of things OP has, with my old show cob who I showed to County level - he would hooley around in wet weather at 1000mph scared me to death so he was first out and first in (but always got a minimum of 6-7 hours a day unless yard rules said they weren't allowed out). I...
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    Video Let's See Your Rolling Ponies! 😀

    Hopefully you can see this.....