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  1. alainax

    Toddlers first show!

    My little champion competed at his first show yesterday! Still just 2 years old. I couldn’t be more proud of him, and how well behaved Cerys pony was! Placed in every class, rosettes bigger than him! (I’m not jealous at all that they are nicer then my rosettes ) Most importantly he had...
  2. alainax

    From that moment... baby & pony pics

    The moment when he first saw his pony, and everything changed! Just wanted to share these cute pics, my two wee ones having fun in the sun with ther darling pony. (8months & 2yo)
  3. alainax

    Horse sues previous owner. Anyone seen this?
  4. alainax

    Sick cat- ideas?

    I'm just looking for any ideas or thoughts of what could be going on here. 7 year old spayed female oriental, otherwise healthy. Dramatic weight loss followed by sudden onset of acting very hungry. Lots of food in bowls. Very runny poo. Food swapped to different brand, no difference so off to...
  5. alainax

    What breed/type was it?

    Met a lovey jet black german shepherd type dog today. About the length and height of a small Shetland pony. But it was his coat which struck me. It was the same sort of texture as a horses mane. Smooth, silky, straight and flat, the longest parts about 4 inches long. All the german Shepards...
  6. alainax

    Small or large breed showing?

    Hi, just a quick numpty question. If you have a small Fell (12hh ish) is it proper to show him in the large breeds ( because he is a fell) or small breeds ( because he is small) section of a m&m class. Also if he measures in at the right height, could he show in the m&m lead rein class...
  7. alainax

    Colour question

    Just a musing really. Black fell pony, 7 years old. Either one or both of his parents were grey ( I'll need to check that). His winter coat is all black. Black mane and tail. But now his summer coat is in he has load of grey hair, almost like a very very weak roan effect. Only over his back...
  8. alainax

    Cross tie bungies

    This is such a ridiculous question I fee daft for asking. I should have probably put it in the musings thread :p Ive got a new trailer so in the process of "kitting it out". In my old trailer, I had two cross tie bungies, above head height attached to twine. I often wondered if this is such a...
  9. alainax

    RDA Glasgow looking for horses

    Just popped up on my news feed, seems they are looking for a few different sizes of older laid back horses with a half decent budget. Might be useful for anyone currently selling :)
  10. alainax

    Quads/ dirt bikes in public places.

    Saw this today from our local constabulary. I feel dumb for not being aware that it was illegal to use a motorised vehicle anywhere off-road without explicit consent from the land owner, even if its publicly / council/ forestry commission owned. Loads of tracks here are unusable due to bikes...
  11. alainax

    Owners of older diesel cars

    I am sure like me you have been reading the recent news about the governments wish to convert us all onto "clean" vehicles. We won't be any wiser until an official plan is released, I have heard everything from a scrappage scheme ( possibly aimed only at commercial vehicles) to an increase...
  12. alainax

    Inhaling herbs- dangerous?

    Sorry it's a bit random but I am hoping someone might know! I have recently bought a well known suppliers targeted herb supplement for horses. The product is very very fine, finer than flour and icing sugar. No matter which way I scoop it I get a cloud of herb forming and inevitably inhale some...
  13. alainax

    New baby black pony!

    Please allow me to introduce the newest and fluffiest addition. He is a 6 year old 12.2 Fell pony, and quite a wee character! He has settled in really well and is taking all the new things he is learning in his little feisty fluffy stride. Today he had a bridle on for the first time and was...
  14. alainax

    Trimming beards and cold?

    First time extremely hairy pony owner :D he is fat and fluffier than a polar bear. Will be unrugged and unclipped. However I can't see his beautiful face due to his beard. Would trimming it to the same length as his face fluff be detrimental to his thermal fluffiness? I've not had an...
  15. alainax

    What's a girth jack?

    I'm being very dim and can't get my head around this! I love this website, have some really cool stuff and great with delivery, but stumbled across this and I can't figure it out! Any ideas? It says it's a handy tool for fastening the girth. How does that work...
  16. alainax

    Figuring out a water drinker

    Has anyone ever had a horse who has had trouble with these? First time my gelding has come across this. He has his special moments. For example he took months to figure out a hay net. Would eat it off the floor no problem, but it took a net with huge holes for him to get it. Almost like he...
  17. alainax

    Nationals or not?

