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  1. Asha

    2021 Foals .. what have you got cooking ?

    Indigo Rock n roll is gorgeous, ive seen your posts. with a temperament like that you couldnt walk away. Feel the warm was one i looked at when he was young.. i was very tempted. Stunning lad
  2. Asha

    2021 Foals .. what have you got cooking ?

    Fabulous news.. when are you getting her covered?
  3. Asha

    2021 Foals .. what have you got cooking ?

    Oohh ... which Indigo do you have ? I also have Indigo Morning star by Archie. Its because shes so lovely i decided to breed another by Archie. It will be like one of those Jeremy Kyle scenes when Pip realises her best friend has been having an affair with her dad :D:D
  4. Asha

    2021 Foals .. what have you got cooking ?

    Asha had real nookie the first time,and apparently it was the stallions first time for the real thing too. The stud said afterwards he was exhausted , lay down and went to sleep with a big smile on his face:D:D Im sure they know whats going on, im also sure the rest of the herd know whats going...
  5. Asha

    2021 Foals .. what have you got cooking ?

    i love this stage. its so exciting. Just watching the foal kick/move .The miracle of life ! So you are only circa 3 mknths away from meeting your foal. exciting
  6. Asha

    Edgemere Equestrian

    They are about 15mins around the corner from me, and can assure everyone they are a well respected local company who have been in business years. I imagine keeping track of stocked items is a challenge especially with the number of SKUs they have. This is one company id have no doubts about at all.
  7. Asha

    2021 Foals .. what have you got cooking ?

    Hows everyones mares doing ? I can now say ours is due next month, we have plenty of foal movement too. Ive just started to notice the very start of her muscles slacking off a bit and her udders are pointing down as opposed to inwards, but no bigger , which is good ! Shes definitely feeling the...
  8. Asha

    Water treadmill

    Brilliant ! I know my daughter wants to go xc on him again this year, they have never been competitive as they always rack up the time faults too. Be great if it helped a little.
  9. Asha

    Water treadmill

    We took Finn at the weekend , and it’s fair to say he actually enjoyed it . So he’s going again next weekend , as is Pip . Lovely set up and just down the road from us too . time will tell what improvements we see .
  10. Asha

    Dressage WANTED: Jockey to back a 4 YO Warmblood x Andalusian - Staffordshire

    Send him away. We used Hardwick Hall, lovely people who did a fab job. they have spanish horses there as well, as they ride for the owner of the estate
  11. Asha

    Grassroots BE course suggestions

    Out of the ones youve mentioned we found llanymynech the most inviting. Its almost a nice step up from unaffiliated. the SJ course is usually a bit easier too. You then have smallwood for unaffiliated, they do a few 90s over the year. Somerford is also a nice inviting course,but does have more...
  12. Asha

    Water treadmill

    Do some just not like it ?
  13. Asha

    Water treadmill

    Brilliant, thank you . Thinking of taking my youngster once he’s up and out more
  14. Asha

    Water treadmill

    That’s really interesting AE . there’s a place near me doing it Rookery Equine Spa , looks reasonable prices too at £27 . I’m sure there’s a place closer to you though .. somewhere near stoke on Trent way
  15. Asha

    Water treadmill

    Has anyone used one to help build fitness for a non injured horse ? Just curious to hear feedback
  16. Asha

    Pictures Is my mare in foal? No one knows...

    Shes a similiar belly shape to my mare who is in foal,and due end of April. When you bring her in for her tea watch her flanks and see if you can see any movement. have you got any photos of her belly from behind, they are usually quite lopsided
  17. Asha

    Horsebox insurance renewal

    Try A Plan,i find them quite reasonable and they can include breakdown as well
  18. Asha

    Did anyone watch the British Breeding "backing showjumpers" webcast last night?

    i watched it to. I got the same impression as this ^^ The mare in question had been lunged and was taught all the voice commands. The kick was to back those commands up when she froze. They did move onto using a stick, which would just tap them on the shoulder when needed. Shirley had actually...
  19. Asha

    Another WWYD!

    As hes elderley now, maybe he just prefers a quiet life. Just because they dont interact too often doesnt make either of them unhappy. If he was looking depressed / stressed etc id look at changing things. But given he sounds ok and hes in good health id leave as it. Sometimes we can over think...
  20. Asha

    Backing 3/4yr olds

    Good boy Chilli :D. Its great when you have one that thinks before reacting . Id forgotten how quickly they get tired. keeping my fingers crossed we get some good nes about lockdown later. be nice to have a date to work towards for a little trip out.
  21. Asha

    Contemplating getting another youngster

    our 2 yo is out with the 4yo and the rest of the herd. The pair of them play very well together. But they are a very similar height. In fact the 2yo is bigger and has much more bone, so she can hold her own. You dont want a small weanling in with a playful 5yo without some form of protection...
  22. Asha

    Backing 3/4yr olds

    Franks 2nd hack was a bit more eventful, thanks to Elvis :p Elvis is one of the neighbours shetland, who has an inbuilt radar for young / nervous horses. He doesnt move a muscle when we pass him anymore ,but clearly having Frank with us was just too tempting ! As we got near to Elvis a large...
  23. Asha

    Backing 3/4yr olds

    you can could practically here the cogs ! He just soaked it all up . He’s come back much more forward which is great . Can’t wait to hear how you get on with yours . Its nice to be excited again 🤩
  24. Asha

    Backing 3/4yr olds

    Super chuffed with Frank . Yesterday long reined in the yard and then sat on for 1 minute as both he and jockey where drenched . Today jockey jumped straight on and we went for a short hack . He was just as good as he was last year . Fingers crossed this great attitude lasts , or is he just...
  25. Asha

    Oops ive done some panic buying

    what a stunning foal. Congratulations
  26. Asha

    Matthew Wright RIP

    Incredibly sad. Ive just read a report /interview that he gave talking about his struggles, heart breaking . My thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP Matthew x
  27. Asha

    2021 Foals .. what have you got cooking ?

    Not long to wait then ! if its any help the mares ive bred from have all been the same temperament in and out of foal. In fact Aria is much nicer when shes not in foal. Your mare has a very kind face
  28. Asha

    2021 Foals .. what have you got cooking ?

    what a lovely mare, maybe not what you had planned for..but still very exciting ! Did the vets not give you an idea of how far along she was ?
  29. Asha

    We breed some lovely geldings in this country and then leave their balls on.......

    couldn’t agree more . I’ve been looking at both ID and TB stallions to try and work out a plan for a couple of mares . I’d love a system where the stallion grading marks are published . ( a bit like the ID ones are in Ireland)
  30. Asha

    Grumpy farrier

    Some interesting responses on here today. Training methods/ bute aside - A horse that has been good to shoe,( who has felt a little under the weather recently)who wriggles away from the farrier does not deserve a jab to the belly. OP - i would change farriers. Having done this recently i can...