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  1. Ditchjumper2

    KC agility anyone?

    Today little one was KC measured. I have been fulfilling a fantasy acquired from those mis spent hours as a child watching agility from Olympia on the telly. You remember the days when at 9.25 BBC had HOYS or Olympia on after the news? Anyway a few years ago I joined a club and learnt agility...
  2. Ditchjumper2

    Toat Sport Horses

    Any opinions or experience of them? PM if you prefer.
  3. Ditchjumper2

    Colic - weight loss?

    Had horses forever but never had one suffer from colic. Last weekend we had one with impaction....and a very high heart rate. Tubed twice and fingers crossed now seems fine. BUT he looks dreadfull, ribs showing lost weight off his bum and big hollows above his flanks. Eating drinking and and...
  4. Ditchjumper2

    Peterborough tomorrow - anyone going?

    We are going...will try not to spend too much money this year!! Had 2 new jackets and a hat on our last few visits.
  5. Ditchjumper2

    Are all men like this?

    I greatly appreciate my dearly beloved :rolleyes: but men definitely have a different approach to horses............or is it just mine? This is what I have observed: 1. A man expects a horse to stand completely still whilst being tacked up. This includes not moving it's all. Any...
  6. Ditchjumper2

    Looks like a wet one tomorrow!

    Only just dried out from New Years Day and it looks like we're in for another soaking tomorrow. At least we are on lighter land...but don't want wet knickers again....and no I don't need Tena Lady......yet :D
  7. Ditchjumper2

    One pup litter

    The luck of the draw or did we do something wrong? Three year old bitch, first litter.
  8. Ditchjumper2

    Another Season Ends

    Well that's another season over :( Still all our horses all well and in one piece, but not sure what we will do now at weekends. Only 5 months til we start again :)
  9. Ditchjumper2

    Dealer query

    I know on here you always say to google the telephone number of anyone selling a horse to check if they are a dealer. All I get is lists of I doing it right please?
  10. Ditchjumper2

    Best Insurer please??

    We have only ever owned Russells and mutts in the past and have never insured them. But we are getting a new pup soon who cost a few pennies so thought we should perhaps insure her. Horses are with NFU....who are best for dogs please???? Thank you.
  11. Ditchjumper2

    Vote OK

    Well all the delivering of the leaflets worked here.....Labour out Con in.........yipee....power to the people!!!!! (Yes I am that old)
  12. Ditchjumper2

    Techy help please!!

    Can someone help please??? If you want to add a picture to a reply how do you do it? I've read the FAQ and it says: " below the message box, you will find a button labelled 'Manage Attachments'. Clicking this button will open a new window for uploading attachments. You can upload an...