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  1. rara007

    Backing 3/4yr olds

    Took our ‘chill out’ inhand session quite literally today!
  2. rara007

    Oww my head

    I broke my arm in half, bones sticking out style, getting on bareback a pony that didn’t move...
  3. rara007

    4.5T horsebox

    Ours isn’t for sale but is Tatton and very good.
  4. rara007

    Are stallions suddenly fashionable?

    Ours is the biggest trouble maker- the pally at the back. I’m sure it was him responsible for hiding all 3 between the hedge and barn...! He covered as a youngster but we’re not going to use him (or touch wood sell him). I know it makes me sound like ‘one of those’ owners but for now he doesn’t...
  5. rara007

    Backing 3/4yr olds

    I do hope so!
  6. rara007

    Backing 3/4yr olds

    Yes she’d by validos highlight out of a riccio mare :) Back to being relaxed today, phew. Did ‘cheat’ by giving her a little lunge and we just did mounting and wandering around on a loose rein but a positive session.
  7. rara007

    Acoustic ears

    Yes they work.
  8. rara007

    Backing 3/4yr olds

    A LOT of sass today. Didn’t really fancy leaving the gate. Going to step it back a bit for her as I think that’s what we need as a partnership. As much as I try I’m not a pro! It’s such a hard balance between she’s over confident/dominant and testing vs v young and insecure.
  9. rara007

    Backing 3/4yr olds

    We’re home from ‘school’ with plenty of ping :D
  10. rara007

    Dogs eating hoof clippings 🤢

    Careful- they do cause surgical blockages on occasion!
  11. rara007

    Video Thoughts please....

    Agree with Mitchen. He’s a fat heavy cob running at a speed to match the handler downhill. I doubt he ever moved like valegro. I wouldn’t draw any conclusions from these I’m afraid.
  12. rara007

    Are WB’s wimps?

    Mine aren’t- German riding ponies. Over dramatic sometimes but not wimps.
  13. rara007

    Which type of cobs for showing?

    For me feathers off and plait the mane :)
  14. rara007

    Would you buy a horse that has had Kissing spines surgery?

    I wouldn’t buy into such a significant known problem, no. Very slightly potential if it was a older schoolmaster working well for peanuts, but in general no.
  15. rara007

    Magnetic therapy boots - useful or quackery?

  16. rara007

    Lead suggestions for springer

    Not necessarily the answer you want but work on him accepting the halti, treat it like muzzle training. Or figure 8 the slip lead. I don’t walk my springer on the lead now, beyond getting him to somewhere safe to be loose. On lead does nothing for him other than an hour of extreme excitement. If...
  17. rara007

    We breed some lovely geldings in this country and then leave their balls on.......

    I’m looking forwards to the dressage. Semi window shopping for sperm for my little mare but again a lot of the British based stallions I’ve seen advertised so far don’t have a patch on her...!
  18. rara007

    Which type of cobs for showing?

    Do coloureds for the little guy- his size won’t matter then :) The pally looks closest to a small hunter to me but of course there’s classes for that colour too. There’s often ‘family pony’ ‘riding club horse’ type classes they’d both fit into too.
  19. rara007

    We breed some lovely geldings in this country and then leave their balls on.......

    The Facebook steam is the full 5 hours :) scroll back to the date.
  20. rara007

    We breed some lovely geldings in this country and then leave their balls on.......

    Just went to watch it skipping through a lot to see what you are on about. To be honest eventing breeding isn’t my ‘thing’ but I was quite shocked by a few! So many in the category of average horse (IMO) trying to sell themselves as a sports horse sire.
  21. rara007

    The dreaded B word and impact upon competition plans...

    We’re in contact with pedens who we use for the euro tunnel :) And the BEF are putting on a zoom meeting to discuss. All academic until travel restrictions lift as a non Olympic sport we’re not elite but really crossing fingers that’ll ease soon! Would strongly recommend Le Pin- that was the...
  22. rara007

    The dreaded B word and impact upon competition plans...

    I was hoping to go over to Holland in April and France in July and October. I can’t work out as an amateur with a 4.5 tonne box what we’ll need to do and it certainly looks out of budget :( There isn’t a 3* or 4* driving event in the UK for singles and the sport’s at a pretty different level...
  23. rara007

    Super low calorie dog food??

    Not cheap but the obesity or satiety feeds would be most suitable to make sure he’s still getting the correct rations in fewer calories.
  24. rara007

    Dressage Discussion- when does bad tension become good tension?

    I do wonder if he’d be getting the same response if the rider was a different name and the horse different bloodlines, even if they produced the same test as a just turned 9yo. He’s super supple and for the majority shown keeps a strong rhythm even in the pa/pi work. The trot half pass and the...
  25. rara007

    Dressage Discussion- when does bad tension become good tension?

    Interesting discussion. I’ve spent 2 years removing all tension from my sensitive horse, but subsequently have had to spend the winter re-gaining some level of tension into both of us. We can do soft regular and relaxed, but to show off we need to add back in a bit of that energy, hopefully...
  26. rara007

    Riders you admire and why

    Ingrid for me :)
  27. rara007

    1st Feb Weekend Thread

    Not really been an inspiring weekend. Yesterday Ester took Cheeri for a driving hack and then we had a play with long reining and poles- we’ve been doing under saddle pole work most of the week with different exercises and it really makes him think. Lost a shoe in the stable overnight so just...
  28. rara007

    Flying changes vs counter canter

    Just echoing above. We were really stuck with even 1m shallow loops ended up with changing and getting stressed about it. Simple changes on the outside track building to counter canter large no simple changes reformed his mentality :) Good luck.
  29. rara007

    Actual breed

    It’s almost impossible to tell even in adults especially those in ‘springer’ colours! I couldn’t make comment on one so young.