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    Oh Sweetpea
  2. MrsMozart

    Dogs' behaviours when their person is poorly

    I have a head cold. It's definitely a sinus thing going on. Anyhoo, I'm lying on the sofa being pathetic and the Grots are worried. They're taking it in turns to look after me... πŸ˜³πŸΆπŸ’— I'm alternating between being licked, quite possibly to death, and being head butted into oblivion. Lil'dog...
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    At the vets with a Rottie with a poorly paw

    He was limping yesterday and today it's swollen. This is the Rottie who gets worried and so far, despite demanding cuddles all afternoon, has not let me look at it properly, just a cursory look. I've no idea how the vets are going to do it without me there. I tried to explain on the phone but...
  4. MrsMozart

    Babygro as a Dog Coat?

    Was just contemplating this idea off the back of another thread. The wee terrierist is getting out of her coat at night. I've tried the padded-with-a-zip-along-the-back and the sweater kind, neither of which stay put. She has a self-heating bed and her crate is covered with a thick fleece...
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    Lil'dog has infiltrated

    There I was, quietly browsing t'internet looking for good field hay holders, when suddenly I notice a creature has appeared and made herself very comfortable. The stealth factor is high with this one! πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚ But ne'er mind, she makes a good armrest πŸ€—
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    Frequency of Seasons?

    Lil'dog would appear to be in season again. No physical signs as such, just a distinct interest in the other dogs (much to their confusion) and being very keen on shoving her bum in their faces, and whining. She's perfectly fit and happy in herself. It's only two months since the last one...
  7. MrsMozart

    Anyone bought or made insulated covers for indoor dog crates?

    The Rotties are crated at night as the blighters still chew, though much improved on what they used to do. All is fine and they like their crates, especially now they can have a dog mattress in them (see more above about then having improved on the chewing front!), however if they can reach any...
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    Anyone use Yumove?

    They have a sale on:
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    Lil'dog Update

    Thought I'd do an update on the Lil'dog. On the whole all is grand. We have the odd moments where terrierism overrides good sense, manners and training, but she is so different to when she first came. These days she rarely growls at any of the others and never at humans. Her recall is...
  10. MrsMozart

    A Dog Found

    Can't get an attach picture option... ETA: My approach is a bit tatty but the two pictures below give the details. This lad needs his home. I don't know why the chip doesn't show his owner if it shows when he was reported lost.
  11. MrsMozart

    Anyone use anything like this?

    I'm tempted... Have carried smaller dogs in a jacket turned into a makeshift carrier, but no idea how I'd manage with a Rottie, or even the GSD. D1 and I will be getting out doing more hill and forest walks and we'll probably always have at least one dog with us...
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    How to help a bitch in season?

    The wee dog is in season... The last time, when I thought it was a silent season, wasn't one, but this one defintiely is. The poor wee thing is, um, very keen on having her needs met. The other dogs are just mildly bemused and are putting up with her 'interest' in them. She's obviously not...
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    Foggage - and what to do with it?

    I have approx 11 acres of foggage and wondering what to do with it. As I understand it, I can either open it up to the neds, or have it topped. We're heading into winter. I have 2 good do-ers and 1 old lady who can sometimes be fiddly to keep the weight on. They've been in a paddock that's...
  14. MrsMozart

    Best supplement for aging BC

    D2's Border Collie is nine and is stiffening up a little at times. Fit and well in all other respects. What joint supplements do people recommend?
  15. MrsMozart

    Some Stolen Dogs Found - please check

    Just saw this on FB. If you know of any missing dogs, it's definitely worth a look...
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    Little Dog Update

    Can't believe we've had the wee thing for over two months now! On the whole all it's grand πŸ€— She's had a spat with the GSD and with one of the Rotties. A few scratches but no blood. She'd been getting a bit bossy, but is more respectful of all of them now. I have to say they've all been...
  17. MrsMozart

    Which Wormer?

    Been debating going the test route, but haven't been able to split up the horses long enough to get a sample (working on how to manage that going forwards), and have friend's horse coming to stay so need to worm. Cant get a clear answer on whether visiting horse has been wormed at all this year...
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    Lil'Dog - Spay or Don't Spay? JRTx

    The lil' dog is in season. No physical signs, just behaviours - humping one of the Rotties (i know I shouldn't have laughed, but the look on his face was priceless). She's doing a bit of whinning and taking herself off to her crate. The others (2 male Rotties and 1 bitch GSD - they've all...
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    Look at This!

    It's brilliant πŸ€—πŸ˜Š
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    Tie-up Rails / Posts?

    Looking to set up some sort of tie-up post or rail thingy at the field. Am wondering what everyone else has? Currently thinking of three fence posts sunk in a row, say three feet between each, and a round post sat across the top. Just wondering how to attach that to the three posts... I'm...
  21. MrsMozart

    All not quite as hoped...

    It's been going so well with the wee dog. She's mixing with the others and playing with them (a sight to be seen for sure) and all fine. Then last night happened. Wee dog does not like being told what to do or 'No' or any other word that means she can't be where she wants to be. This is not...
  22. MrsMozart

    Well that's a bobber...

    ...I think the wee dog brought some tiny friends with her... 😳☹ I was told she was all up to date with vaccs and treatments, and due to covid I couldn't take her for a check up as I normally would've done. Harrumph. The others are on something (name escapes me!) that I get monthly from the...
  23. MrsMozart

    Coats for Terrerists?

    The wee one is a cold beastie. I've been looking for something small, long, small ribcage. No joy! Any shops or websites I shoulde be looking at?
  24. MrsMozart

    Licking Wee Dog!

    As in the wee dog is doing the licking, not me licking the wee dog... πŸ€ͺ Never had such a licky dog! Any bare piece of skin and she's in there. It's driving me slightly bonkers πŸ™„ Moving either her or the skin away does not deter. A firm voice just gets her very worried. I'm very aware that...
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    Pony Pawing

    He's now eight (I think, I lose track) and when tied up in pretty much any situation, as soon as he's bored he starts pawing. He paws to get attention. To show his displeasure. To show impatience. Whilst he's been backed I've been too heavy for him, so he's spent a lot of time being a large...
  26. MrsMozart

    Wee Dog

    Gosh. She's been here for a week today! Things are going well (fingers remain tightly crossed!). The growling at the others has almost completely gone πŸ€—. She's mixing in with them and almost played with one of the Grotties yesterday. Recall is still an issue 75% of the time. She'll just...
  27. MrsMozart

    Nervy Dog - coping and caring strategies?

    The wee terrierist (eighteen month old JRT x Patterdale) is settling in nicely, however I'm a little concerned having learnt more of her past. Not concerned in that I think we have a problem, more a 'how do I make it right for her?'. At some point in the past she's had a tough time of it. I...
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    Today is the day!

    I'm going to collect the wee dog this afternoon πŸ€— I have a crate for her for inside the house. Can I use it to travel her in? She doesn't have a harness of any sort. I could get one before going but wondering about fit. We've put up a stairgate so she can't go walkabout, as I'm not yet...
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    Introducing New Dog to Established Pack - thoughts on how to make it go well please

    Currently have two male Rotties (brothers) who are three years old, and a GSD bitch (approx. six years old I think). We've had the Rotties from eight weeks and we're the GSD's third or fourth (and last!) home and have had her for about four years. Due to a distant relative's change in Life...
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    Grey Mare is wonky. Had the vet it about ten days ago as she just suddenly went one evening. I thought she'd broken something. Without the aid of xrays etc., concluded arthritis. Since then she's had good days and the odd wonky day. This morning was a wonky one. I nearly called the vet, but...