    First may I apologise that this sounds ungrateful! I am new to this, looking for some advice. Somehow, by a wing and a prayer my gorgeous gelding and I have qualified for the dressage nationals. I got him 3 years ago , very green,beautiful unspoilt Friesian. We had one year of getting to grips...
  18. alainax

    Cocker spaniel breeding.

    I am very much just toying with this idea so open to opinion on it. We have a lovely young working cocker spaniel bitch, very smart and very pretty. We are stopped frequently by owners of working dogs asking if we will breed from her or what her lines are etc. We have bought our own large...
  19. alainax

    Horse in house - law/ rules?

    Are there any rules which state that you cannot keep horses in your home? I haven't went mad ( I hope!), I'll try to describe the situation. Very old property which includes original and very beautiful stables. Property is mostly now converted to a house. If stables were to be kept, and...
  20. alainax

    Friesians BD debut!

    Well kinda... We are taking part in the BD My Quest events :) I have had Nero for 2.5 years, one of these we had off. I was not riding for a year whilst pregnant, in the mean time he was doing to happy hacking :) We have been back training together for a couple of months, and I thought we...
  21. alainax

    Price check - HB401 trailer

    Hi! Thank you in advance for helping me out if you can. ( Ifor Williams HB401 single horse trailer) What would you say would be the value of one of these in good condition? I am struggling to find any for sale to compare. Obviously the selling point of the b-license towing. I do see some...
  22. alainax

    Trailer closed ramp height question.

    Hi, just a daft question I hope someone has an idea about :) I am down sizing from my lorry, and I am very impressed with the new cheval libertes. My only concern is the ramps are very short, and there are no back doors. Now I know this is a very European thing, and I would never travel...
  23. alainax

    Your perfect yard of horses.

    Just a bit of fun, I was day dreaming about all the horses I would love to have at home if I had the space. ( yes I am a grown woman who still day dreams like a 5 year old :p). It got me wondering what everyone else would love? If you can post pics, it would be fab! Doesn't have to be the...
  24. alainax

    How to deal with tragedy.

    Just reaching out a little here. How would you deal with a tragic occurrence at your yard? I wont go into details, it is not my place. However, I can't even begin to imagine what the people involved are going through right now. In an event which was entirely unavoidable, how would you cope...
  25. alainax

    Fascinating colour !

    Wow, how very unusual! Never seen one quite like that, really looks painted on...
  26. alainax

    Furry boots!

    Noob question alert! (even after owning and riding for over 20 years, I still manage to come up with noob thoughts :p ) I generally ride in no boots, however if we are planning lateral work, collection or some fast hacking, I use the equilibrium stretch and flex. I like that these are are...
  27. alainax

    Riding after episiotomy

    Hi, looking for your experiences if you would be so kind :) I had a medio lateral episiotomy 2 weeks ago. 3rd degree iirc from a long sunny side up forcep delivery. Some minor tearing alongside. A few days later the stiches burst at the outside of the line ( towards my leg/ buttock with...
  28. alainax

    First show (Puppy pics - She won!)

    We had an absolute blast today at the Dogs trust fun day, they had some fun showing classes on so we thought we would give it a bash! Entered Lady ( 10 month old Working Cocker spaniel) into the "Perfect Puppy" class. Was a huge class, full of some very cute little waggy bundles of fluff! She...
  29. alainax

    Feed - use by dates

    Do you stick to them religiously, or would you use the feed if it were out of date? What's your limit on going over? I have 2 bags in the garage, which are been kept dry and vermin free. Still smell fresh, but I am wondering if I will have to bin them. The trouble is a loss of nutrients? It's...
  30. alainax

    How to stop dog chasing the cats.

    Hello! I was hoping all you smart dog owners may be able to offer me some wisdom on my predicament! Ill try and keep my post to the point. I want to knock this on the head immediately, so to not allow it to get any worse. We hoped she would mature and grow out of it, but I think we are going...