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  1. LEC

    How do you get your horse low level event fit?

    Mine are not really even cantering much at the moment as I don't have an arena but they are going up steep hills in trot for about 4 mins with a final burst of 30-45 seconds in canter which makes them really blow. My canter field is a mess, I cannot travel so beach is out and my normal hill...
  2. LEC

    How do you get your horse low level event fit?

    Up to 1.05 eventing they should be doing the following: 2 x 4 mins @ 400mpm Your sprint work should be decent warm up in walk and trot for 30 minutes, once up the gallops in steady canter and then up once at 550mpm. This would be on a 5-7 furlong gallops. To be honest I don't bother taking...
  3. LEC

    Best electric fence testers

    Small children - preferably not your own. They give very quick feedback and you will get a clear idea of strength based on the feedback. Relatively easy to get hold of as well. Though supply will dwindle if regular testing takes place. Best to be sporadic to keep a good supply.
  4. LEC

    Gordon Elliott

    I think sadly it’s real but I wonder what has gone on behind the scenes that this photo has now emerged.
  5. LEC

    Richard Waygood Training

    Yes, to being more suited to confident. I think you need to be confident and robust in yourself as you will be pushed and challenged.
  6. LEC

    Dressage AES now actively using PRE's to improve WB breeding and rideability.

    Just not seeing the charm myself - ugly head and piggy eyes.
  7. LEC

    Unhandled Welsh D

    I got a gypsy cob 2yo (white marks behind his ears as nobody had taken it off) practically putting his own headcollar on the other with 20 mins clicker training. The day before he wouldn’t be caught and had to be corralled to be caught again (in a small turnout paddock). Spend an hour looking at...
  8. LEC

    Dressage AES now actively using PRE's to improve WB breeding and rideability.

    I had a PRE x WB. He had the worst attributes of every side. He is actually the horse who introduced me to groundwork and having to use other tools to fill the holes as none of the traditional methods worked for him in the slightest. I should be thankful to him as he taught me a lot and...
  9. LEC

    Dressage AES now actively using PRE's to improve WB breeding and rideability.

    And her conformation would definitely see her licensed if she was a stallion with AES 🙄
  10. LEC

    Horse boots for show jumping

    I jump 1.10m and I am far too lazy to put boots on at home in training with a shod horse. I do put on tendon boots when out and about. I always wear xc boots for xc though. They get the full works. I used to boot everything up and then realised they cause more issues than they stop with hot...
  11. LEC

    Dressage AES now actively using PRE's to improve WB breeding and rideability.

    Well the AES is a the crummiest of crummy stud books, I take this with a pinch of salt. I also don't get this idea that PRE are an easier, more amateur friendly horse. As with everything it all depends on the bloodlines. Far too many people buy flash, rather than a horse with less flash which...
  12. LEC

    6 month vaccine

    CORRECT - The BE amnesty on 6 month ended in October so back to 6 months. Most local EC to me have 6 months.
  13. LEC

    Travelling two horses in trailer without partitions

    I thought the issue was it was easier for horses to turn around if you didn’t have one and it also provides a central structure support in case of an accident. I haven’t seen any data about it being more dangerous? I also don’t really get how travelling one without a partition is fine and two...
  14. LEC

    White Horse Energy wood pellets

    Thanks, my beds don’t look pretty but they seem to be working well for 3 horses and a Shetland. Maybe I just need to suck it up.
  15. LEC

    First Shoes

    I don’t shoe until they need it. One did 2 years and one did 6 months from being backed.
  16. LEC


    BHSAI - £30 UKCC3 - £45/50 BHSI - £50/60 Internationally renowned £65 for 45 mins
  17. LEC

    Delusional owners

    You seem to have missed the point about social media...... it’s just a load of 🐂💩 that shouldn’t be taken seriously.
  18. LEC

    Should have been going to camp weekend plans

    I cleaned my tack and now want a certificate saying hardest worker ever.... I have been clicker training the Shetland except it’s gone slightly too well and now every time she sees anyone she tries to mug you for treats. So until I have a target to train with, I have amended my world class...
  19. LEC

    We breed some lovely geldings in this country and then leave their balls on.......

    As IHW and The Mule know - nothing 🤯 me quicker than people breeding for colour.
  20. LEC

    Would you buy a horse that has had Kissing spines surgery?

    Depends on the horse. I wouldn’t with a 4/5yo as never seen a single one who had done nothing go in to do anything but would on a horse who had been doing the job and then had KS diagnosed for right money.
  21. LEC

    Ride and lead.....

    I have two who won’t hack by themselves so I spend hours and hours riding and leading. I always ride the good one and lead the naughtiest. Much, much easier long term. They are taught voice signals normally on woah to slow or stop. Tbh stopping is easy making sure they are up is what you need to...
  22. LEC

    BHS Coaching Qualifications and freelance instructors insurance

    I did my UKCC2 instead and it was much quicker and recognised by BHS to enable me to teach and get insurance. I work full time so don’t have the capacity or time to go through the BHS stages but wanted a qualification to get insured. It was about 5 days training then a portfolio of teaching on top.
  23. LEC

    White Horse Energy wood pellets

    How white are the unbranded? I have been on the blue bags of pure biofuel but notice the green ones are much whiter which is what I would prefer.
  24. LEC

    We breed some lovely geldings in this country and then leave their balls on.......

    Anything remotely dire is graded by AES. Seems to now become money orientated rather than actual quality. I appreciate SHGB is a ridiculous society but they do at least hold some basic standards. No wonder continental is so strong.
  25. LEC

    We breed some lovely geldings in this country and then leave their balls on.......

    The show jumpers were a lot better - much more performance orientated. A couple really stood out.
  26. LEC

    Arc equine and magnetic bands

    Well, they don’t work at all if static ones.... would need to be electromagnetic ones to actually have a chance of working.
  27. LEC

    The dreaded B word and impact upon competition plans...

    My friend is a pro transporter and said its £2k a horse roughly each way. She has been shipping horses out on the sunshine tour. Says its an absolute nightmare, not sure what people thought it was going to be like or that it wouldn't impact them when Brexit arrived. People seem genuinely shocked...
  28. LEC

    Talk to me about bits

    I think some of it is individual preferences as well. I don't like loose ring snaffles or hanging cheeks. The 6yo I have is very inconsistent in the contact but its coming. It would be very easy to say oh she doesn't like the bit but actually a lot of it is she has a massive hind leg, is...
  29. LEC

    Equi Release gun

    I use one on myself and sometimes can have after effects for 2 days later with being sore to release my hamstrings and knots around my glutes. I would never use one on the horse as you have no idea about the law of unintended consequences with doing it. At least with myself I can stop or alter...