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  1. Lyle

    Welsh D Canter - HELP!!

    One rein stops- start by teaching how to flex to the halter then bit from the ground. Work up to flexing under saddle, left and right. She should be light as a feather. walk a few steps, sit deep, count to three, slide hand down the rein and pull it back lightly to your hip. Work up to doing...
  2. Lyle

    Lockdown training ideas with limited facilities

    Groundwork, there is so many low energy exercises that teach respect, suppleness, how to yield, and be responsive. Couple this with tonnes of desensitising, and you'll have an awesome mount by the end of lockdown
  3. Lyle

    Bitting a youngster

    I’ve found letting them have a mouthful of grass/hay/feed useful, they are chewing anyway and you time the dropping of the bit.
  4. Lyle

    Pictures Show us your lockscreen...

    This is Nibbles, the Boer Goat. He would like your scratches thank you very much.
  5. Lyle

    Irrational annoyances...

    The current craze of calling a baby boy, ‘little man’, making them wear their shirts that say ‘little man’ etc. sets my teeth on edge.
  6. Lyle

    Training question - what do you do with just broken youngster

    Enough schooling to have go/stop/turn established and consistent. After that.... Miles under the feet: hacking over a variety of terrains, banks, small ditches, water. Obstacles at a slow pace with time to sort out their feet. Mine is five rides a week, one or two ‘schooling’ I.e ‘cruising’ in...
  7. Lyle

    Body Protector recommendations

    I'm searching for a new, comfy, flexible body protector to wear every day (alllll day) while riding breakers/working youngstock. So it needs to be comfortable, ideally light, and flexible. It must been eventing standards level 3 so I can also use it XC, but will do my own research into the...
  8. Lyle

    Diving into horse and showing thoughts....Avoiding "reality"

    I have two this year that will be first time competitors, so looking forward to hitting up some dressage days in the late autumn/winter (May/June) and then even some eventing in the spring season towards the end of the year! australia has been incredibly fortunate with Covid, although we are in...
  9. Lyle

    Schoolmaster , nervous ot lunatic?

    Time, consitent routine, work that he finds easy. Build the relationship with the horse. He's gone through what can be called 'the Honeymoon period' for the first week, where he performed as if he was at a show, based on the hard work of the previous owner/rider. Then he's realised that he's not...
  10. Lyle

    Irrational annoyances...

    When it's windy constatly and the tape fencing is being buffeted and stretched, and I know I'm going to have to go around and tighten fencing strands again when the wind eventually (if ever?) stops.
  11. Lyle

    Actors and riding

    I think it's important to note as well, that there are usually multiple filming units, so while the actors are off filming all the acting scenes, there will be other units off on different locations filming other stuff, such as the riding. So even if actors can ride, they really don't have many...
  12. Lyle

    Actors and riding

    In my youth, I was a riding double for the kid's tv show 'The Saddle Club', based on the books of the same name. Was an incredible experience for 12 year old me! No school for 4 months, and just riding horses alllllll day
  13. Lyle

    Re backing a supposedly unbacked horse :(

    Look up the Jeffries method. It involves lying on the horse bareback, working up to lying parallel along their back, rubbing the horse all over, pusing your way back and off. It is done in a safe yard/roundpen with a good halter and long rope. I wouldn't be sitting on a horse until they are...
  14. Lyle

    Lemieux matchy craze?!

    I used to find it a lot of fun, but am far too busy with too many horses to work to bother. Plain colours in my property colours for me now! Have no problems with it, it's cute and if it helps people have a sense of pride, fun and enjoyment I'm all for it. Although, I do cringe when I see the...
  15. Lyle

    How to calm a scared horse

    Just my opinion... Groundwork first in a roundpen or arena, establish fundamentals such as yield the hind quarters, back up etc. I just have to look at my horses quarters and they yield and give me two eyes. So in a spook situation, the horse shoots off and if I need to tug on the lead (I use a...
  16. Lyle

    Husbands vs horses

    Although I love having time to veg out on the couch, making naughty snacks when the OH is off on a road trip, I really couldn't live without him. My OH has a horsey background from his youth. He does everything with a level of drive that I don't really have. He's the big picture thinker, the...
  17. Lyle

    Are all rope halters equal?

    I really like the 'Clinician' style rope halters. They are typically a stiffer rope, particularly over the nose, with 4 knots (so 2 extra) across the nose. They are an important tool for correct groundwork, so a quality one is important!
  18. Lyle

    Ground work, strong horse

    I think the thing to remember with groundwork, is it's aim is to TEACH the horse HOW to respond to pressures and situations. Simply putting a firmer piece of kit on, when a horse has no clue of what you are asking, or what's expected of him, will not help. There are lots of wonderful...
  19. Lyle

    Ground work for youngsters

    I find The western methods really focus on building a foundation that teaches the horse to really think, stay calm and respond to a variety of pressures. After the horses have learnt and become established in the concepts, things like presenting them with obstacles, long reining, float loading...
  20. Lyle

    Ground work for youngsters

    Agree with Fredflop, there are lots of different variations of groundwork, with different methods, however most have the same basic principles. Do some research, and find a method that sits well with you. For me, I like the simplest, easiest to understand methods so I can apply them with...
  21. Lyle

    TRT method instead of turning away for young just broken horses - (for those who have done the method)

    Defenitely use groundwork! From my experience with the D's (I have 12 of them lol) is they require a firm, confident yet very fair hand. They are totally rewarding though!!
  22. Lyle

    TRT method instead of turning away for young just broken horses - (for those who have done the method)

    Is he a welsh D? I can't comment on the TRT method specifically, but I used a groundwork foundation, building up to backing/starting undersaddle 'method' series with my Welsh D. He sounds like your horse, super sweet but spooky/reactive/sensitive. Groundwork is absolutely key, it makes all the...
  23. Lyle

    A bittersweet update.....

    So sorry to hear about Cassie, you two certainly looked a true partnership. Maddie is gorgeous, what a cracking type. I'm sure she has come into your life for a reason.
  24. Lyle

    Silly question about haynets and tacking up

    I have horse tied, eating while I brush, boots and saddle. Un-tie horse, turn him away from net, slip off halter and slip on bridle. If it's being heing a pig, just removed the net.
  25. Lyle

    rugging- to neck, or not to neck

    Ah thank you everyone for your replies! Lots to think about. It feels a little odd to question the 'done' thing, but I find it totally fascinating that things are done in such different ways. There's a train of thought that horses need to have 'natural' fibres, so high percentage cotton sheets...
  26. Lyle

    rugging- to neck, or not to neck

    Hello from down under! The question that I have is... who turns their horses out or has them living out full time, without a neck cover, when clipped? Background here is: I have Welsh D's, and have been buying them at 6mo and will be breeding them in the future. I don't rug them until they are...
  27. Lyle

    Are people riding?

    I made the decision not to ride at the moment, green breaker and we are quite rural. I'm handling all the horses and doing groundwork, whilst wearing my helmet (always do anyway when I'm near them!) and even my body protector. I hope everyone manages to find some peace and comfort during this...
  28. Lyle

    Welsh cob owners..

    Thank you so much everyone for your input, lots of food for thought!
  29. Lyle

    Welsh cob owners..

    Excellent, thank you! He’s got an extensive knowledge of groundwork, he’s obviously been super easy to teach anything active to and has the best work ethic and it’s obvious he enjoys the work. I do the desensitising in balance with anything sensitising (active) and it has been very helpful in...
  30. Lyle

    Welsh cob owners..

    Looking for advice/ideas from owners and riders of Welsh Cobs. I have a super, just turned 4yo section D who I bought last year as a 3yo. He has always been sharp, reactive, snorty and with a high flight (I.e run away!) reflex. I bought him from his breeder, and it definitely took 6 months for...